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First Look: An All-Star Soap Cast Shines in Tainted Dreams

Kelley Hensley and Walt Willey

The wait is over! TV Guide Magazine has an exclusive look at the first three episodes of Tainted Dreams, the much-anticipated, soap-within-a-soap webseries from Emmy-winning producer/director Sonia Blangiardo (All My Children, One Life to Live) that boasts more stars than there are in the heavens... read more

General Hospital Leads Daytime Emmy Nominations

Emmy Award Statue

General Hospital earned a leading 21 Daytime Emmy Awards nominations Wednesday, the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences announced.

Right on its tail is The Young and the Restless with 20 nods...
read more

As the World Turns Gives Colleen Zenk a Fitting Farewell

Colleen Zenk Pinter

So you think your life's a soap opera? Tell it to Colleen Zenk! Few daytime actors are as beloved and admired as this brave As the World Turns star, who has survived a very public battle with deadly oral cancer and recently filed for divorce from her husband of 23 years, ex-ATWT actor Mark Pinter, on grounds of infidelity and abandonment. Oh, yeah, and her soap got canceled, too. (ATWT's final episode airs this Friday, Sept. 17 on CBS.) TV Guide Magazine spoke with Zenk, a real-life mother of six, as she's about to end her 32-year run as Oakdale firecracker Barbara Ryan. Prepare to... read more

As the World Turns: Bad News for Barbara

Colleen Zenk Pinter by Lorenzo Bevilaqua/PGP

Last spring As the World Turns star Colleen Zenk Pinter was diagnosed with oral cancer. Now her character, the conniving Barbara Ryan, is about to meet the same fate. "I set up a meeting to pitch the idea to our executive producer, Chris Goutman, even though I wasn't sure I was emotionally ready to do such a story," says Pinter, 54. "We sat down and, before I could say anything, Chris pitched the same idea to me."The actress, who underwent three surgeries and internal radiation treatment, is now cancer-free and eager to spread the word about this increasingly common, potentially deadly disease. "Like cervical cancer, oral cancer has now been linked to the HPV virus," says Pinter, noting that the website was her lifesaver — literally. First doctors missed her cancer, then recommended the wrong surgery, prompting her to take charge, do her own research and get herself the proper care.The bad news will hit Barbara on Jan. 2, the same day she's banned from ... read more

CBS' As the World Turns marks...

Colleen Zenk-Pinter and Diana the bear, As the World Turns  

CBS' As the World Turns marks 50 years on daytime television next month. I'm not April foolin' you! So fire up your FauxVo because ATWT will celebrate its golden anniversary with two special episodes: On Friday, March 31, the residents of Oakdale are reimagined as characters from classic TV shows like I Dream of Jeannie and The Beverly Hillbillies. On Monday, April 3, seven of the soap's divas board a chartered bus for a road trip. Their sentimental journey includes lotsa vintage ATWT clips and even some action adventure. "I stand up to an 8-foot-tall, 350-pound black bear!" Colleen Zenk-Pinter (Barbara) enthuses to "It was so much fun. It really was."

Having screened a preview tape, this suds fan can vouch for Pinter's point. Between the bear battle and the sight of 87-year-old Helen Wagner (Nancy) fleeing from a flaming bus, this is can't-miss stuff. Who knew Nancy — an ATWT staple read more

Set your TiVo 'cause Dec. 27 will...

Set your TiVo 'cause Dec. 27 will be a can't-miss day for As the World Turns fans. That's Brian Gaskill's final airdate as Katie's rich, geeky stalker, B.J. Greene. Oakdale's fictional TV station, WOAK, will also throw a telethon featuring musical numbers by ATWT stars Eileen Fulton (Lisa), Scott Holmes (Tom), Michael Park (Jack) and Colleen Zenk-Pinter (Barbara). read more

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