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Republicans Have 'Moved Beyond the Surprise Stage' with President Trump
09:03 — Dan Balz, Kasie Hunt, Kim Strassel and Heather McGee join the Meet the Press panel to discuss the president's relationship with his own party in Congr (more…)
Howard Dean: Dems need young people to run
12:01 — Could upcoming governors races be the first sign in a comeback for the Democrats? Dan Balz and Howard Dean join a conversation on how the party is loo (more…)
Broken Politics? Both Parties Driven by Opposition to Other Side
08:31 — MTP Panel: Andrea Mitchell, Dan Balz, Heather McGhee and David French break down the increasing divide between the Republican and Democratic parties.
Is Trump Losing Ground in the GOP Race?
03:18 — The Washington Post's Dan Balz talks about the state of the Republican race after Saturday's primaries.
Why Trump’s Transition Is Abnormal
05:15 — The Washington Post’s Dan Balz and USA Today’s Susan Page join NBC’s Andrea Mitchell to talk about Donald Trump’s transition into the White House, inc (more…)
Polling Chaos in Homestretch
10:17 — So many new polls and so little clarity. With 63 days to go, everyone is trying to figure out where the presidential race stands. Chuck Todd separates (more…)
Washington Post: Republican Party in Turmoil
03:36 — Dan Balz, chief correspondent for The Washington Post, analyses the divided nature of the Republican party.
2015: What a Crazy Year
10:58 — No matter who wins the White House next year, 2015 will go down as one of the craziest years in politics. Dan Balz, Beth Reinhard and Ramesh Ponnuru w (more…)
Hillary Clinton Returns to New Hampshire
07:01 — Andrea Mitchell talks with The Washington Post’s Anne Gearan and Dan Balz about the second leg of Hillary Clinton’s campaign rollout as she heads back (more…)
The Path to Unity for the Democrats
05:41 — What’s in store for the Democratic race now that Hillary Clinton is the presumptive nominee and Bernie Sanders' supporters must decide whom to back? W (more…)
Can Paul Ryan, Trump Coexist in the GOP?
07:47 — The Washington Post's Dan Balz looks at if the Republican Party can house both Donald Trump and Paul Ryan, and he joins Morning Joe to discuss his fin (more…)
The New Normal?
08:44 — Terror attacks from San Bernardino to Istanbul could have enormous implications for decision 2016. Dan Balz, chief correspondent at The Washington Pos (more…)
Theatrics Frame Trump's VP Hunt
05:36 — Donald Trump is applying his reality show skills to the process to select a running mate. NBC's Katy Tur and The Washington Post's Dan Balz discuss th (more…)
Political Fallout Follows Brexit Vote
02:39 — The Washington Post's Dan Balz joins NBC's Andrea Mitchell to discuss the political aftermath of Brexit.
Newsweek's Diedre Depke on the 2008 Elections Coverage Online
Jon Meacham, editor of Newsweek, will anchor a six-hour live webcast covering the Super Tuesday primaries on February 5. The webcast will originate f (more…)
Trump Heads to Iowa
Donald Trump traveled to Iowa shortly after announcing his run for president in 2016. The Post's Dan Balz shares video of the day on Snapchat.
Summer primary season preview
Dan Balz, Susan Page and Carolyn Ryan join Chuck Todd to discuss the upcoming primary races leading to the 2014 midterm elections.
Top Democrat: Senate in jeopardy
05:04 — Top Democrat says if Shinseki stays, it could cost Democrats the Senate. The Washington Post's Dan Balz weighs in.
GOP establishment wins primaries
01:47 — John King, Margaret Talev and Dan Balz discuss the GOP's big primary wins in Oregon, Georgia, Idaho and Kentucky.
Clinton-in-law loses primary
01:07 — John King, Margaret Talev and Dan Balz on Marjorie Margolies loss in Pennsylvania, despite help from the Clintons.
Top 2014 race: McConnell vs. Grimes
01:45 — John King, Margaret Talev and Dan Balz on the Kentucky matchup between Mitch McConnell and Alison Lundergan Grimes.
V.A. investigation widens
02:13 — John King, Margaret Talev & Dan Balz weigh in on the announcement that Obama will meet with Secy. Shinseki later today.
Washington Post Correspondent Talks About Christie's Future
06:49 — Dan Balz wrote the book Collision 2012, which covered the last presidential election and Gov. Chris Christie's decision not to run for president. Balz (more…)
The New Normal in Governing and Politics
22:50 — As Congress prepares to start its month-long August recess, it is on track to being the least productive in history. What will it take to get the Whit (more…)
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