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Thu Feb 23 7:00am
Baby DaddyThe Daddy Whisperer(Season 1, Episode 8) FREFM

Ben receives coaching from a supermom, who secretly has another reason for meeting with him. Elsewhere, Bonnie and Riley get accused of shoplifting when Emma grabs items in a store.

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Fri Feb 24 7:00am
Baby DaddyA Wheeler Family Christmas Outing(Season 1, Episode 9) FREFM

Ben wants his father present for Emma's first family Christmas photo. Meanwhile, Tucker and Riley discover Danny's old high-school journal.

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Mon Feb 27 7:00am
Baby DaddySomething Borrowed, Something Ben(Season 1, Episode 10) FREFM

In the first-season finale, Riley prepares to be a maid of honor and takes her duties seriously, while Ben expects the wedding to be lackluster and tries to add some excitement to it.

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Tue Feb 28 7:00am
Baby DaddyI'm Not That Guy(Season 2, Episode 1) FREFM

In the Season 2 opener, Ben begins to develop romantic feelings for Riley, but his reputation for being an irresponsible playboy works against him. Elsewhere, Tucker attempts to date a model; and Bonnie uses Emma to get close to an attractive stranger.

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Wed Mar 1 7:00am
Baby DaddyThere's Something Fitchy Going On(Season 2, Episode 2) FREFM

Ben learns something surprising about Riley's boyfriend. Meanwhile, Tucker tries to impress his boss; Bonnie mistakenly forwards Riley a personal phone message from Danny; and things intensify between Danny and his new girlfriend.

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Thu Mar 2 7:00am
Baby DaddyThe Wheeler and Dealer(Season 2, Episode 3) FREFM

Ben pressures Danny to endorse a line of Japanese energy drinks, but the commercial shoot doesn't go smoothly. Elsewhere, Riley feels an urge to do volunteer work, so she becomes a candy striper at a hospital.

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Fri Mar 3 7:00am
Baby DaddyNew Bonnie vs. Old Ben(Season 2, Episode 4) FREFM

Bonnie moves into Ben's building, and he and Tucker do all they can to get her to leave. Elsewhere, Danny tries to break up with Milena, but she misreads his actions and thinks he's proposing marriage to her.

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Mon Mar 6 7:00am
Baby DaddyThe Slump(Season 2, Episode 5) FREFM

Danny consults with the team shrink to find out why he's struggling to focus on hockey. Elsewhere, Riley begins dodging Fitch; and Tucker must square off against Ben's girlfriend when he tries to get a promotion at work.

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Tue Mar 7 7:00am
Baby DaddyBen's Big Gay-Care Adventure(Season 2, Episode 6) FREFM

A daycare worker thinks that Ben and Tucker are a gay couple, and Ben goes along with the ruse, hoping it will secure Emma a spot at the popular facility. Elsewhere, Riley dislikes the changes that Dr. Shaw is encouraging Danny to make.

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Wed Mar 8 7:00am
Baby DaddyOn the Lamb-y(Season 2, Episode 7) FREFM

Emma loses her beloved toy lamb, so the guys set out to find it, and Ben has a particular suspect in mind. Meanwhile, Riley hosts a book club in an attempt to bond with her coworkers, but her mom and Bonnie invite themselves and cause a scene.

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