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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 3 First Look: Can Callen Find Hetty Before It's Too Late?

Chris O'Donnell

NCIS: Los Angeles' Season 2 finale saw Callen & Co. turn in their badges and head overseas in search of Hetty, who resigned from NCIS to protect Callen from the Comescu mob family.

Fall Preview: Get scoop on your favorite returning shows

There's just one problem: Hetty (Linda Hunt) turned herself over to the Comescu clan before Callen could find her. And based on the exclusive first images of Season 3 after the jump, the search will continue... read more

Keck's Exclusives: Private Practice Casts Charlotte's and Cooper's Parents

John Rothman, Cristine Rose

Something special's happening on the May 5 episode of ABC's Private Practice, and without flat out telling you, I'll bet you can guess.  

"We'll be meeting the in-laws for the first time," teases KaDee Strickland, whose Charlotte King is about to take a big step with... read more

How I Met Your Mother Episode Recap: "Home Wreckers"

Ted's mother gets married to Clint (last seen in Season 2's "How Lily Stole Christmas") and the pair immediately start skeeving out Ted with their completely inappropriate behavior. Unable to handle the fact that his mom is on her second marriage before he's on his first, Ted rushes out and impulsively buys a house. Is it truly the house of his dreams ... or a total nightmare?

Future Ted tells his kids that everyone has one impulsive moment that changes their lives forever. We're about to hear the story of his. It all starts with a visit from Ted's mom (Heroes' Cristine Rose) and her boyfriend, Clint (Harry Groener, recognizable to Buffy fans everywhere as the Mayor of Sunnydale). read more

Is Heroes' Angela Dreaming a Nightmare of a Future?

Cristine Rose by Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

Last weeks reveal that Angela Petrelli is sinister Sylars mother is but the beginning of a shocking new arc for Heroes Cristine Rose teases the next shoe to drop sheds light on upcoming flashbacks and broaches the mother of all paternity questions NBCs Heroes airs Mondays at 9 pmET Matt Mitovich TVGuidecom That was quite a reveal in the season premiere Cristine Rose It was Its a good one I think TVGuidecom How did you react when you first read that script Rose Well they had been hinting at a big surprise Actually it was Zach [Quinto Sylar] who said I think I know I think I know the day before I got the script He told me and I said Thats so cool Whats interesting is we actually shot almost the entire scene just before the [winter 2007-08 WGA] strike when it was in Episode 13 In the interim they added the fact that he is my son so we reshot parts of it They actually have split the scene in two and at the beginning of [this weeks Epi read more

Heroes' Mother of a Bombshell: What's Next?

Cristine Rose as Angela Petrelli on Heroes by Chris Haston/NBC

This post contains spoilers from the season premiere of Heroes.Monday's two-hour season premiere of Heroes ended with a super twist: The Petrelli boys have a new brother, and it's none other than power-robbing supervillain Sylar. The shocking revelation was made by Cristine Rose's Angela Petrelli in the premiere's closing moments. In a recent interview with our own Matt Mitovich, Rose revealed that another shocking shoe will drop in Episode 3. "It really has a double punch," she said. "The revelation that he's my son is just the beginning."Rose said her scene with Sylar was originally planned for Episode 13 of Season 2, when she was only meant to be his mentor. "They wouldn't tell me until I actually read it, but they had been hinting at this big surprise," she said. "In the interim they added the fact that he was indeed my son, and we reshot parts of it."So should we expect Sylar to pick out flowers and Mother's Day cards soon? Don't hold your breath. "That's really not why I need... read more

Saving the World: Redux

The Haitian repaid his debt by saving Peter. Jimmy Jean-Louis by Chris Haston/NBC

Episode Recap: "Four Months Ago"Bonsoir mes amis! Leah Friedman (Friday Night Lights, among other blogs) in for Casey tonight, and I figured I'd stick with the Montréal theme. I'm thrilled to be filling in for her for the second in what will hopefully become a series of great Heroes episodes. We all know about the griping (and yes, I've done my own fair share of it this fall) about how the season started out, but between last week and this week, I'm hoping we can all agree that the show is back on track. It was certainly a subtle episode by Heroes standards; more along the lines of last season's "Company Man" than anything else, and as a character study of the Petrellis, Elle and the Sanders family, it worked well — most of the time.First off, thank you Tim Kring for finally revealing just how in the hell Peter ended up in Ireland. We already knew that Nathan saved New York from Peter, but in dueling bouts of self-sacrifice, Peter rescued a falling, burning Nathan and deli... read more

Heroes Shocker! Is Nathan's Mother Next for Murder?

Cristine Rose, Heroes

It's a Heroes whodunit! Mega-mogul Kaito Nakamura (George Takei) was murdered in last night's season premiere by a mysterious hooded figure who seems intent on picking off the show's older generation. Angela Petrelli, the ice-queen matriarch played by Cristine Rose, has already received a death card hinting that she's next — so, with the clock ticking, we quickly grabbed an interview with the actress! How scared are you these days?Cristine Rose: I'm haaaaa-ting this! [Laughs] On my chair on the set, they're now putting my name on with tape! It's so sad. And in small letters down in the corner it says, "She's going to die!" We have a "wall of death" at the studio, with pictures of all the actors who've been killed off, and I am staking out my 5 inches now! But you know w read more

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