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TV Guide Network Developing Series Based on Gossip Cop Website

Gossip Cop

TV Guide Network is developing a TV series based on the popular celebrity website Gossip Cop, the network announced Tuesday.

The series will cover the biggest and most entertaining celebrity stories of the week, dividing fact from fiction. The show will also give celebrities the chance to "fight back" to set ...
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The Verdict Is In: Rachel Maddow Replaces Dan Abrams

Rachel Maddow by Mindy Tucker

Rachel Maddow, who frequently served as a guest and substitute for MSNBC's popular host, Keith Olbermann, has been named to replace Dan Abrams' program, The Verdict, with her own new show.Maddow, according to The New York Times , emerged as an admired and favored political commentator for the channel – especially during the important election coverage. Her new program, which is yet to be named, will replace the Thursday night 9 pm/ET time slot held by Abrams. MSNBC revealed that Maddow will begin her program on Sept. 8 (after the political conventions are over) as Abrams signs off from The Verdict this Thursday. Abrams told the Times he’d be "putting my general manager's hat back on," adding that "considering where the network is right now, it is actually the right call."Are you a fan of Rachel Maddow, or will you miss Dan Abrams? – Erin FoxRelated• Use Our Online Video Guide to Watch More MSNBC read more

Tucker Out as MSNBC Puts Gregory in the Race

MSNBC is striking while the political iron is hot. After seeing its ratings spike by 62 percent in the primary-packed month of February, the cable news channel is adding a new nightly hour-long show, Race to the White House, devoted solely to covering 2008 presidential campaign. NBC News White House correspondent David Gregory will anchor the program, which will replace Tucker in the 6 pm/ET slot starting March 17. Tucker host Tucker Carlson will remain with MSNBC as a senior campaign correspondent. MSNBC is also turning over a daytime hour to political coverage that will be anchored by Andrea Mitchell. In prime time, NBC News legal correspondent's Dan Abrams' 9 pm program is being relaunched with a new name, Verdict with Dan Abrams. Abrams will look at the day's news from a legal perspective — with an added focus on politics during the campaign season. — Stephen Battaglio read more

Abrams Reports for Duty:
MSNBC's legal correspondent on his transition to management

Dan Abrams, MSNBC

MSNBC marks its 10th year on the air this summer, but there isn't a lot to celebrate. Even with the muscle of NBC News behind it, the cable news network has lagged in third place behind Fox News Channel and CNN in recent years. The powers that be at 30 Rock hope to jump-start the operation with the surprising appointment of Dan Abrams as its new general manager. The network legal correspondent and host of The Abrams Report will run the day-to-day operation and report to Phil Griffin, a senior executive at NBC News who also keeps his eye on Today. The Biz talked to Abrams, son of well-known First Amendment lawyer Floyd Abrams, about his new job behind the camera. TVGuide.com: So how was that first day?Dan Abrams: A lot of phone calls. A lot of interviews. But also a lot of walking around.  I'm trying to make it cl read more

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