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Lyndsay Lovelace on life before her mother's death
02:38 — In an interview with "48 Hours"' Maureen Maher, the 23-year-old daughter of Curtis and Cory Lovelace shares details of what her family dynamic was lik (more…)
Curtis Lovelace on the shock of being arrested for his wife's murder
02:02 — In March 2017, Curtis Lovelace took the stand in his second trial for the 2006 murder of his first wife, Cory. He told the jury his emotional account (more…)
Curtis and Christine Lovelace: "We're starting over"
02:05 — In his first television interview, Curtis Lovelace, with his wife Christine, talks with "48 Hours" Maureen Maher to discuss their plans for the future (more…)
Former Illinois prosecutor tried twice for wife's murder speaks out on "48 Hours"
03:52 — Curtis Lovelace was a college football star and later a prominent attorney, and then one Valentine's Day morning his wife, Cory, died mysteriously. Th (more…)
Lea Michele Opens Up About 'Incredible' Boyfriend Matthew Paetz: Cory Monteith Would Love Him
03:33 — The 'Scream Queens' star opens up about finding love again on PodcastOne's 'Fempire' podcast.
American climbers on harrowing climb up Mt. Everest
10:02 — For weeks, we've shown you the first-hand account of professional climbers Cory Richards and Adrian Ballinger working to reach the summit of Mount Eve (more…)
Man Excitedly Live Streams Seeing a Cloud That Looks Like An Angel
01:06 — One man saw such a divine object in the sky that he went live on Facebook to broadcast the event to his friends and followers. On Tuesday, Cory Hearon (more…)
Wheelchair-bound traveler makes the impossible possible
02:16 — More than two-million Americans need a wheelchair to get around, but few have traveled as far as wheelchair travel blogger Cory Lee. Brock Silva-Braga (more…)
Open: This is Face the Nation, January 8
01:13 — As 2017 begins and Washington is in the midst of a number of changes, "Face the Nation" talks to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R- Kentucky, (more…)
Kickoff to 5 yd. line - Fall 2015
00:11 — Cory's first season kicking football.
Cory Booker Talks What It Means To Be United
06:38 — Senator Cory Booker talks about his latest book "United" and how America has been shaped by love.
Maher to jurors: Would Curtis Lovelace have been convicted in 2006?
00:38 — In 2006, the Adams County, Ill., coroner labeled the cause of Cory Lovelace's death "undetermined." The case was closed until 2012, when a newly-promo (more…)
Lea Michele Gets Sweet Tattoos in Honor of Late Grandma and Cory Monteith
01:27 — The actress shared photos of both new tattoos on Instagram.
Take a tour of a Mount Everest base camp
02:45 — Adrian Ballinger and Cory Richards are trying to reach the summit of Mount Everest without using supplemental oxygen, something fewer than three perce (more…)
Donald Trump Mocks DNC Speakers But Remains Silent About Michelle Obama
02:21 — Michelle Obama stole the show with her powerful speech at The Democratic National Convention. Donald Trump mocked many of the speakers but remained si (more…)
Tim Scott and Cory Booker reflect on new African American museum
04:24 — With just days left before the opening of Smithsonian's new African American museum, "CBS This Morning" previews interviews with Sens. Tim Scott, R-So (more…)
Sens. Scott and Booker talk connection beyond politics
05:37 — Republican Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina and Democratic Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey are the only African-Americans currently serving in the Unit (more…)
Cory Booker says it is "astounding" hearings would be held without knowing fullness of conflicts of interest
02:34 — Senator Cory Booker, D-New Jersey, says Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is in negotiations trying to create a substantive process that allows for (more…)
Journalist tipped on arrest of former Quincy prosecutor Curtis Lovelace
01:04 — Bob Gough talks with "48 Hours"' Maureen Maher about the secret investigation into the 2006 death of Cory Lovelace in Quincy, Illinois.
Snapchatting climber reaches Mt. Everest summit
03:03 — In a dramatic update on the Mount Everest climbers we've been following this month, Cory Richards reached the summit of the world's tallest mountain o (more…)
Mistaken Dallas shooting "suspect" describes ordeal
09:45 — Mark Hughes was considered a person of interest in the Dallas protest shooting. But while the world was seeing his picture, he was talking with police (more…)
EXCLUSIVE: Cory and Topanga Return to the Infamous Ski Lodge in 'Girl Meets World' (and It Gets Awkward!)
00:54 — Remember when Cory kissed Lauren on 'Boy Meets World'? Well, get ready to relive the drama on the next all-new episode of 'Girl Meets World'!
Sen. Cory Booker on DNC email hack, convention speech
04:45 — New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker is speaking Monday night at the Democratic National Convention. He was reportedly a candidate to be Hillary Clinton's runn (more…)
Alan Knott and Cory Helms recap offensive line struggles
02:43 — South Carolina offensive linemen talk about their poor first half
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