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VIDEO: Cheers: Rich Man, Wood Man

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Cheers: Rich Man, Wood Man
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Aired: 2/20/1992

Woody returns from England with a new wardrobe and elitist attitude. watch

Yabba Dabba Delay! Fox Presses Pause on The Flintstones Reboot

Fox has put the brakes on its upcoming reboot of The Flintstones TV series due to Seth MacFarlane's jam-packed schedule, Deadline reports.

The Flintstones, which was first announced in May at the network's upfront presentation for a...read more

VIDEO: Rich Man, Wood Man

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Rich Man, Wood Man
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Length: 07:51:42
Aired: 2/20/1992

The gang tries to bring Woody back to earth after a vacation in London with Kelly and her money. watch


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Year Title Description
2008 The Return of Jezebel James TV Show Series, Executive Producer
2006 Gilmore Girls TV Show Series, Producer
2002 Family Guy: Stuck Together, Torn Apart
Season 3, Episode 19
Episode, Executive Producer
2001 Family Guy: Fish out of Water
Season 3, Episode 10
Episode, Executive Producer
2001 Family Guy: The Kiss Seen Round the World
Season 3, Episode 8
Episode, Executive Producer

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Gilmore Exclusive: Rory Finally Meets Her Idol!

Say what you want about this season's Gilmore Girls, but show-runner Dave Rosenthal has succeeded in at least one area where Team Palladino failed: He's arranged for Rory to finally come face-to-face with her longtime idol, Christiane Amanpour!According to multiple Girls sources, CNN's internationally renowned newshound will make a cameo in the show's May 8 season (and likely series) finale. Amanpour's scene is still being written, so all that's known at this point is that she will be playing herself. As anyone with a passing interest in Gilmore Girls knows, Amy and Dan were relentless in their bid to lure Amanpour to Stars Hollow during their six-year reign. They almost succeeded in getting her late last season, but a scheduling conflict derailed things at the 11th hour. They left shortly afterwards and, well, the rest is history. Whatever mixed feelings they have about the show these days, I gotta think this news will put a smile on their faces. Now, regarding the small matter of ... read more

Marty's Back! Wayne Wilcox Talks about Being the Gilmore Girls Nice Guy

Wayne Wilcox is living his dream: acting on stage and on camera, and for all those Gilmore Girls fans, he's as surprised as you are about his return to the popular CW series (Tuesdays at 8 pm/ET). Introduced years ago as Rory's shy Yale classmate Marty, Wilcox is back to "heat" things up and make young Ms. Gilmore think twice. TVGuide.com caught the busy actor during some downtime to talk about Marty's return and the new play that he "had to do." Plus, you won't believe how he landed on Gilmore Girls in the first place! Read on for the goods. TVGuide.com: Are you ready for Thanksgiving?Wayne Wilcox: Yeah, I just cleaned my stove today, actually. TVGuide.com: Are you celebrating at your place?Wilcox: No, but I am making the turkey and a couple pies. TVGuide.com read more

Finally: Gilmore's New Boss Speaks

Here's my interview with David Rosenthal, conducted immediately following today's Gilmore Girls press-tour session. Luckily, he was much more forthcoming during our little Q&A than he was on the panel. Ausiello: What can you tell me about the first six episodes?David Rosenthal: Obviously, the repercussions from the end of last season [will play out]. That's something that is not going to just disappear. It's a major shift, a major change in everybody's lives. It affects not just Lorelai and Christopher and Luke, but Rory as well. There are a lot of consequences, and we fully intend to explore them — the positive and the negative. It's a big deal, not just for the fans, but for us, the writers and producers of the show. Ausiello: Fans are holding out hope that maybe Lorelai and Christopher didn't sleep with each other.Rosenthal: No, no, no. That's a pipe dream. Those were two grown-ups who woke up in bed together after spending the night together.Ausiello: Is Matt Czuchry of... read more

Let me get this straight. The ...

Question: Let me get this straight. The Palladinos write an incredibly bad season of Gilmore Girls, then drop the show, leaving others to clean up. Unless this show does a 180 next year, I won't be watching. Also, why would I be interested in any new projects by Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino? Answer: All concerned Gilmore Girls fans should check out Michael Ausiello's newsy chat with Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino in his recent Ausiello Report. What that made clear to me is how complicated the business of making TV really is. That said, I can understand a reluctance to stick with Gilmore Girls. I'm struggling to make it to the end of this season myself. But why anyone would shun a future project from these creators is beyond me. Gilmore Girls has provided such genuine and original pleasures for so long, I can only hope Amy and Dan get a chance to realize another creative dream before too much time passes. They may not be perfect, but they're clearly gifted. ... read more

Team Palladino: The Interview

I'm going to dispense with the fancy introductions this one time and cut right to the chase: I just hung up with exiting Gilmore Girls show runners Amy Sherman-Palladino and Dan Palladino and here's the complete Q&A, raw and uncensored. I'm anxious to hear what you think. Ausiello: So let's start with the obvious question: Why are you leaving?Amy: Oh, my god! Nobody told me! I just bought new curtains!Ausiello: I was hoping this was all just a big punking.Amy: Ashton Kutcher is standing behind me.Dan: The short answer really is that we just could not come to terms with the studio for a new contract. Amy: And we tried. We went to them very early — what was it, January? — to say, "Let's talk about this now."Ausiello: Well, let's get into the longer version of the story, shall we?Amy: Oh, you're adorable.Ausiello: The word on the street is that you guys wanted a two-year pickup. True?Amy: I don't think "pickup" is the right word, because this was a personal deal; this had... read more

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