Mon Apr 20 2:43am
Brickleberry COMEDY

An animated series following the antics of inept forest rangers at Brickleberry National Park.

Mon Apr 20 3:14am
Tosh.0(Season 7, Episode 9) COMEDY

Daniel visits a minimum-wage majorette, salutes those in fake uniforms and offers in-demand moisture to California.

Mon Apr 20 3:45am
Tosh.0(Season 6, Episode 12) COMEDY

Daniel throws shoes at women; and finds his intimate conversations leaked to the press. Also: The "Cheapest Man in America" gets a Web Redemption.

Mon Apr 20 4:16am
Tosh.0(Season 6, Episode 9) COMEDY

Daniel wonders how much citrus the human eye can take; and teaches a man how to play basketball.

Tue Apr 21 2:23pm
Tosh.0(Season 3, Episode 27) COMEDY

A bad magician's Web Redemption; a collection of gross videos.

Tue Apr 21 2:53pm
Tosh.0(Season 4, Episode 26) COMEDY

Daniel models his Halloween costume; and helps catch an Internet monster. Also: a Web Redemption for a lovestruck teen.

Tue Apr 21 3:24pm
Tosh.0(Season 4, Episode 24) COMEDY

Daniel reviews viewers' "brotography"; and wrestles with his sexuality. Also: a Web Redemption for an armless girl.

Tue Apr 21 8:00pm
Tosh.0(Season 6, Episode 17) COMEDY

Daniel meets a man who cares about women's sports. Also: office shenanigans; the return of "Is It Racist?"

Tue Apr 21 8:30pm
Tosh.0(Season 6, Episode 11) COMEDY

Daniel helps a religious rapper get back on top; addresses stupid questions; and experiments with drugs.

Tue Apr 21 9:00pm
Tosh.0(Season 5, Episode 4) COMEDY

Daniel starts a focus group to address racism. Also: a legendary comedian's Web Redemption.

Tue Apr 21 9:30pm
Tosh.0(Season 7, Episode 9) COMEDY

Daniel visits a minimum-wage majorette, salutes those in fake uniforms and offers in-demand moisture to California.

Tue Apr 21 10:00pm
Tosh.0New COMEDY
Wed Apr 22 12:32am
Wed Apr 22 4:01am
Tosh.0(Season 3, Episode 8) COMEDY

The "Foul Ball Couple" get a Web Redemption; Daniel talks to the "Yankee Candle Kid." Also: a tribute to deceased Internet stars.

Wed Apr 22 4:30am
Tosh.0(Season 4, Episode 30) COMEDY

The Season 4 finale features highlights of the show in 2012.

Fri Apr 24 6:57pm
Mon Apr 27 1:10am
Mon Apr 27 2:43am
Tosh.0(Season 6, Episode 21) COMEDY

"Tosh.0" fans wreck their property; Daniel plays a round of "Is It Racist?" Also: The world's worst weightlifters get a Web Redemption.

Mon Apr 27 3:13am
Tosh.0(Season 5, Episode 13) COMEDY

Daniel sends money to a stranger on the Internet; and talks to a child with lots of hickeys. Also: a "CeWEBrity Profile."

Mon Apr 27 3:43am
Tosh.0(Season 5, Episode 9) COMEDY

Daniel introduces a wacky northern neighbor; and addresses what's wrong with America. Also: a Web Redemption for a model with a big heart.

Mon Apr 27 4:13am
Tosh.0(Season 5, Episode 18) COMEDY

Daniel meets a princess; and shows off an item that comes back after it's thrown. Also: Internet sensation Lohanthony gets a Web Redemption.

Tue Apr 28 12:53pm
Tosh.0(Season 1, Episode 12) COMEDY

A report from AdultCon; Miley Cyrus tweets; Web Redemption for a Backyard Wrestler.

Tue Apr 28 1:23pm
Tosh.0(Season 5, Episode 15) COMEDY

Daniel discusses suicide; and desensitizes his African successor. Also: a Web Redemption for the world's greatest Nerf basketball dunker.

Tue Apr 28 1:53pm
Tosh.0(Season 5, Episode 27) COMEDY

Daniel mocks wealthy posters on Instagram; helps a nice guy become more than just a friend; and reveals the results of a medical test.

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  • Birth Name: Daniel Dwight Tosh
  • Birth Place: Boppard, Rhineland-Palatinate, West Germany
  • Birthday: May 29, 1975, Gemini
  • Profession: Comedian
  • User Rating:4.65 out of 5 (285 ratings)
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