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Analyst Moves: CBRL, CME
Cracker Barrel (CBRL) was downgraded by Keybanc (KEY) to hold from buy as rising commodity costs are likely to have a negative impact on earnings. Sh (more…)
Chatty Waitress Gets $6,000 Tip for Saying All the Right Things
Abigail Sailors nearly missed out on the tip of a lifetime because she's simply too damn happy. When two anonymous customers came into her Cracker Bar (more…)
Dirty Dining: 50+ Live Roaches Crawling Around Cracker Barrel's Kitchen Temporarily Shuts It Down
Cracker Barrel was shut down overnight last week after state inspectors discovered over 50 live roaches crawling all over the kitchen.
A baby struggles to eat a puff cracker.
Trayvon Martin's Friend Describes Final Call
A friend who was on the phone with 17-year-old Trayvon Martin moments before he was fatally shot by George Zimmerman testified that Martin described t (more…)
Markets Waits For Fed's Move
The stock market waits for the Fed's decision on tapering as companies like Federal Express, Adobe and Cracker Barrel report earnings.
'Skull Cracker' Spotted in London
'Skull Cracker' robber Michael Wheatley, who absconded from an open prison, has been seen in London
Jim Lauderdale Praises Ralph Stanley
Singer-songwriter-producer Jim Lauderdale has boatloads of praise for bluegrass icon Ralph Stanley. Lauderdale says, 'He's been so fully formed as a f (more…)
A 103-Year-Old Titanic Cracker Sold for $23,000
A cracker that was originally part of a lifeboat survival kit from the Titanic has sold for 15,000, or around $23,000 USD, at an auction in the UK.
MP Criticises Escape of Violent Criminal
Tory backbencher Philip Davies says that it is 'staggering' that a violent criminal such as Michael Wheatley, dubbed 'the Skull Cracker', could be all (more…)
Cracker From The Titanic Becomes 'World's Most Valuable Biscuit'
A simple cracker has made its way from being just another morsel in a lifeboat € s survival kit to becoming the most expensive snack of the sort (more…)
Epic Battle: Mouse Vs Cracker
Determined mouse really wants his cracker but he has to fight for it. This video proves you should never give up.
'Skull Cracker' Absconds from Prison
A violent armed robber, known as 'the Skull Cracker', has gone missing after being allowed out of an open prison.
Rep. Charles Rangel: I Thought Cracker Was A 'Term Of Endearment'
Rep. Charles Rangel tells Marc that he always though that 'cracker' was a term of endearment.
Dom Hemingway- Trailer No. 1
After spending 12 years in prison for keeping his mouth shut, notorious safe-cracker Dom Hemingway is back on the streets of London looking to collect (more…)
Pardon for UK Wartime Code Cracker
Alan Turing is credited with helping Britain win World War Two by cracking Nazi Germany's apparently unbreakable military communication code. Yet aft (more…)
Daily Dividend Report: CBRL, NEU, WTM, VHI, GPS
This morning, Cracker Barrel Old Country Store (CBRL) declared its quarterly dividend of 75 cents per share, maintaining the amount paid to shareholde (more…)
Daily Dividend Report: CBRL, AET, MRVL, MORN, LNN
Cracker Barrel Old Country Store (CBRL) has declared a regular quarterly dividend to common shareholders of $1.10 per share, payable on November 5, 20 (more…)
Make Merry with an Eggnog Martini
Brace yourself for the merriest Christmas of all this year, thanks to our eggnog martini. It's creamy, rich, and sings of spices from cinnamon to nutm (more…)
Make Merry With an Eggnog Martini
Brace yourself for the merriest Christmas of all this year, thanks to our eggnog martini. It's creamy, it's rich, and it sings of spices from cinnamon (more…)
It's Not Just Your Grandmother's Matzo Anymore
When many people think of Matzo, they think of the cracker's big place at the Seder table, but with a bad rep in the taste department. But the Matzo h (more…)
Fugitive 'Skull Cracker' in Custody
A fugitive armed robber nicknamed the 'Skull Cracker' is in custody in London.
Jude Law Shows No Embarrassment at Naked Scenes
ROUGH CUT - NO NARRATION STORY: British actor Jude Law undergoes a transformation for his latest role as a safe cracker recently released from jail in (more…)
Hunt for Escaped Prisoner Nicknamed the 'Skull Cracker'
The search continues for a violent armed robber nicknamed 'Skull Cracker' who absconded from an open prison.
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