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Switching (Laugh) Tracks on Monday Night

Get on a plane to start the holiday early (in the weirdly warm Ohio River valley) and look what happens. CBS pulls a switcheroo with its Monday comedies.On paper, it looks like more canny scheduling for a network that is solid (if uninspired) nearly every night of the week. CBS’s current two-hour comedy block of traditional-looking (though often edgier than you’d expect for mainstream) sitcoms may lack the distinctive brilliance you can find in the best of NBC’s Thursday comedies, but they’re all watchable and at times very enjoyable. How I Met Your Mother has sharpened its game in its second season, the new The Class is working through its growing pains (perhaps not quickly enough to ensure renewal), Two and a Half Men is as bawdy as ever (and is at its best whenever Conchata Farrell and Holland Taylor are around), and The New Adventures of Old Christine has become one of the season’s more delightful surprises, with Julia Louis-Dreyfus a hoot as she more

I know that you have finally ...

Question: I know that you have finally given The Office the credit it is due, but there is still an argument that Scrubs should be paired with My Name Is Earl. Why does it have to be one or the other? I grew up with two full hours of NBC comedy hits on Thursday nights. Why can't NBC put together another Thursday-night powerhouse and have all three of the shows on Thursday? Answer: You would think, wouldn't you? (And more than a few weighed in with this very thought.) So let this be my latest (by no means my first) cry for NBC to have some common sense and decency and put Scrubs back where it belongs, on Thursdays, if not to close this season out — that seems too much to ask — then to jumpstart next season. The idea of Scrubs leading into an Earl-Office combo, with some unknown comedy filling the first half hour, is my idea of comedy heaven. Unfortunately, NBC has always had a tin ear for this sort of thing, and even in the best of days (the Cheers/Seinfeld/Frasier eras), there was more

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