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Matt's Weekend Picks: August 20-22


EUREKA (Friday, 9/8c, Syfy)
Fans of Colin Ferguson get double the pleasure this weekend. In a new episode of the quirky fan fave Eureka, directed by Joe Morton, there's more tension between Sheriff Carter and Dr. Grant on the Allison front. But things get really rocky elsewhere when townspeople begin turning into stone. (Hate when that happens!) On Saturday night, Ferguson switches occupations to heroic game warden as the hero of Lake Placid 3 (9/8c, Syfy), a campy sequel to the deadly-croc franchise co-starring genre faves Yancy Butler and Michael Ironside... read more

Matt's Weekend Picks: July 30-August 1

James Badge Dale


(Friday, 9/8c, Syfy) Colin Ferguson directs this week's episode, which may explain why Sheriff Carter is off to Harvard to visit Zoe for the week. While he's away, the town celebrates Space Week—but as usual, things go awry. This week's culprit: guest star Jamie Kennedy, whose self-propagating oxygen device begins to affect the atmosphere, threatening to incinerate the put-upon town... read more

On Syfy, Fantasy Lite


"In this job, there's no such thing as no such thing."

That clever quip gives us summer Syfy in a nutshell. As spoken by Warehouse 13's glib Secret Service hero Pete Lattimer (the genial Eddie McClintock) to his foxy partner Mika Bering (Joanne Kelly) while both are plastered to a Victorian ceiling by some anti-gravity device or other, we are served the fantastic with a side order of whimsy, with very little ever taken seriously... read more

Battlestar Galactica Alum Joins Eureka

James Callis

Battlestar Galactica star James Callis is sticking with Syfy.

The actor has been cast as a new regular in the network's most popular original series, Eureka.

Battlestar Galactica's James Callis joins FlashForward

In the dramedy, the 38-year-old Callis will play ... read more

At the Sci Fi Upfronts: Battlestar Finale, New Shows and a New Name


Sci Fi chose their upfront event to screen the much-anticipated finale of their hit series Battlestar Galactica, introduce new shows and formally reveal their new name, SyFy.

Here are some of the highlights of the evening:

Battlestar Galactica
The evening began with the screening of the two-hour Galactica finale, "Daybreak — Part 2." Executive producer Ron Moore made reporters and critics raise their right hands and promise not to reveal any spoilers until it airs on Friday (10 pm/ET). We will abide by this promise, but say the show's bow is stunning, action-packed and quite emotional.

Ghost Hunters
Jason and Grant were good enough to name their "can't miss" episodes for this season. They feature the creepy, old, abandoned Essex County Hospital and a Titanic exhibit with some reported spooky activity at the Georgia Aquarium. To raise the stakes — and the hairs on the back of your neck — the network is airing the Titanic episode on the anniversary of the ship's demise, April 15. We also couldn't resist asking if the boys minded being spoofed last year by Supernatural, and if they would be up for a cameo on the show. "We don't take ourselves seriously," said Grant. Jason echoed the sentiment, saying, "We'd love to... we think those guys are great and we'd love to meet them!" Read more about the Sci Fi upfronts after the jump! read more

Colin Ferguson Previews Eureka's Inventive New Season

Colin Ferguson in Eureka by Carole Segale/Sci Fi Channel Photo

If youre looking for sanity in Eureka go no further than Colin Ferguson Tuesday night he begins his third season as Sheriff Jack Carter who lends an Andy Taylor-like calm to a stormy Mayberry populated by crazy scientific geniuses Ferguson explains why hes nuts about the show Eureka airs Tuesdays at 9 pmET Sci FiTV Guide Give us some scoop Colin Ferguson A main character dies How do you like that Also as last season ended Eureka was wrecked [by an airborne metal-eating bacteria] so we bring in Frances Fisher [as a corporate hotshot] to fix the town [The opener] is about a [rogue robot] that escapes Its fun though its hard to act when a main character is a visual effectTV Guide What is the shows appeal Ferguson Some like the special effects and the fun fast stories Others like the humor I think its the relationshipsTV Guide Any other projectsFerguson I did NBCs Fear Itself which is like The Twilight Zone I played a serial killer and that was read more

March 19, 2007: Nature's Clones

Just take a moment and imagine how awesome it would have been had the CBS promos department not totally ruined the twist on this episode? When Beth Selby (aka Leslie Bibb No. 3) showed up 15 minutes before the end, it was less than shocking. Nevertheless, I was thoroughly creeped out.The whole conceit is kind of disturbing (if not downright unhygienic!): triplets who exchange everything in their lives to the point where they’re really all living one life. You marry one (Ashley), impregnate the next (Beth) and get killed by the last one (Kayla) — all without ever knowing the difference. To Dominic Whitford’s credit, the sisters Ashley, Kayla and Beth did not seem to have any discernible differences in personality, though to be fair, one could argue that Beth seemed the most distinct, in that she seemed to actually care about another human being, and was generally more nervous than the other two. Leslie Bibb did an admirable job portraying all three, even if it didn... read more

CSI: Miami Preview: Triple Trouble for Horatio's Team

Eva LaRue and Leslie Bibb, CSI: Miami

Tonight's CSI: Miami (10 pm/ET, on CBS) should come with a warning: Don't believe your eyes — or anything else. In the episode, a Trump-like busi­nessman (Eureka's Colin Ferguson) is murdered at a charity event hosted by his wife, Ashley (Crossing Jordan vet Leslie Bibb), who quickly becomes the main suspect. As the CSIs conduct their investigation, they realize that Ashley has a pair of very live skeletons in her closet: identical sisters even her husband didn't know about. "Even I got confused," says Bibb, who plays triplets Ashley, Beth and Cayla. "I was like, 'Who am I today?' The first day of filming, I must have changed outfits at least 60 times." A little on the sisters' backstory: They grew up short on money but no read more

Matt Frewer Takes Eureka to the Max

Matt Frewer, Eureka

Within the strange, genius-populated little Northwestern town at the heart of Sci Fi Channel's Eureka (Tuesdays at 9 pm/ET) resides Jim Taggart, the off-center "dogcatcher" who specializes in the critters, creepies and crawlies born of the burg's bizarre scientific experiments. spoke with Matt Frewer (aka Max Headroom for my fellow children of the '80s) about his stay in Eureka and the series' "aggressive multiplatform media initiative." (He has no idea what I just said.) It's always a pleasure — if not a little bit clumsy — to interview another person named Matt.Matt Frewer: Oh, well, just pretend I'm wearing a name read more

Am I mistaken, or are Colin ...

Question: Am I mistaken, or are Colin Ferguson (Jack Carter of Eureka), Joel Gretsch (Tom Baldwin of The 4400) and Mark Valley (Brad Chase of Boston Legal) the same person using different names? Answer: You're not the only one to write in about the resemblance between Ferguson and Gretsch, but since you added the similarly square-jawed Valley to the mix, let me just say that if they could bottle the water from that particular handsome-leading-man gene pool, someone could make a fortune. (And speaking of which, if only Mark Valley could find his way out of Legal and into an actual leading-man role again, like the wonderful Keen Eddie. ... read more


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