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ESPN's John Kruk Takes a Swing at Baseball's Big Stars

John Kruk, Baseball Tonight

As the national pastime approaches mid-season, Baseball Tonight (10 pm/ET, on ESPN) analyst John Kruk weighs in on Bonds, A-Rod and the game's other hot topics. TV Guide: You never had a chance to play for a Wild Card playoff spot. How do you think that has changed players’ and teams’ mind-sets entering July and August? John Kruk: Well, it gives everyone a chance, but it’s more confusing to me. You look at the divisions and say, "This team’s out, that team’s out.... Oh, wait a second." The Phillies have been in back of the Mets all season but always have that Wild Card [chance]. It’s good for players because you stay motivated and have more meaningful games. The bad thing is that too many teams can’t realize what they have as a team, so they keep guys and t read more

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