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Getting Cozy with Bedford's "Good Girl"

Tiffany Dupont, The Bedford Diaries

If The Bedford Diaries and its ribald undertones prove to be too hot for WB (or, ultimately CW) to handle, Tiffany Dupont can remove herself from any blame. After all, the perky brunette plays Sarah Gregory, the show's good girl on campus. (As "good" as one who boinks her teacher can be.) spoke to Dupont about being an angel amidst Bedford's hellcats. Did you actually shoot Bedford Diaries in New York City? It sure looks like it.Tiffany Dupont: Yes, we did. We had a studio in Astoria, Queens, but were shooting on location at Barnard [College] and Columbia [University]. read more

Milo Ventimiglia Fans, Rejoice!

Milo Ventimiglia, The Bedford Diaries

The new and controversial The Bedford Diaries. A Gilmore Girls return. A possible gig as a superhero. Rocky Balboa's son. And he even gets slain in a new slasher film. If you're a Milo Ventimiglia fan, this is your time to bask in his... Ventimiglianess. On the occasion of The Bedford Diaries' debut (tonight at 9 pm/ET on WB), spoke with the popular actor about his very busy schedule. Dude, have you ever had so much to talk about? I don't know where to start.Milo Ventimiglia: Dude, start somewhere, dive in. Whatever you want to start with. In Bedford Diaries, you're playing a bit of a snake in grass.Ventimiglia: Yes. Yes, I am, yet again. Richard Thorne III, kid who comes fr read more

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