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D'oh! Contract Disputes Cut Simpsons' Episode Count

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An ongoing contract dispute between the voice talent behind The Simpsons and 20th Century Fox TV has caused production delays on the show's upcoming 20th season and will most likely force the studio to produce fewer episodes this season.Although Fox announced a fall schedule last week with its animated crown jewel in the normal timeslot, Variety reports that unresolved negotiations with key cast members Dan Castellaneta (Homer), Julie Kavner (Marge), Nancy Cartwright (Bart), Yeardley Smith (Lisa), Hank Azaria (Moe) and Harry Shearer (Mr. Burns) — who are hoping to increase their salaries from $360,000 an episode to around the $500,000 mark — have forced the studio to drop this season's episode count to 20.Production halted in 2004 after the cast members didn't show up for two table reads in an effort to increase their salaries. Although the most recent negotiations haven't caused the same kind of "anger or frustration" as those four years ago, if a deal isn't reached soon,... read more

"The Day F***ers"

A good book a cup of tea and a nice long hug According to Drama thats all Eric needs in the romance department However in the wake of learning that Sloane was off the market Mr Sensitivity decided to turn over a new leaf prodded by the bet between Johnny and Vince The British imports who Eric and Vince met at the hotel pool were more than willing to offer whatever sexual healing was required Even Turtles chances were looking good until he realized that his Internet fantasy girl was into an entirely different kind of cuddling Who would have thought that theres a limit to what Turtle will do for sex and money Johnny frustrated with his betting partner was more than happy to step in and helpWe were also treated to a different more sensitive Ari Gold tonight as he tearfully pleaded his sons case to the headmaster played by none other than the voice of Homer Simpson himself Dan Castellaneta This after he treated the man to a barrage o read more

Dan Castellaneta: From The Simpsons to Oblivion

Dan Castellaneta

A master of voices on The Simpsons, Dan Castellaneta steps in front of the camera as Cecil B. DeMille in Sands of Oblivion, another of Sci Fi Channel's cheeky horrorfests (premiering Saturday at 9 pm/ET). Castellaneta talked to us about the legendary filmmaker and The Simpsons Movie, which just hit theaters. TV Guide: How do you prepare to play a larger-than-life figure like Cecil B. DeMille?Dan Castellaneta: Basically I went onto YouTube and somebody put the 10-minute speech he gave before the film, and I watched that. I remembered him from a part he had in Sunset Blvd. and even one documentary. I didn't see any [other] documentary footage of hi read more

Richard Dean Anderson Marks SG-1's 200th

Richard Dean Anderson, Stargate SG-1

TV Guide caught up with Richard Dean Anderson on the Vancouver set of Sci Fi Channel's Stargate: SG-1, where he was making his first visit back since he left the show one and a half years ago to spend more time with his young daughter. Sitting in a mock wedding chapel, Anderson looked just fine in a tux, as he waited for a nuptial scene to begin. (SG-1 fans, you'll love it.) The occasion was special not only because of the former star's return — the first of two SG-1 and three Stargate Atlantis visits this season — but because the episode was the 200th of the decade-old show (airing Friday, Aug. 18, at 9 pm/ET). Anderson talked to us about the anniversary, why he returned and what he's been up t read more


Leslie Hope has scored the female lead as a wrongfully accused murder-suspect-turned-fugitive's wife in Runaway, the CW pilot being created by Sex and the City's Darren Star.... Dan Castellaneta will play a snippy bank teller on TBS' The Jeff Garlin Project.... Barry Bostwick has joined Fox's The 12th Man.... Kirk! Jere Burns seems to be revisiting Dear John territory as the latest addition to Help Me Help You, an ABC comedy starring Ted Danson as a therapist... Jessy Schram has grabbed the lead and Vanessa Lengies will costar in the CW drama Split Decision.... Rick Peters has come on board CW's untitled Aquaman series. read more

Curb Star Is Now Big Girl on Campus

Campus Ladies' Christen Sussin, Carrie Aizley and (inset) Cheryl Hines

Curb Your Enthusiasm player Cheryl Hines is going back to school — the fictional University of the Midwest — as executive producer of Oxygen's new improvised comedy series, Campus Ladies (premiering Jan. 8 at 10 pm/ET). Starring Carrie Aizley and Christen Sussin as Joan and Barri, two middle-aged housewives in search of the wild college years they missed the first time around, Campus Ladies represents one of Oxygen's most daring endeavors ever. TVGuide.com spoke with Hines about the series' origins, May-December sex and whether Curb fan read more

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