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Watch the Moment Jennie Garth Realized Kelly Didn’t End Up with Brandon on 90210

Tori Spelling, Jennie Garth

When Beverly Hills, 90210 ended in May of 2000, fans squealed as Kelly Taylor finally ended things with Matt (Daniel Cosgrove) for her on-again off-again boyfriend Dylan (Luke Perry). Fourteen years later, star Jennie Garth is shocked to find out the truth when all this time she thought Kelly actually ended up with Brandon (Jason Priestley).

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As the World Turns Says Goodbye to Helen Wagner

Helen Wagner

As the World Turns will end its phenomenal 54-year run September 17 with lots of fan-pleasing closure — romances, reunions, weddings — but first the show must deal with the death last spring of actress Helen Wagner. Her salt-o-the-earth character, Nancy Hughes, famously uttered ATWT's very first line ("Good morning, dear") back on April 2, 1956 and exec producer Chris Goutman wanted her to repeat it at the end of the final episode for the ultimate in TV cool... read more

VIDEO Exclusive: Might a New Network Keep Guiding Light Turned On?

Daniel Cosgrove and Marcy Rylan

Barely a day after CBS announced a Sept. 18 series finale for Guiding Light, there is talk that the long-running daytime drama might find a way to run a bit longer, somewhere else. Get the latest word from Marcy Rylan (Lizzie) and Daniel Cosgrove (Bill), after the jump. read more

Dirty Sexy Daniel Cosgrove Sees the Light

Daniel Cosgrove by Robert Milazzo/PGP

What the hell is Daniel Cosgrove doing back on a daytime soap? The actor, currently recurring on Dirty Sexy Money as Karen Darling's sulky fiancé, Freddy, is returning to Guiding Light November 13 with a three-year deal. Why? He wants dirty, sexy East Coast money. A Connecticut family man, Cosgrove, 36, says he jumped at the GL offer in order to work in New York City and be with his wife and three daugh­ters. "I'm taking myself out of the L.A. game to a large degree," says the former Beverly Hills, 90210 star. "This is not the career path a lot of people would take, but reality strikes as you get older. I’m happy and at peace with this." His character, Bill (last seen in 2005), has been fired from Lewis Oil in Venezuela for shady deal­ings and will return to Springfield "with a huge chip on his shoulder," Cos­grove says. "He's become a real idiot, a rude and disre­spectful jerk." By his sec­ond episode, he’ll be in the sack with pop tart Lizzi... read more

Is Dirty Sexy Money actually ...

Question: Is Dirty Sexy Money actually shot in New York, or is it only the exterior shots, à la CSI: NY? Reason I ask is, I love seeing the New York skyline (being a New Yorker). Also, with Daniel Cosgrove, who plays Karen's fiancé, returning to his roots as Billy on Guiding Light (OK, so I'm addicted to one soap!), does that mean he's leaving his Dirty Sexy Money role? Or, since his role is small, can he be on both shows, whether or not DSM is based in the same city as Guiding Light? Answer: They fooled me, too. Dirty Sexy Money uses New York exteriors, and the pilot was shot in New York, but the show itself is filmed in Los Angeles. (Unlike the authentically homegrown Gossip Girl, which I recommend for anyone seeking a fantasy look at how the other half lives in my favorite city.) Don't know much about the fate of Daniel Cosgrove as Freddy, but it's pretty clear he's not going to have a long-term role in this family, so if he's juggling between prime time and daytime, something tell ... read more

“The Game”

Two words Freddie rapping Fantastic The Game was not a Halloween reference to bobbing for candy-covered apples or pinning the tail on the ghoul It referred to a high-stakes poker game where money you know its Dirty Sexy Money is worthless and real estate is king I had a heart attack just watching them toss around 80 million at a time I didnt understand why Tripp would argue with Nick in front of the poker players I found it unlike Nick for pushing something that hard with Tripp although when I learned the truth behind it it made more sense Tripp folded but I wonder what hand he actually had He may have thrown the game My favorite scene of the entire show was when the brothers played the video game It was too short-lived But one of the best lines came from that scene Doesnt your conscience feel the tiniest prick Not until you walked in Brian Funny and so nice to see the brothers interacting They dont get to do that read more

Guiding Light's cast roster just...

Daniel Cosgrove

Guiding Light's cast roster just keeps on hemorrhaging fan favorites. The CBS sudser now officially confirms that Daniel Cosgrove will last air as Billy and Vanessa's swaggering son, Bill Lewis, on Oct. 16. After three years in Springfield, the handsome Beverly Hills, 90210 grad is returning to prime-time TV in ABC's midseason legal drama In Justice. Cosgrove will tape his final scenes on GL's set this month and begin filming In Justice in October. In happier news, Cosgrove and wife Marie welcomed their third daughter, Ruby Willow, on Aug. 27. The bouncing baby girl weighed in at 7 lbs., 15½ oz. and measured 20½ inches long. read more

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