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Inside Look
01:50 — Creators and Executive Producers Dan Fogelman, Daniel Chun and John Stamos give us an inside look of the making of GRANDFATHERED.
Ken Doll from "Some Guy I'm Seeing"
00:45 — Jimmy opens up to Catherine.
The Big Surprise from "Catherine Sanders"
01:15 — Gerald surprises Vanessa with her new office.
I Knew It from "The Boyfriend Experience"
00:44 — Sara asks Jimmy to accompany her to a party.
A Future For Yesteryear Lovers
00:45 — Will Jimmy and Sara end up together? The stars of GRANDFATHERED spill the beans on the Season Finale this TUE at 8:30/7:30c on FOX!
Get With The Times from "The Biter"
01:21 — Sara and Jimmy are called to Edie's school after she is bit by another student.
Boyfriend Material from "Some Guy I'm Seeing"
00:25 — Jimmy doesn't impress Catherine.
Vanessa In One Word
00:40 — Christina Millian describes her character in one word.
Reality Hurts from "Budget Spa"
01:08 — Sara gives Jimmy a little insight into his own life.
Not Such A Bad Guy from "The Memorial"
00:34 — Jimmy is given the contents from his father's safety deposit box.
Package from "The Memorial"
00:31 — The family concoct a plan to keep Jimmy away from the guests.
Choices from "Budget Spa"
01:30 — Jimmy looks through his phone for possible dates.
Emotional from "The Cure"
00:46 — Jimmy and Sara talk about the kiss they shared.
Man Boy from "Jimmy's 50th, Again"
01:07 — Jimmy finds out that he's going to have a birthday party.
Beneath The Surface from "Jimmy's 50th, Again"
01:25 — Sara apologizes to Jimmy.
00:20 — Enjoy these hilarious bloopers from GRANDFATHERED
Tuesday Night Romance Roulette: Gerald
00:35 — Love is in the air FOX Tuesdays, but for which hopeless romantic? Click and see who the romance roulette wheel lands on!
Annelise In One Word
00:30 — Kelly Jenrette describes her character, Annelise, in one word.
Long-Winded And Boring from "The Biter"
00:45 — Gerald and Vanessa are introduced to Kurt.
#Vagerald from "The Cure"
01:15 — Gerald announces that he is going to propose to Vanessa.
Super Obvious from "The Cure"
00:33 — Jimmy and Sara struggle to keep their hands off each other.
Come & Go from "Some Guy I'm Seeing"
00:49 — Jimmy attempts to impress Catherine.
Wait A Minute from "The Memorial"
00:18 — Jimmy comes home to a full house.
New Love from "The Boyfriend Experience"
01:15 — Sara uses Jimmy to make her ex jealous.
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