Courtney Love

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Name: Courtney Michelle Harrison
  • Birth Place: San Fernando, California, United States
  • Profession: Actor, Singer
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Courtney Love Warned People About Harvey Weinstein In 2005!
01:50 — And Howard Stern tried in 2012 too!
Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten
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A Woman Did It: Courtney Love on Patti Smith, Punk Poet
Courtney Love, star of "Mendendez: Blood Brothers," describes the impact that singer-songwriter Patti Smith has had on her, on their fellow musicians, (more…)
"Menendez: Blood Brothers" Cast On Working With Courtney Love
02:13 — Nico Tortorella, Benito Martinez and Myko Olivier gush over filming with Courtney Love on set. Get the details!
Nico Tortorella On the Surprising Moment That Made Courtney Love 'Emotional'
04:13 — Nico and Courtney co-star in 'Menendez: Blood Brothers,' premiering on Lifetime on Sunday, June 11.
John Early Used to Run a Toni Collette Fan Website
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Courtney Love Is a Huge Lana Del Rey Fan
02:59 — Courtney Love reveals the music she's been enjoying lately and what she did when she discovered a University of Kentucky linebacker shares her name.
Courtney Love Will Co-Write a Memoir Using Her Wikipedia Page
03:48 — Courtney Love chats about starring in Menendez: Blood Brothers and writing a book using Wikipedia.
John Early Has the Smallest Role in Beatriz at Dinner
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Point, Counterpoint: Wonder Woman
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Chris Cornell Remembered by Music, Movie Stars at Memorial Service
00:31 — Hollywood stars and music icons, including Billy Idol, Courtney Love, Brad Pitt and James Franco, turned out on Friday to mourn the loss of Soundgarde (more…)
Empire: Out, Damned Spot Trailer
02:41 — Vernon finds himself in a sticky situation Jamal's ambition causes trouble in his relationships.
Courtney Love to Play Menendez Brothers’ Mother in Lifetime Movie
00:21 — Musician and actress Courtney Love will play the mother of Lyle and Erik Menendez is an upcoming Lifetime movie. The brothers were convicted in 1994 o (more…)
Dave Chappelle & Courtney Love: New Besties Party in Miami
01:23 — Dave and Courtney -- ciggies in hand -- partied this weekend in South Beach -- first catching a Madonna concert, then hitting up an after party at the (more…)
America's 'Abortion Desert'
01:55 — Courtney Love, 30, an antiabortion activist. She and other activists say they are encouraged to see clinics close due to laws that they say protect wo (more…)
Courtney Love Attacked in France!
01:46 — Courtney Love’s Uber got ambushed in Paris by French Taxi Drivers and it was tres Scary!!!
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  • Birth Name: Courtney Michelle Harrison
  • Birth Place: San Fernando, California, United States
  • Profession: Actor, Singer