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Mon Apr 24 7:00am
Mad About YouNeighbors from Hell(Season 1, Episode 10) FXX

Things go from bad to worse after the Buchmans meet their new neighbors (Judy Geeson, Paxton Whitehead). Jamie: Helen Hunt. Paul: Paul Reiser. Fran: Leila Kenzle. Mark: Richard Kind.

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Mon Apr 24 7:30am
Mad About YouMet Someone(Season 1, Episode 11) FXX

Paul shows initiative and Jamie exhibits resistance in a flashback episode about the day they met. Lester: David Arnott. Jamie: Helen Hunt. Paul: Paul Reiser. Fran: Leila Kenzle. Mark: Richard Kind.

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Tue Apr 25 7:00am
Mad About YouMaid About You(Season 1, Episode 12) FXX

The Buchmans' new maid (Beata Pozniak) develops a crush on Paul (Paul Reiser), but the feeling's not mutual. Jamie: Helen Hunt. Fran: Leila Kenzle. Mark: Richard Kind. Selby: Tommy Hinkley.

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Tue Apr 25 7:30am
Mad About YouTogetherness(Season 1, Episode 13) FXX

Jamie hires Paul to make a film for her client. The result: too much togetherness. Al: Jerry Hardin. Apple: Bill Dunlevy. Jamie: Helen Hunt. Paul: Paul Reiser.

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Wed Apr 26 7:00am
Mad About YouWeekend Getaway(Season 1, Episode 14) FXX

A weekend in the country has Jamie (Helen Hunt) wanting to move there. Ned: Murphy Dunne. Paul: Paul Reiser. Lisa: Anne Ramsay. Husband: Parley Baer.

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Wed Apr 26 7:30am
Mad About YouThe Wedding Affair(Season 1, Episode 15) FXX

Paul badgers Jamie into telling him a secret, and he's sorry he does. Ira: John Pankow. Unknown Couple: Annie Abbott, Neil Vipond. Caterer: Susan Blommaert. Waiter: William Newman.

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Thu Apr 27 7:00am
Mad About YouLove Among the Tiles(Season 1, Episode 16) FXX

Paul and Jamie struggle for amusements when locked in their bathroom. Lisa:Anne Ramsay. Fran: Leila Kenzle. Andrew: Gregory Paul Martin. Jamie: Helen Hunt. Paul: Paul Reiser.

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Thu Apr 27 7:30am
Mad About YouThe Billionaire(Season 1, Episode 17) FXX

The billionaire (Jerry Lewis) who wants Paul to make a film about him is a little too friendly, while Paul's new cameraman hardly speaks. Belden: Bill Fox. Jamie: Helen Hunt. Paul: Paul Reiser.

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Fri Apr 28 5:00am
Law & OrderPassion(Season 7, Episode 21) TNT

An editor is found dead in an apartment that's shared by one of her authors and a lawyer, both of whom insist they were out of town at the time of the murder. Evans: Robert Foxworth. Sarah: Sara Botsford. Adele: Cynthia Harris. Austin: Oren J. Sofer. Dalto (more…)

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Fri Apr 28 7:00am
Mad About YouThe Man Who Said Hello(Season 1, Episode 18) FXX

Paul's father (Louis Zorich) gains fame after meeting Regis Philbin; so does Paul after he overreacts. Joy Philbin also appears. Ira: John Pankow. Mimi: Maria Pitillo. Paul: Paul Reiser. Jamie: Helen Hunt.

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Fri Apr 28 7:30am
Mad About YouSwept Away(Season 1, Episode 19) FXX

Jamie figures out what's going on with Lisa and her new beau, and figures that they're moving too fast. Paul: Paul Reiser. Mark: Richard Kind.

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Mon May 1 7:00am
Mad About YouThe Spy Who Loved Me(Season 1, Episode 20) FXX

Barbara Feldon plays a former TV star still idolized by Paul and Ira (John Pankow). Jamie: Helen Hunt. Paul: Paul Reiser. Mark: Richard Kind. Fran: Leila Kenzle.

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Mon May 1 7:30am
Mad About YouThe Painter(Season 1, Episode 21) FXX

Jamie hires an ex-boyfriend (Rick Rossovich) to paint the apartment, but Paul finds him lying down on the job---and not alone. Fran: Leila Kenzle. Mark: Richard Kind. Lisa: Anne Ramsay.

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Tue May 2 7:00am
Mad About YouHappy Anniversary(Season 1, Episode 22) FXX

The Buchmans' first-anniversary party features one love in bloom while another wilts. Warren: Steven Wright. Connie: Meagan Fay. Fran: Leila Kenzle. Mark: Richard Kind.

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Tue May 2 7:30am
Mad About YouMurray's Tale(Season 2, Episode 1) FXX

Lisa takes Murray for a walk---and returns with a different dog. Cop: Jerry Adler. Warren: Steven Wright. Ira: John Pankow. Paul: Paul Reiser.

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Wed May 3 7:00am
Mad About YouBing, Bang, Boom(Season 2, Episode 2) FXX

Unreturned phone calls and Murray's invisible mouse distract Paul and Jamie from romance during a long-awaited evening together. Fran: Leila Kenzle.

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Wed May 3 7:30am
Mad About YouBedfellows(Season 2, Episode 3) FXX

Paul and Jamie stay with Paul's mother (Cynthia Harris) after his father (Louis Zorich) has a heart attack. Sharon: Randy Graff. Jamie: Helen Hunt. Paul: Paul Reiser. Nurse: Francesca P. Roberts. Ira: John Pankow.

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Thu May 4 7:00am
Mad About YouMarried to the Job(Season 2, Episode 4) FXX

Jamie vents about her boss (Ken Jenkins)---who's revealed to be sitting nearby. Lou: Larry Miller. Rick: Cameron Thor. Waitress: Lisa Kudrow. Jamie: Helen Hunt.

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Thu May 4 7:30am
Mad About YouSo I Married a Hair Murderer(Season 2, Episode 5) FXX

Jamie's time-killing activities include cutting Paul's hair---and his film. Lou: Larry Miller. Warren: Steven Wright. Jamie: Helen Hunt. Paul: Paul Reiser. Ira: John Pankow.

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Fri May 5 7:00am
Mad About YouThe Unplanned Child(Season 2, Episode 6) FXX

Paul forgets to tell Jamie that they're babysitting his nephew (Bradley Pierce)---on Halloween. Remy: Marva Hicks. Lou: Larry Miller. Debbie: Talia Balsam. Jamie: Helen Hunt.

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Fri May 5 7:30am
Mad About YouNatural History(Season 2, Episode 7) FXX

A fight over time together drives Paul and Jamie apart, but luck---or fate---brings them together. Lisa: Anne Ramsay. Ira: John Pankow. Ursula: Lisa Kudrow. Jim: Ralph Bruneau. Jamie: Helen Hunt.

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Sat May 6 5:00pm
Law & OrderDiscord(Season 4, Episode 3) WE

A student charges a rock star (Sebastian Roche) with rape, but he claims that she consented to sex. Diamond: Cynthia Harris. Wayne: Avi Hoffman. Wood: Alex Wipf. Sharon: Diane Dilascio.

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