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Stephen Releases "The Late Show" Test Ape
05:40 — Now that the NIH has phased out it's chimp program, Stephen is ready to release the show's official joke-testing ape, Zobo.
Happy Worldwide-Travel-Alerts-Giving
01:57 — There's a worldwide travel alert, but it shouldn't affect your holiday plans unless you're traveling somewhere on the planet.
Gloria Estefan Has A Warning For Us All
00:56 — Do not underestimate the rhythm. It is still out there.
Stephen's Thanksgiving Dinner
02:17 — To close out his Thanksgiving episode, Stephen and Daniel Boulud served Turducken Deluxe to Gloria Estefan, Eric Greitens, Jake Wood, Jon Batiste and (more…)
Thanksgiving Is The Most Politically Divisive Meal Of The Year
03:45 — Is your Thanksgiving dinner served with a side of political controversy? You bet your sweet potatoes, it is.
Daniel Boulud Adds A Few More Levels To The Turducken
05:55 — A chicken stuffed in a duck stuffed in a turkey? Pfft, not nearly enough.
Veterans Eric Greitens And Jake Wood Continue Serving
06:36 — Subjects of the book "Charlie Mike" by Joe Klein, Eric Greitens and Jake Wood talk about how they've continued serving after returning home.
Gloria Estefan Knows What It's Like To Be A Refugee
05:14 — Presidential Medal Of Honor recipient Gloria Estefan came to this country with her parents as a refugee from Cuba, so she has some insight into how we (more…)
Andy Cohen's Camp Letters To Mom & Dad
03:29 — Andy Cohen's childhood letters from camp to his parents give a little bit of an indication of how he'd turn out.
Carly Simon Performs "I Can't Thank You Enough"
03:16 — Carly Simon performs a lovely song that you'll want to listen to on repeat during Thanksgiving.
Stephen Joins Carly Simon On "Mockingbird"
02:33 — Stephen asks if he can duet with Carly Simon on a song she once sang with James Taylor.
Spike Lee Talks "Chi-Raq," Gun Control And More
06:20 — Spike Lee stopped by to talk about his new film, the need for reasonable gun control laws, and whether or not sex strikes can really bring peace.
The All-Seeing NostraDonald
07:21 — Donald Trump has the world’s greatest memory AND he can see the future… the classiest, most beautiful future ever.
Sea World Launches New Ad Campaign to Repair Negative Image
01:41 — ABC News' David Wright reports the latest on the tourist destination's attempts to counter wave of bad press.
Robert Durst Denied Bail in Dramatic Courtroom Appearance
04:41 — Accused killer and subject of the HBO documentary "The Jinx" remains behind bars after bail hearing.
Lisa Robertson Gets Candid About Her Multiple Stalkers
03:27 — The former QVC star opens up about how she's dealt with the many stalkers.
Ken Burns, Katie Couric Take On Cancer in New Documentary
06:51 — "Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies" is based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning book written by Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee.
President Obama's Niece Potentially Threatened by Gunman
01:31 — University of Maryland police received a phone call stating a gunman was on the campus and could be after the president's niece.
Mo'ne Davis Forgives NCAA Baseball Player for Offensive Tweet
02:31 — Little league player sent letter to Bloomsburg University asking school to reverse its decision to kick player off the team for his offensive use of s (more…)
Ted Cruz Reflects On 2016 Presidential Campaign Announcement
02:15 — ABC News' Jon Karl spoke to the senator from Texas who hopes to be his party's nominee for president in the 2016 election.
Angelina Jolie Details Ovarian Surgery
04:43 — Hollywood actress had preventative surgery to avoid cancer risks.
DWTS: Fans Shocked As Redfoo Gets Booted Off 'Dancing With the Stars'
04:45 — The LMFAO superstar and his partner, Emma Slater, lost by just a tenth of a percent.
Airbus Jet That Crashed in French Alps Had Nearly 150 Passengers
01:50 — ABC News' David Kerley reports the latest news on the European airplane crash.
Kid Toy Testers Make Big Bucks On YouTube
02:09 — These play-time videos are making millions in ad revenue.
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