Tue Dec 1 6:58pm
Tosh.0Puke Drummer(Season 7, Episode 1) CMDY-E

In the Season 7 premiere, Daniel critiques the year's most celebrated films; and picks a fight with the Super Bowl champions.

I’ll Watch35 Watching
Tue Dec 1 7:29pm
Tosh.0Buckcherry Wedding(Season 7, Episode 2) CMDY-E

Sadomasochism in the workplace; a woman's awful wedding; distracting behavior in college.

I’ll Watch39 Watching
Tue Dec 1 8:00pm
Tosh.0Monster Energy(Season 7, Episode 3) CMDY-E

A Christian's crusade against energy drinks; how to get rich using a home computer.

I’ll Watch42 Watching
Tue Dec 1 8:30pm
Tosh.0Atheist in a Foxhole(Season 7, Episode 7) CMDY-E

Daniel profiles a heathen in a halter top; interviews an Alaskan politician; and writes an inoffensive chant for frat boys.

I’ll Watch30 Watching
Tue Dec 1 9:00pm
Tosh.0RC Car(Season 7, Episode 8) CMDY-E

Daniel converts to Scientology. Also: dining with the show's staff; a Web Redemption for a remote-controlled car.

I’ll Watch29 Watching
Tue Dec 1 9:30pm
Tosh.0(Season 7, Episode 29) CMDY-E

Daniel eats pie with an Internet dessert diva; and helps a British bird with two broken wings.

I’ll Watch26 Watching
Tue Dec 1 10:00pm
Tosh.0New CMDY-E
I’ll Watch1 Watching
Wed Dec 2 12:31am
Tosh.0 CMDY-E
I’ll Watch1 Watching
Wed Dec 2 1:02am
Tosh.0Antoine Dodson(Season 3, Episode 1) CMDY-E

The third season begins with a Web Redemption for Alabama's Antoine Dodson of "Bed Intruder Song" fame. Also: Daniel unveils the show's new set and models his new wardrobe.

I’ll Watch192 Watching
Wed Dec 2 4:09am
Tosh.0Bad Weatherman(Season 2, Episode 18) CMDY-E

A Web Redemption for the "Awful Weatherman"; a reunion with an old friend.

I’ll Watch43 Watching
Thu Dec 3 8:00pm
Tosh.0Tay Zonday(Season 3, Episode 11) CMDY-E

A Web Redemption for "Chocolate Rain" guy Tay Zonday. Also: Daniel gets into the ring with boxer Manny Pacquiao; and reveals his summer wardrobe.

I’ll Watch166 Watching
Thu Dec 3 8:30pm
Tosh.0The Naked Wizard(Season 3, Episode 13) CMDY-E

A Web Redemption for the Naked Wizard; a visit from Daniel's "pleasure" coach.

I’ll Watch141 Watching
Thu Dec 3 9:00pm
Tosh.0The Kid Who Farted on the Bus(Season 3, Episode 17) CMDY-E

A Web Redemption for a flatulent child. Also: Daniel takes viewer calls and plays Guess What Happens Next?

I’ll Watch168 Watching
Thu Dec 3 9:30pm
Tosh.0Bad DJ(Season 5, Episode 19) CMDY-E

Daniel plays a game of "Is It Racist?"; and solicits parenting advice. Also: a DJ's Web Redemption.

I’ll Watch72 Watching
Sat Dec 5 3:00am
Tosh.0Happy Birthday, Katie(Season 5, Episode 27) CMDY-E

Daniel mocks wealthy posters on Instagram; helps a nice guy become more than just a friend; and reveals the results of a medical test.

I’ll Watch40 Watching
Sat Dec 5 3:31am
Tosh.0Brad the Actor(Season 3, Episode 25) CMDY-E

Brad the actor's Web Redemption; Daniel's adventures in video-chatting.

I’ll Watch132 Watching
Sat Dec 5 4:04am
Tosh.0Stuck in an Elevator(Season 2, Episode 13) CMDY-E

Hollywood's latest exercise craze; Web Redemption for a man stuck in an elevator for 41 hours; suggestive dance moves.

I’ll Watch41 Watching
Sun Dec 6 8:20am
Tosh.0Take a Tumble(Season 1, Episode 4) CMDY-E

The NFL's Terrell Owens apologizes in advance for his antics in the 2009-10 football season; a woman whose stumble became an Internet sensation gets a shot at Web redemption.

I’ll Watch22 Watching
Sun Dec 6 8:54am
Tosh.0Chris Crocker(Season 1, Episode 5) CMDY-E

Web redemption for Chris Crocker of "Leave Britney Alone" fame; Christopher Walken impressions; Andy Dick's celebrity video.

I’ll Watch22 Watching
Sun Dec 6 9:28am
Tosh.0'What What (In the Butt)' Remix(Season 2, Episode 12) CMDY-E

A remix of Samwell's "What What" video; a meeting with the "I like" girl; another round of "Is It Racist?"

I’ll Watch22 Watching
Sun Dec 6 10:02am
Tosh.0Shoenice(Season 7, Episode 4) CMDY-E

A critic gets critiqued; and Daniel bridges America's racial divide. Also: A hobo gets a "CeWEBrity Profile."

I’ll Watch29 Watching
Sun Dec 6 10:35am
Tosh.0Jackie B.(Season 7, Episode 5) CMDY-E

Daniel remixes a song with a rap goddess; attempts to clean up the Internet; and invents a new hashtag for female empowerment.

I’ll Watch34 Watching
Sun Dec 6 11:09am
Tosh.0Microwave Glow Stick(Season 7, Episode 11) CMDY-E

Microwave safety; late-night talk-show games; grieving for loved ones.

I’ll Watch26 Watching
Sun Dec 6 11:41am
Tosh.0Fedora Hero Saves Eggs(Season 7, Episode 12) CMDY-E

Daniel salutes a "humblebragging" hero. Daniel also speaks to his teen self, and plays matchmaker for two unusual folks.

I’ll Watch25 Watching
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  • Birth Name: Daniel Dwight Tosh
  • Birth Place: Boppard, Rhineland-Palatinate, West Germany
  • Birthday: May 29, 1975, Gemini
  • Profession: Comedian

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