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One Tree Hill Creator Mark Schwahn Shares the Series Ending That Never Happened

Craig Sheffer and Chad Michael Murray

Although One Tree Hill's series finale ended with the emotions creator Mark Schwahn always imagined, it didn't involve the characters he initially pictured.

"In my mind, when the show first started, we probably would've ended up in the series finale with a Karen-Keith-Lucas scenario and they would've become the family they never were," Schwahn told at the inaugural ATX Television Festival. "Tonally it never changed for me. I always knew where I wanted to leave the show. I wanted it to be something that the fans invested since Day 1 felt like was speaking to them."

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One Tree Hill Creator Mark Schwahn: The Series Finale Will Acknowledge the Fans

One Tree Hill, Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols

One Tree Hill may be ending on Wednesday, but creator Mark Schwahn doesn't want viewers to say goodbye to his beloved characters just yet.

"I like the idea of life goes on in Tree Hill," Schwahn tells "We're still here; we're just not going to see you each week."

Exclusive Video: Watch one of the final scenes from One Tree Hill's River Court

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Why Glee's Grant Gustin Hopes Sebastian Is the Heir to the Sue Sylvester Throne

Grant Gustin

One day after Glee aired its winter finale, which included an attempted suicide, a win at Regionals, a near-exchange of matrimonial I do's, and a surprise car wreck, Grant Gustin was back at it...auditioning for film roles while the regular cast shot its next episode.

At the moment, Gustin doesn't know the fate of his controversial alter-ego Sebastian, the smarmy Warbler introduced as this season's threat to New Directions. Karofsky's tragedy appears, for now, to have... read more

From Stalkers to Crashes: Check out One Tree Hill's Craziest Moments

One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill is famous for taking standard soaps storylines and giving them outlandish twists. In honor of Monday's Season 7 finale, here's a look back at some of our favorite crazy moments.

Season 6, "Searching for a Former Clarity"
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Could you please give us some ...

Question: Could you please give us some One Tree Hill spoilers for Season 4?

Answer: Although Uncle Keith perished last season, we haven't seen the last of Craig Sheffer. "You may see Ghost Keith," series creator Mark Schwahn told TV Guide's Damian Holbrook. And before you guys ask, Schwahn says fan fave Brian Greenberg "is not available to us right now, so I don't think we'll be seeing Jake." However, should OTH see a fifth season, Schwahn shares that he and Greenberg have an agreement that he would come back "when all is said and done." What a coinkydink. Matt Roush and I made a similar pact: If OTH gets renewed, we promised to shoot each other in the head. 

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