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American Idol: Who Was Sent Home?

The girls continued their domination on another American Idol elimination night Thursday, and the judges actually had to debate at length for once about whether or not to use their save. Did someone get sent home? Keep reading to find out.

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The Thursday Playlist: A Hope Mitzvah, a Redeemed Politician, Scrubs On Grey's

Oy vey. Or as Virginia Chance (Martha Plimpton) might mangle her Hebrew-isms: "Molotov! (for mazel tov)." Fox sure doesn't make it easy to say goodbye to Raising Hope as it ends its third season on a new night with back-to-back episodes (9/8c), the sort of treatment you'd normally see from a network burning off a show in which it has lost faith. Thankfully, that's not the case here. Hope has already been picked up for a fourth season, and it goes out on a delightfully deranged musical high, with Burt (the sublime Garret Dillahunt) center stage as he frantically preps for his overdue Bar Mitzvah.

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Can Hollie Survive American Idol's British Music Week?

It's British music week on American Idol, and each of the Top 5 will sing two songs of British origins. The Beatles? The Rolling Stones? Oasis? We've got the set list and — blimey! -- there are a few surprises in store.

Who will have "London Calling"? And who won't get no "Satisfaction"? assesses the song choices:

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VIDEO: American Idol's Colton Shares Why He's Upset with Jimmy and the Judges

American Idol's Colton Dixon says that he was upset with Jimmy Iovine for comparing him to Phillip Phillips.

Why the Idol judges' save won't help Jessica win

"We were both pretty upset the way he presented it," Dixon tells "I remember walking in and [Jimmy] said, 'All right, let's cut the B.S. It's you or Phillip.' We get that it's a TV show, but at the same time [we were] still shocked at how far they'll go to create some drama."

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Are American Idol Voters Idle No More? Pondering Viewer Fickleness

Two weeks ago, Randy Jackson chided the American Idol audience for not racking up enough votes for the undeniably talented Jessica Sanchez, who was on the brink of elimination until the judges wielded their save to keep her. The underlying message to the viewers was twofold: Vote for talent over flash, and just vote, period.

And vote they did. The following week, 53 million votes rolled in, the highest number of votes for Season 11 to date. Not only was Jessica safe, but she had enough votes to keep her out of the Bottom 3.

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American Idol's Colton Dixon: "Things Are Only Going To Get Better From Here"

Last night, the American Idol studio audience was left speechless when host Ryan Seacrest announced that 20-year-old Colton Dixon had been eliminated. read more

Why the Idol Judges' Save Won't Help Jessica Win

Jessica Sanchez may have had the lowest number of votes on American Idol last week, but she earned the judges' save in a moment even more dramatically befuddling than last season's save of Casey Abrams.

Before Jessica could even sing a full verse of her "save me" song, the Idol judges stormed the stage. Jennifer Lopez yanked the mic from her hand and said, "This is crazy! Yes, we're using the save. You ain't going home. Go sit down; go sit down." Randy Jackson then admonished the... read more

Matt's TV Week in Review

Let's start this week's rundown with some good news.

Like a bit of reality redemption, as the charming and freakishly talented Mondo wins Project Runway All Stars. read more

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