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Birth Place: Mexico City, Mexico

Birthday: April 4, 1993, Aries

Profession: Actor

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Thu Mar 5 3:00pm
Anger ManagementCharlie Tries to Prove Therapy Is Legit(Season 1, Episode 5) FX

Charlie learns that his new love interest, Lori (Denise Richards), thinks therapy is a scam; Charlie is asked to counsel one of his patient's mother's angry ghost.

Thu Mar 5 3:30pm
Anger ManagementCharlie Dates Kate's Patient(Season 1, Episode 6) FX

Charlie tries to secretly date a woman who has a thing for getting caught.

Sat Mar 7 8:00am
Anger ManagementCharlie's Patient Gets Out of Jail(Season 1, Episode 7) FX

Jennifer aims to chasten Charlie by dating one of his patients, who is also an ex-con.

Sat Mar 7 8:30am
Anger ManagementCharlie Outs a Patient(Season 1, Episode 8) FX

Charlie accidentally encourages the bad habits of one of his patients.

Tue Mar 10 3:30pm
Anger ManagementCharlie's Dad Visits(Season 1, Episode 9) FX

Charlie receives a surprise visit from his overbearing father; Lacey tries to overcome her issues with road rage.

Tue Mar 10 4:00pm
Anger ManagementCharlie Gets Romantic(Season 1, Episode 10) FX

In the first-season finale, a seemingly innocent gesture leads Charlie and Kate to examine their relationship. Later, an intimate moment of Sam's shows up in a picture on Facebook.

Wed Mar 11 1:30pm
Anger ManagementCharlie Loses It at a Baby Shower(Season 2, Episode 1) FX

Charlie causes a scene at his sister's baby shower in the Season 2 opener.

Wed Mar 11 2:00pm
Anger ManagementCharlie's Dad Starts to Lose It(Season 2, Episode 2) FX

Charlie thinks his father (Martin Sheen) might be developing Alzheimer's disease.

Thu Mar 12 2:30pm
Anger ManagementCharlie and the Ex-Patient(Season 2, Episode 3) FX

Charlie becomes romantically involved with a former patient.

Thu Mar 12 3:00pm
Anger ManagementCharlie's Dad Breaks Bad(Season 2, Episode 4) FX

Charlie's dad gets involved with a bad crowd.

Sat Mar 14 9:00am
Anger ManagementCharlie and Jen Together Again(Season 2, Episode 5) FX

Kate becomes jealous when Jennifer moves in with Charlie.

Sat Mar 14 9:30am
Anger ManagementCharlie and Deception Therapy(Season 2, Episode 6) FX

Charlie uses a placebo pill to try to help a patient control his anger issues.

Tue Mar 17 3:00pm
Anger ManagementCharlie Dates a Teacher(Season 2, Episode 7) FX

Charlie goes out with Sam's teacher.

Tue Mar 17 3:30pm
Anger ManagementCharlie Is an Expert Witness(Season 2, Episode 9) FX

Charlie faces off with Kate as they serve as expert witnesses in the same trial.

Wed Mar 18 4:00pm
Anger ManagementCharlie and Catholicism(Season 2, Episode 10) FX

Martin has Sam baptized behind Charlie's back.

Wed Mar 18 4:30pm
Anger ManagementCharlie Dates Crazy, Sexy, Angry(Season 2, Episode 11) FX

Charlie makes an unpleasant discovery about Jennifer's business partner.

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