Sat Oct 17 5:00pm
The Shawshank Redemption A&E

An innocent banker is sentenced to life in a state prison for the murder of his wife and her lover; he is abused by other inmates until he is befriended by a cynical lifer.

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Mon Oct 19 12:30pm
Fish HooksBea's Commercial; Hairanoid DISXD

Bea auditions for a commercial that requires her to ride a scorpion; Oscar and Milo believe a secret hair gel can make them perfect.

I’ll Watch21 Watching
Mon Oct 19 1:00pm
Fish HooksAdventures in Fish Sitting; Banned Band DISXD

Bea, Milo and Oscar babysit an ornery cat that later escapes; Milo and the marching-band director challenge each other to a battle of the bands.

I’ll Watch6 Watching
Tue Oct 20 2:30am
Fish HooksLabor of Love(Season 3, Episode 11) DISXD

Mr. Baldwin wants to propose to Ms. Lips, but she is leaving on vacation to Flip Flop Island for the summer. To make matters worse, the kids want to tag along with her for a field trip.

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Tue Oct 20 3:00am
Fish HooksMilo vs. Milo; Everything but the Chicken Sink DISXD

Milo believes that a new hamster TV show is about him; Bea is hired to give swimming lessons to a teen.

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Tue Oct 20 12:30pm
Fish HooksHalloween Haul; Milo on the Lam DISXD

The gang trick-or-treat on Halloween in the pet store to keep Jocktopus from stealing their candy; Milo is falsely accused of gluing Mr. Baldwin to his chair.

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Tue Oct 20 1:00pm
Fish HooksBea Dates Milo; Break Up Shake Down DISXD

Bea tries to cheer up Milo after Pamela Hamster breaks up with him, but Milo takes her interest to mean that she wants to be more than friends; Jocktopus and Piranhica break up after he forgets their anniversary.

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Wed Oct 21 2:30am
Fish HooksSouth Pafishic; Assignment: Babies DISXD

Fishington cuts the drama department; Oscar tries to show Bea what a great future father he will make.

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Wed Oct 21 3:00am
Fish HooksLive at the Hamsterwood Bowl; A Charity Fair to Remember DISXD

Oscar's dream date with Bea is threatened when their friends tag along; Bea's overzealous good intentions create chaos at a fair.

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Wed Oct 21 12:30pm
Fish HooksOscar's Secret Admirer; Sixteen Clamandles DISXD

Oscar receives a love letter from a secret admirer; Bea plans a surprise birthday party for Clamantha.

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Wed Oct 21 1:00pm
Fish HooksRock Lobster Yeti; Spoiler Alert DISXD

A scary beast frightens Milo on a camping trip; Randy spoils the ending of a movie that Oscar, Bea and Milo wanted to see, so they plot to get even with him.

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Thu Oct 22 2:30am
Fish HooksUnresolved Fishues; Hat Amore DISXD

Jumbo dates Oscar's ex-girlfriend, which quickly makes things awkward between them; Baldwin enters a seahorse race he has little chance of winning in order to impress Ms. Lips' parents.

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Thu Oct 22 3:00am
Fish HooksBye Bye Bea Bea; Glass Man Standing DISXD

Bea is afraid she will have to move when her dad gets a new job in Fish Phoenix; Albert's voice starts to naturally change, and he assumes he will now be treated like a man.

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Thu Oct 22 12:30pm
Fish HooksSend Me an Angel Fish; Little Fish Sunshine DISXD

Oscar falls for the head of a rival debate team, but he suspects she has ulterior motives for spending time with him; Bea and the girls enter a pageant to meet a pop star.

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Thu Oct 22 1:00pm
Fish HooksBea Sneaks Out; Unfinished Doll Business DISXD

Bea sneaks out of the house to attend a dance after she is grounded; Bea's childhood doll resurfaces and haunts her.

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Fri Oct 23 2:30am
Fish HooksThe Brandon Bubble; Jocktopizza DISXD

Bea is thrilled when her idol, Brandon Bubbler, moves to Freshwater to become a student; Jocktopappa wants Jocktopus to make a special pizza.

I’ll Watch8 Watching
Fri Oct 23 3:00am
Fish HooksHare and Back Again; Milo's Pony DISXD

Milo joins his friends in a fantasy role-playing game; Milo befriends an adorable pony fish but worries that his manly friends won't understand.

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Fri Oct 23 12:30pm
Fish HooksBusy Bea: Rise of the Machines; Brothers' Day DISXD

Bea breaks a fin; Milo creates a holiday to celebrate his friendship with his brother.

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Fri Oct 23 1:00pm
Fish HooksSo-fish-ticated; Milo and Oscar Move In DISXD

Milo tries to become more sophisticated; Milo and Oscar move in with Bea when their water filter breaks, but they quickly wear out their welcome.

I’ll Watch7 Watching
Sat Oct 24 2:30am
Fish HooksAlgae Day; Brothers of a Feather DISXD

School is canceled when algae covers the ground; Oscar and Milo are adopted by a mother bird.

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Sat Oct 24 3:00am
Fish HooksI Have This Friend...; Milo in a Cup DISXD

Shellsea's friends help her find a date; Oscar tries to get Milo to divulge the secret behind his party persona so he can gain confidence and impress Bea.

I’ll Watch4 Watching
Sun Oct 25 2:30am
Fish HooksBea Saves a Tree; Freshwater Five-O DISXD

Bea chains herself to a plastic tree in the fish tank to protest the construction of a new store; Milo and Jocktopus are invited on a police ride-along and become convinced that they are real cops.

I’ll Watch3 Watching
Sun Oct 25 3:00am
Fish HooksFish Taco; Freshwater Lives DISXD

The lives of the characters are explored through the perspective of a taco traveling across the Freshwater Mall food court; a time capsule is found and Milo uses it to bring back the richest person to ever live in Freshwater.

I’ll Watch3 Watching
Mon Oct 26 2:30am
Fish HooksPool Party Panic(Season 3, Episode 10) DISXD

Milo wakes up in class and discovers that everyone at Freshwater High has turned into a human.

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