Dan Abrams Celebrity Watchlist

Nightline 11/24/15: Inside a Miami Pick-Up Artist's 'Seduction Bootcamp'
18:19 — Making a $18K Mini-Movie to Sell a $45 Million Mansion; It's #TheDress Meteorologists Across the Country Are Wearing
Nightline 11/23/15: Face Transplant Surgery Gives Former Firefighter a New Face
18:51 — Inside the Complex Face Transplant Surgery; After Face Transplant, Pat Hardison Reunites With Family
Nightline 11/20/15: Studies Aim to Reduce Risk of Concussions from Hard Hits in Football
18:34 — Donald Trump's Wife, Children Talk About His Campaign, Home Life; Teacher Starts Every Class By Giving Students Compliments
'The View': Whoopi and Legal Anchor Dan Abrams on Bill Cosby: 'Only Remedy Against Bill Cosby Is Court of Public Opinion'
Whoopi Goldberg and ABC Chief Legal Affairs Anchor Dan Abrams discuss the legal options Bill Cosby?s alleged rape victims currently have. As the statu (more…)
Nightline 11/18/15: Inside the Paris Raid Authorities Say Thwarted a New Terrorist Attack
18:05 — After Paris Attacks, Mounting Fear of Refugees at Home; 'GMA's 40 for 40' Livestream Event On the Road
Nightline 11/17/15: Where Paris Attackers Might Have Been Before Massacre
18:34 — Indiana Pastor Speaks Out About Pregnant Wife's Slaying; One Direction Talks New Music on 'GMA 40 for 40' Event
Nightline 11/13/15: Paris Terror Attacks: Scenes of Carnage at Multiple Locations
18:42 — Four Paris Attackers Dead After Concert Hall Siege; Obama: Paris Terror Attacks Are 'On All of Humanity'
Nightline 11/12/15: Jihadi John Targeted by US Drone Airstrike, Believed to Have Been Killed
18:10 — Mysterious Slaying of Indianapolis Pastor's Pregnant Wife; Jennifer Lawrence on Life After 'Hunger Games,' Fighting for Fair Pay; President Obama Resp (more…)
Nightline 11/10/15: After the Fourth GOP Debate, Who Will Be the Frontrunner?
17:57 — O.J. Simpson 1995 Trial Witness: 'O.J. Simpson Is Guilty'; Wounded Former Marine Aims to Become Paralympic Snowboarder
Nightline 11/11/15: Inside Secret Drug Tunnels Running From the US to Mexico
17:50 — Julia Roberts on New Movie 'Secrets in Their Eyes,' Family Life; Pro-Skier Describes Surviving 1,600-Foot Fall
Nightline 11/09/15: Colorado High School Sexting Scandal Highlights Challenges for Schools, Prosecutors
18:06 — Shonda Rhimes on Overcoming Her Fears and Journey to 'Year of Yes'; What It Takes To Become a Victoria's Secret Angel
Nightline 11/05/15: The Big Business of Egg Donation
15:33 — 'Super Serena' Williams Stops Alleged Thief From Stealing Her Cellphone
Nightline 11/06/15: Remote Costa Rican Beach Becomes Battleground Over Sea Turtle Eggs
18:35 — Window Blinds Deadly Delay: The Fight for Kids Safety; Korean Student Pulls Off Amazing Adele 'Hello' Cover
Nightline 11/04/15: Instagram Star Essena O'Neill Explains Why She Quit Social Media
18:30 — Carrie Underwood Talks New Album and Being a Working Mom; Hotels Offer Pillow Menus to Give Guests a Good Night's Sleep
Nightline 11/03/15: Robin Williams' Widow Forgave Him for Taking His Own Life
18:06 — Pro-Sports Teams Face Questions Over Charging for Military Tributes; Parachute Saves Small Plane from Crashing in Arkansas
Nightline 11/02/15: Former DA Jeanine Pirro's Investigation of Kathleen Durst's Disappearance
18:00 — This Couple Follows a Victorian-Era Lifestyle, Corsets and All; Halloween Just Ended, and It's Already Starting to Look Like Christmas
Nightline 10/30/15: Leah Remini, Her Friend Describe Time in Scientology Sea Org
18:22 — Leah Remini Says She Doesn't Regret Life in Scientology; Barbara Walters, 'American Scandals': Sneak Peek
Nightline 10/29/15: Prep School Sexual Assault Case: New Details Revealed
18:01 — What Happens to Our Brains When We Get Scared; Elizabeth Banks Talks 'Hunger Games,' 'Pitch Perfect,' 'Love & Mercy'
Nightline 10/28/15: Third GOP Debate: Zingers and Surprising Twists
17:43 — Meet the Four Friends Who Turned Pranking Obsession into TV Series; 'Black-ish' Behind the Scenes with Michael Strahan
Nightline 10/27/15: SC Classroom Confrontation: Student Who Videotaped Incident Speaks Out
18:06 — New Zealand, a Hollywood Down Under; 'Fear: Buried Alive' Contestants Go Six Feet Under on Live TV
Nightline 10/26/15: Ginseng, The Next Gold Rush
17:57 — 'Botched' Doctors Discover Nose Job Patient Needs Brain Surgery; Hello Kitty Cafe Takes Sweet Tour to NYC
Nightline 10/23/15: LAPD Outfits Every Officer with Body Cameras
17:37 — Bride's 'Purity Certificate' Stirs Up Premarital Sex Debate; Saying 'Hello' to Adele
Nightline 10/22/15: Shocking 911 Calls Detail Home Invasion Attack
18:12 — New ACS Mammogram Guidelines Spark Controversy; The Trivago Guy on Becoming a Viral Sensation
Nightline 10/21/15: How #ShoutYourAbortion Sparked a New Movement
18:36 — Thousands of Rohingya People Risk Death, Slavery to Escape Myanmar; Oreos: Why This Little Cookie is a Big Success
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