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Season 4 Official Trailer
01:01 — Ghost's darkest hour has arrived. He's no longer ahead of the game.
Power: That Ain't Me Trailer
00:30 — When Ghost realizes he's getting screwed, he starts playing dirty. After meeting the boss, Angela explores other options. Tommy gets proof that paints (more…)
Power: It's Done Trailer
00:30 — When Ghost sees the location for the business is in a gang-infested, he re-teams with Tommy to clean it up. As Tommy threatens war, his organization s (more…)
Power: You Can't Fix This Trailer
00:30 — When tragedy befalls the St. Patrick family, Ghost and Tommy seek retribution. Tasha tries to keep things together at home. Meanwhile, Angela uses her (more…)
Power: You Lied To My Face Trailer
00:30 — As Ghost moves forward with his new business, the St. Patrick family is thrust into the public eye. Tasha seeks out Silver and their relationship deep (more…)
Power: Don't Go Trailer
00:30 — Angela reels after her breakup, but must face some difficult questions at work. Ghost must scramble to not lose the club deal, while he and Tommy are (more…)
Power: Call Me James Trailer
02:25 — Lobos turns out to be alive, meanwhile Tommy and Ghost parted ways and Tommy starts working for Lobos, Angela Valdez reveals the whereabouts of Lobos (more…)
Power: Ghost Is Dead Trailer
00:45 — Members of Ghost's organization are turning up dead, and each body hits closer to home for him and Tommy as the threat of Kanan and Angela's investiga (more…)
Power: This Is Real Trailer
00:30 — A model's near-death in Truth jeopardizes the club's future. The rift between Ghost and Tasha over the nightclub widens. Ghost is reminded that pursui (more…)
Power: Who You Are And Who You Want To Be Trailer
00:30 — Ghost and Tommy are under the gun in trying to deal all the product in order to pay Lobos, unaware that Holly is being grilled by the FBI.
Power: Best Laid Plans Trailer
01:00 — Ghost plans a huge party at Think, hoping to expand out of NYC and the drug world. Pink Sneakers attempts to murder Ghost. Ghost makes a big decision (more…)
Power: Not Exactly How We Planned Trailer
02:00 — James "Ghost" St. Patrick opens Truth nightclub, hoping its success will let him leave his life as a NYC drug kingpin. But a run-in with a past love a (more…)
Power: I Got This On Lock Trailer
00:30 — Ghost is presented with an opportunity that could take the clubs to the next level, all while looking over his shoulder. Tommy reunites with Tasha in (more…)
Power: No Friends On The Street Trailer
00:30 — Tommy signs on to assist Ghost in expanding the drug trade, but has a serious condition that must first be met, while Ghost is surprised to learn abou (more…)
Power: Time's Up Trailer
00:30 — Angela and the feds push Tommy to flip on Lobos or spend his life in prison, while Ghost considers doing the honorable thing, but the consequences cou (more…)
Power: Don't Worry, Baby Trailer
00:30 — As the opportunity to expand the clubs evolves, Ghost is spread even thinner between Angela, the kids, business, and Tommy. Tommy struggles with a dec (more…)
Power: Like We're Any Other Couple Trailer
00:30 — Ghost brings Angela to Miami, where they indulge in the fantasy of being a couple, but reality brings them back to earth. Back in New York, Tommy and (more…)
Power: Don't Thank Me Trailer
00:30 — With tensions high, Silver warns Ghost that Tasha may have to testify. Meanwhile, now aware of Ghost's innocence, Angela struggles to find a way to st (more…)
Power: The Kind Of Man You Are Trailer
00:30 — The prosecutors turn up the heat, forcing Tommy to execute a plan that diverts their attention. Teresi learns information about Ghost and begins a bla (more…)
Power: When I Get Out Trailer
01:07 — Having been arrested for the murder of Agent Knox, Ghost faces threats from all angles. The Feds begin to build their case and Tasha scrambles to get (more…)
Power: You're The Only Person I Can Trust Trailer
00:30 — Ghost battles to win back his club and must deal with those standing in the way.
Power: Who Are You? Trailer
00:30 — Ghost and Tommy plan to gather their network of gang leaders while Angela plans surveillance for the same meeting. The mystery assailant strikes again (more…)
Power: Why Her? Trailer
00:30 — After the revelation that Ghost and Jamie are the same man, Angela seeks proof the drug syndicate picks up a new member and Tasha protects her future (more…)
Power: Help Me Trailer
00:30 — Tommy searches for who made the attempt on his life. Greg leans on Ruiz to give up the true "Ghost", while Angela does all she can to keep them away. (more…)
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