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VIDEO: Visit the Set of 007's Quantum of Solace

All you Bond fans are in for quite the treat Myspacetvcom went behind the scenes of the latest 007 installment Quantum of Solace to give users an exclusive look at the set and chat with the star Daniel Craig director Marc Forster and even the new Bond girl Olga Kurylenko Hopefully this will hold all you die-hard fans over until the movie is released on November 7th Gina DiNunno read more

At the Movies: Cannes Has Thirteen's Number

Per Variety, Ocean's Thirteen will make its international premiere at this year's Cannes Film Festival.... Don Cheadle will produce, star in and make his feature-directing debut with a Miles Davis biopic.... Per the Hollywood Reporter — as Kristen Bell shared with TVGuide.com two weeks ago — the Veronica Mars star will topline Forgetting Sarah Marshall, a "romantic disaster movie" penned by and costarring How I Met Your Mother's Jason Segel.... Daniel Craig is in talks to join Julianne Moore in Blindness, based on Jose Saramago's acclaimed novel.... Rider Strong will reprise his role of Paul in Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever. 30 Rock's Judah Friedlander is also on board. read more

Bond... James Bond

Send your movie questions to FlickChickSee Maitland McDonagh and Ken Fox review this weeks new flicks in Movie TalkThis DVD Tuesday is Casino Royale which features the sixth official James Bond suave Pierce Brosnans refreshingly rough-edged replacement Though Im often perceived as contrarian Im 100 percent on board with the opinion that Daniel Craig is the best James Bond since Sean Connery retired his license to kill all those years ago I dont think Casino Royale is the best Bond film ever I find Eva Green a thoroughly forgettable presence albeit a relief from the prefabricated anonymous likes of Denise Richards Teri Hatcher and Tanya Roberts and I could have done without having to sit through two large-scale action sequences before the start of the story proper Though to be fair the parkour sequence is pretty spectacular I just wish it hadnt been stuck at the beginning as some kind of sop to people who cant imagine a James Bond movie without a mess of read more

Who Was Psycho's Mrs. Bates, and More Movie Questions

Send your movie questions to FlickChickQuestion This is an obvious question but Ive neard a lot of contradictory answers Who was the voice of Mrs Bates in Psycho DanFlickChick It appears that three people provided the voice of Normans mother in Psycho 1960 Actresses Virginia Gregg Jeanette Nolan whose husband actor John McIntire played Sheriff Chambers and an aspiring actor named Paul Jasmin who did the voice-over dialogue at the end after Norman is arrested the I woudnt hurt a fly speechJasmin went on to become a photographer and did a lot of on-set work Ive heard that Gregg who had an uncredited bit part in Alfred Hitchcocks Notorious 1946 and died in 1986 voiced Mrs Bates less strident dialogue and that Nolan who died in 1998 did the harsher linesSend your movie questions to FlickChickQuestion When I was a kid in the mid-1960s I saw a horror story where an old woman was readying a corpse closing the eyes arranging the face read more

The "New" James Bond: The Reviews Are In

Is Daniel Craig's 007 on target, or a misfire? The first reviews from H.M.S.S., or at least the London papers, are in, and thus far Casino Royale, in theaters Nov. 17, is being declared a winner. The Daily Telegraph hails Craig's debut as the licensed-to-kill secret agent "terrific," adding that the actor "steps with full assuredness into Sean Connery's old, handmade shoes," while the Times says Craig's "main asset quickly becomes evident: He can act." Hey, don't be talking smack about Lazenby. read more

Why is everybody saying this ...

Have gun, will travel: Daniel Craig

Question: Why is everybody saying this new guy can't be James Bond because he's blond? Roger Moore was blond!Answer: Thank you, Sharron! Yes, Roger Moore was indeed dark blond, as is Daniel Craig. And while fans are entitled to be as skeptical as they want, facts are facts: The Bond series has been going on for more than 40 years, and in order for it to continue, the actor playing Bond has to be replaced periodically. There have already been five James Bonds: Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton and read more


Daniel Craig in Casino Royale

The upcoming Casino Royale will present a completely new version of Agent 007, and not just because it's Daniel Craig's debut. Tracing the spy's not-so-super beginnings, the franchise's 21st entry will open with a black-and-white prologue, depict James Bond's first two hits — one of which goes awry and is thus "very messy" — and show him earning his license to kill, ultimately leading to "the emotionally shut-down beautiful machine that Bond has become," director Martin Campbell told reporters this week. What's more, Royale will feature neither Q nor Moneypenny, and will employ only "a little bit of gadgetry." Sounds like Q has been replaced by Zzzzzz. read more


A cadre of James Bond enthusiasts have launched CraigNotBond.com, a website protesting (albeit at a rather late date) the casting of blond Brit Daniel Craig in Casino Royale. Calling Craig "a terrible choice," the site posits that Bond fans will boycott the new 007 film-franchise entry. Not helping Craig's perception, surely, is a New York Daily News report that the actor has already broken two front teeth during a fight scene and was utterly stymied by the manual gearshift of Bond's trademark Aston Martin. read more


Spidey has a new honey; now how about that certain secret agent? Per the New York Daily News, Wicker Park beauty Rose Byrne is said to have the lead over the likes of Thandie Newton in the race to be cast as Bond girl Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale, Daniel Craig's debut 007 outing. Damn you, Scarlett Johansson, for getting all wrapped up in this "serious" film phase. Grrr. read more


With production slated to start Jan. 30 on Casino Royale, the newest James Bond film and first starring Daniel Craig, producers are scrambling to flesh out the cast — namely, the role of the installment's requisite Bond girl. Per Variety, the short list supposedly includes Commander in Chief's Natasha Henstridge and Aussie Kimberley Davies. None other than Angelina Jolie topped the wish list at one point, but unless Mimi Maternity now offers bulletproof pregnancy jeans, that's looking unlikely. read more

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