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Will Snapchatting Everest climbers both summit this time?
03:48 — Two Snapchatting climbers have reached a new milestone in their latest attempt to summit Mount Everest together. This is the second time Adrian Ballin (more…)
Cory & Murray Explain Their Complicated Relationship
03:02 — What's it like working with someone you're dating? "What Happens At The Abbey" stars sound off on their tricky relationship!
Booker: GOP Health Care Bill a 'death Knell'
04:02 — Sen. Cory Booker says the House Republican health care bill 'will cost American lives' if it becomes law.
Booker: Stripped State Dept Leaves US Unready
06:49 — Senator Cory Booker talks with Rachel Maddow about the mysterious drama the Donald Trump White House created with a special North Korea briefing that (more…)
Booker: Public Pushback Stopped Trumpcare
02:49 — Senator Cory Booker talks with Rachel Maddow about attempts to resurrect a Republican plan to dismantle Obamacare and the resistance such a move is li (more…)
No You Without Me
01:00 — Cory Michael Smith teases Nygma’s future without Oswald.
Nygma: A Completely Different Man
01:10 — Cory Michael Smith looks back at how the role of Nygma has changed from the pilot and teases what’s ahead.
Nygma Chooses Lucius Fox As His Enemy
00:52 — Cory Michael Smith teases Nygma’s attempt to find a worthy adversary.
Shots Fired: Before The Storm Trailer
00:30 — Preston and Ashe uncover a suspicious police program when Cory reveals important details about the night Joey Campbell was murdered.
Sen. Booker: Clinton Is the ‘Champion’
09:02 — New Jersey Senator and Hillary Clinton supporter, Cory Booker, speaks with Joy Reid to discuss how support for President Barack Obama is now a debate (more…)
How Does Rubio Turn His Iowa Finish Into Something More?
02:22 — NBC's Chris Jansing speaks to Sen. Cory Gardner, R-Colo., about Marco Rubio's "strong finish" in the Iowa caucus.
Booker: SCOTUS Scuffle ‘so Patently Wrong’
06:17 — Republicans have vowed to block President Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland to the Surepreme Court, but do Democrats have a strategy for moving it (more…)
Lea Michele Opens up About 'Incredible' Boyfriend Matthew Paetz: Cory Monteith Would Love Him
03:32 — The 'Scream Queens' star opens up about finding love again on PodcastOne's 'Fempire' podcast.
Epic Mountain Climb Proves “Exploration Is Not Dead”
04:30 — In the fall of 2014, an elite group of climbers attempted to be the first to measure the height of Hkakabo Razi, said to be Southeast Asia’s highest p (more…)
Booker: Trump 'Playing Footsie With Russia'
07:37 — Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey talks about the latest on the president's relations with Russia and about the opioid crisis as the DOJ is planning t (more…)
GOP Senator: 4-4 Ties On SCOTUS to Be Broken With Gorsuch
06:02 — Sen. Cory Gardner, R-Co., discusses Neil Gorsuch's Monday swearing in ceremony, last week's U.S. missile strike in Syria and next steps in North Korea (more…)
Shots Fired: Truth Trailer
00:30 — Cory opens up about what he witnessed the night of Joey Campbell's murder and Ashe and Preston try to link Joey's murder with Jesse Carr's. Meanwhile, (more…)
Preview: A Police Cover Up
00:30 — Ashe and Preston must decide if Cory's word will be enough to go up against the entire sheriff’s department.
A Police Cover up
00:29 — Ashe and Preston must decide if Cory's word will be enough to go up against the entire sheriff’s department.
Mount Everest Snapchat climbers talk next summit
06:17 — Cory Richards and Adrian Ballinger gave Snapchat followers a first-hand account of their Mount Everest adventure last year. Richards made it to the to (more…)
Lyndsay Lovelace on life before her mother's death
02:38 — In an interview with "48 Hours"' Maureen Maher, the 23-year-old daughter of Curtis and Cory Lovelace shares details of what her family dynamic was lik (more…)
Curtis Lovelace on the shock of being arrested for his wife's murder
02:02 — In March 2017, Curtis Lovelace took the stand in his second trial for the 2006 murder of his first wife, Cory. He told the jury his emotional account (more…)
Curtis and Christine Lovelace: "We're starting over"
02:05 — In his first television interview, Curtis Lovelace, with his wife Christine, talks with "48 Hours" Maureen Maher to discuss their plans for the future (more…)
Former Illinois prosecutor tried twice for wife's murder speaks out on "48 Hours"
03:52 — Curtis Lovelace was a college football star and later a prominent attorney, and then one Valentine's Day morning his wife, Cory, died mysteriously. Th (more…)
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