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Sat Oct 22 1:00pm
Storage WarsMay the Vaults Be With You(Season 3, Episode 2) A&E

Chatsworth, Cal., is toured.

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Sat Oct 22 1:30pm
Storage WarsThe Iceman Carveth(Season 3, Episode 3) A&E

A trip to Oxnard, Cal.

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Sat Oct 22 2:00pm
Storage WarsHere's Lookin' at You, Kenny(Season 3, Episode 4) A&E

Hawaiian Gardens, Cal., is visited.

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Sat Oct 22 2:30pm
Storage WarsThird Eye of the Tiger(Season 3, Episode 1) A&E

The third season opens with a trip to La Verne, Cal.

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Sat Oct 22 3:00pm
Storage WarsA Civil Accordion(Season 3, Episode 5) A&E

A visit to Industry, Cal.

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Sat Oct 22 3:30pm
Storage WarsWillkommen to the Dollhouse(Season 3, Episode 13) A&E

Garden Grove, Cal., is visited.

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Sat Oct 22 4:00pm
Storage WarsThe Yup Stops Here(Season 3, Episode 14) A&E

A visit to Riverside, Cal.

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Sat Oct 22 4:30pm
Storage WarsBuy, Buy Birdie(Season 3, Episode 15) A&E

Chino, Cal., is toured.

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Sun Oct 23 3:00pm
Storage WarsFor a Good Time Call...Ivy(Season 5, Episode 6) A&E

Ivy pranks the competition.

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Sun Oct 23 3:30pm
Storage WarsLBC U LTR(Season 5, Episode 7) A&E

Rene outspends everyone.

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Sun Oct 23 4:00pm
Storage WarsNuthin' But a G Thang, Rene(Season 5, Episode 8) A&E

Gossip surrounds Jarrod and Brandi.

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Sun Oct 23 4:30pm
Storage WarsBoom Goes the Dynamite?(Season 5, Episode 9) A&E

The buyers visit Rene's territory.

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Sun Oct 23 5:00pm
Storage WarsZen Masters of the Universe(Season 5, Episode 10) A&E

Ivy learns a valuable lesson.

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Sun Oct 23 5:30pm
Storage WarsDarrell Sheets the Bed(Season 5, Episode 11) A&E

Jarrod and Brandi go on a date.

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Sun Oct 23 6:00pm
Storage WarsThe Donut Effect(Season 5, Episode 12) A&E

Jarrod and Brandi plan a party for their store's 4th anniversary; Darrell attempts to distract the competition.

I’ll Watch50 Watching
Sun Oct 23 6:30pm
Storage WarsAuctions Away!(Season 8, Episode 17) A&E

The buyers visit Palm Springs, Ca. where Mary tries to stay within budget while Darrell is willing to outspend anyone to get a big score. Also: Ivy has trouble focusing and Dan and Laura race to an auction with a higher purpose.

I’ll Watch22 Watching
Sun Oct 23 7:00pm
Storage WarsDreams of Cookies and Cream(Season 9, Episode 5) A&E

The buyers visit Moreno Valley where Mary tries to follow the others to a solid locker; Dave wants to make the others pay a steep price for theirs if he can't make a score of his own; and Ivy and Rene get huge lockers stuffed with goods.

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Sun Oct 23 7:30pm
Storage WarsWho Wet the Sheets?(Season 9, Episode 6) A&E

The buyers visit Riverside, Cal. where Jarrod and Brandi try to teach Bozek a lesson; Ivy shoots for a high pay-off with a low buy-in; and Darrell and Brandon find a locker may leave them all wet.

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Sun Oct 23 8:00pm
Storage WarsSanta Ana Surprise(Season 9, Episode 7) A&E

The buyers visit Santa Ana, Cal. where Jarrod and Brandi's plans go awry as Dave shows up to cause trouble. Also: Mary tries to break a losing streak and Rene gets a little help to land a big score.

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Sun Oct 23 8:30pm
Storage WarsHigh Scores in Arcadia(Season 9, Episode 8) A&E

The buyers visit Arcadia, Cal. where Darrell and Brandon try to pull shenanigans, but get caught. Also: Rene brings his father to help search for collectibles and Ivy gambles for something out of the ordinary.

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Sun Oct 23 9:00pm
Storage WarsThe Lion of Lancaster(Season 9, Episode 9) A&E

The buyers visit Ivy's hometown in Lancaster, Cal. where Ivy wants to score big. Also: Rene makes a long drive to prove a point and Mary lands a great locker.

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Sun Oct 23 9:30pm
Storage WarsMary's Big Score(Season 9, Episode 10) A&E

The buyers visit El Monte, Cal. where Brandi lets Jarrod run wild with their money, but Mary ends up with the most expensive locker. Also: Rene spends the least amount, but just might have the best score.

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Sun Oct 23 10:01pm
Storage WarsAuctions Arriba!(Season 9, Episode 11) A&E

The buyers visit Palm Springs, Cal. where Dave is desperate to score a great locker after missing out on one; Rene tries to get some inside information; Ivy is forced to buy big; and Mary gets help from an unlikely ally.

I’ll Watch12 Watching
Sun Oct 23 10:32pm
Storage WarsThe One with Mary and Allee(Season 9, Episode 12) A&E

The buyers visit North Hollywood where Jarrod and Brandi fight to resist the lure of showbiz items; Mary and a new friend get targeted; and Rene goes solo.

I’ll Watch9 Watching
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