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Sun May 28 8:00pm
Henry DangerHour of Power(Season 3, Episode 6) NIK

An escaped convict humiliates Kid Danger and traps Captain Man in a helmet, so Kid Danger sets out to obtain a super power in order to defeat this criminal.

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Mon May 29 7:30pm
Henry DangerSpace Invaders, Part 1(Season 3, Episode 11) NIK

Part 1 of 2. Captain Man and Kid Danger find out that an astronaut from Swellview has been taken hostage aboard the space station, so they use Schwoz's love shuttle to blast off into space.

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Mon May 29 8:30pm
Henry DangerScream Machine(Season 3, Episode 3) NIK

Charlotte receives attention after her invention is ruined and then rebuilt, and she fears the added scrutiny may jeopardize the secret identities of Kid Danger and Captain Man.

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Tue May 30 6:30pm
Henry DangerTwin Henrys(Season 2, Episode 16) NIK

Henry has a family dinner at the same time as an MMA fight, so he has an android fill in for him at the meal.

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Tue May 30 7:00pm
Henry DangerDanger & Thunder Part 1(Season 2, Episode 17) NIK

Part 1 of 2. Villains gather at a shadowy meeting and plan to destroy Captain Man and Kid Danger, and Phoebe discovers an unexpected attendee at the meeting.

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Tue May 30 8:00pm
Henry DangerOpposite Universe(Season 2, Episode 13) NIK

Henry gets transported to a confusing alternate universe where Ray and Schwoz are malicious men set on destroying Piper.

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Wed May 31 6:30pm
Henry DangerGrave Danger(Season 2, Episode 14) NIK

Ray acts eccentrically, so Henry and Charlotte investigate and uncover an unexpected root cause.

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Wed May 31 8:00pm
Henry DangerCaptain Man: On Vacation(Season 2, Episode 5) NIK

Ray goes out of town to attend a wedding and leaves Henry and Charlotte to safeguard Swellview, but trouble occurs.

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Thu Jun 1 6:30pm
Henry DangerSubstitute Teacher(Season 1, Episode 6) NIK

A new classmate is suspicious to Henry and Charlotte, so Captain Man goes undercover as a substitute teacher.

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Thu Jun 1 7:00pm
Henry DangerThe Danger Begins NIK

Henry lands a new job as a Kid Danger, sidekick to superhero Captain Man, but he must keep the details about this a secret in the series premiere of this comedy about a kid leading a double life.

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Fri Jun 2 6:30pm
Henry DangerDouble Date Danger(Season 3, Episode 10) NIK

Miss Sharpen's niece visits and chooses Jasper over Henry, and Henry learns she has big plans beyond a simple dinner date.

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Fri Jun 2 8:00pm
Henry DangerGas or Fail(Season 3, Episode 13) NIK

Captain Man gets trapped underground, so Henry must devise a way to sneak out of school during a standardized-testing session in order to save Ray.

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Sat Jun 3 6:30pm
Henry DangerHenry's Jelly(Season 2, Episode 8) NIK

Henry wants recognition for Kid Danger's heroics, especially after Jasper is praised as a hero.

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Sat Jun 3 7:00pm
Henry DangerA Fiñata Full of Death Bugs(Season 3, Episode 1) NIK

In the third-season opener, Kid Danger and Captain Man infiltrate a child's birthday party to remove a harmful piƱata.

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Sat Jun 3 7:30pm
Henry DangerThe Trouble With Frittles(Season 3, Episode 5) NIK

A quarrel about snacks gets underway, and Captain Man and Kid Danger are on opposite sides. However, they must figure out how to stop this agreement from affecting their work.

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Sat Jun 3 9:00pm
Henry DangerMouth Candy(Season 3, Episode 4) NIK

Jasper goes to jail on false burglary charges, so Henry and Ray set out to free him.

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Sat Jun 3 9:30pm
Game ShakersBabe's Bench(Season 2, Episode 3) NIK

Babe takes out a pricey ad on a high-tech bus bench, but the bench doesn't attract ideal clientele.

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Sun Jun 4 6:00pm
Henry DangerJAM Session(Season 3, Episode 14) NIK

Ray hears that Piper is working on her anger issues, so he tries to make her lose her temper in order to win a wager with Henry.

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Sun Jun 4 6:30pm
Henry DangerGreen Fingers(Season 3, Episode 16) NIK

Schwoz creates a disease and it accidentally affects people, including Henry, Ray and Charlotte, so Schwoz quarantines them in Henry's house in order to find a cure.

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Mon Jun 5 6:00pm
Henry DangerThe Time Jerker(Season 2, Episode 6) NIK

Kid Danger falls into a time machine by mistake and keeps reliving the same day.

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Mon Jun 5 6:30pm
Henry DangerDodging Danger(Season 3, Episode 9) NIK

Henry misuses his power when he competes in a tournament, so his pals teach him a lesson.

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Tue Jun 6 6:00pm
Henry DangerDream Busters(Season 1, Episode 20) NIK

A villain puts Henry in a dream state, and it's up to Charlotte to save him.

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Tue Jun 6 6:30pm
Henry DangerMan of the House(Season 1, Episode 19) NIK

Captain Man acts patriarchal after he moves in Henry's home in order to safeguard the family from crime, and Henry's not happy about this turn of events.

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Tue Jun 6 7:00pm
Game ShakersAir TnP(Season 2, Episode 8) NIK

A new Game Shakers game is sabotaged by a virus, and the kids must find a way to undo the damage.

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