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Arrow Scoop: Currie Graham Leads Royal Flush Gang

Currie Graham

Currie Graham has been tapped to lead Royal Flush Gang on Arrow, has learned.

The NYPD Blue alum has been cast as... read more

Exclusive: Drop Dead Diva Snags Adam Harrington, Currie Graham

Adam Harrington, Currie Graham

Adam Harrington and Currie Graham will guest-star on Drop Dead Diva this season, has learned exclusively.

Harrington (The Secret Circle) will appear in the ninth episode as... read more

Exclusive: Currie Graham, French Stewart to Guest-Star on Private Practice

Currie Graham and French Stewart

Currie Graham and French Stewart will play brother patients in the season premiere of Private Practice, has learned exclusively.

Check out photos from Private Practice

Graham (Raising the Bar) will play Russell, one of Charlotte and Sam's patients who needs ... read more

January 21, 2007: Come Play Wiz Me

After last week's laugh-filled hour, tonight was a bit of a letdown as far as the humor level goes. This doesn't mean I didn't like this episode — I just enjoyed it less, and I am in agreement with those of you who are starting to get a bit tired of the Alma story line. When, oh, when will we get to see Monique in flashbacks again? At least we know that those teeth are actually Monique's, as expected, and we found out what Alma was injecting herself with — hormones, so she'd get pregnant more easily. Speaking of which, how about Alma giving Orson both sleeping pills and Viagra so that she could rape him while he was passed out? I do give the writers (Valerie Ahern and Christian McLaughlin) credit for making references to Viagra without actually mentioning it, like Alma saying she gave Orson something "to keep the part of you I need nice and perky." That was pretty creepy when Gloria mentioned how much she wanted a grandchild while Alma got ready for her night with Orson by... read more


Rachel Dratch has joined Saturday Night Live cast mate Tina Fey's NBC comedy pilot about an SNL-type show.... Eddie Kaye Thomas (American Pie) will star in the Fox comedy Till Death.... Kim Raver (24) has been added to ABC's drama about nine strangers held hostage during a bank robbery.... Kelli Williams (The Practice) is back doing the lawyer thing on ABC's Women in Law.... Jeffrey Donovan is one of the Enemies in ABC's drama about two childhood friends who grow up to be a lawman and a mobster.... Meta Golding (JAG) is the sister of Taye Diggs' framed cop in ABC's Day Break.... Currie Graham (Lynette's boss on Desperate Housewives) has joined the CBS drama Edison. read more

Desperate Housewives You know...

Desperate HousewivesYou know when we get one of those episodes where all of the main Housewives are involved in story lines that we care about and are totally interested in? This one wasn't one of them. The Lynette-Tom story was beyond ridiculous — such a waste of Felicity Huffman's and Doug Savant's talents, not to mention the normally enjoyable Currie Graham as their boss, Ed. Like an advertising exec would play frat-house games with his employees. I thought I was watching Fear Factor with Tom about to eat a donut out of a toilet and Lynette eating the raw meat. But let's talk about what I did like: everything else in this episode that was all about bonding. How perfect for Bree to bond with Betty, for Gabrielle to bond with the Chinese maid, and for Susan to bond with and secretly marry her ex-husband Carl. Love that it'll be their read more

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