Colin Egglesfield

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Name: Colin Joseph Egglesfield
  • Birth Place: Farmington Hills, Michigan, United States
  • Profession: Actor
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The Client List – The Team
04:04 — Go Behind the Scenes with Jennifer Love Hewitt and the Production Team from Lifetime’s “The Client List”.
02:59 — Watch a sneak peek of Jennifer Love Hewitt in Lifetime's new series: The Client List.
Melrose Place - Jumper
02:14 — Billy tries bungee jumping but doesn't end up jumping. (Leap Of Faith)
Melrose Place - First Love
03:29 — Amanda reconnects with her first love Bobby. (Hook, Line and Hayley)
Melrose Place - Faith In You
02:14 — Matt and his dad have a heart to heart before he passes away. (Let the Games Begin)
Melrose Place - Real Trouble
01:00 — Sydney overhears that Amanda and Peter are involved with Jack's injury. (Amanda Unplugged)
Melrose Place - Out to Ruin My Happiness
02:03 — Brooke inherits money but it causes a tear in her relationship with Billy. (Melrose is Like A Box Of Chocolate)
Melrose Place - New York is a Secret
01:16 — Jane confronts Richard after New York. (Peter's Excellent Adventure)
Melrose Place - Don't Do It
03:17 — Allison interrupts Bill's wedding and tries to convince her not to marry Brooke. (The Big Bang Theory)
Melrose Place - To Good Friends
03:41 — Billy reveals Allison and Jake's relationship at Jane's party. (Hunka, Hunka Burnin Love)
Melrose Place - Stop Pretending
01:54 — Jake and Jane get closer. (No Lifeguard On Duty)
Melrose Place - I Needed You
02:58 — Alison thanks Billy for helping her during the surgery and at the hospital. (A Melrose Christmas)
Melrose Place - You Belong Here
02:36 — Billy tells Alison to stay in Los Angeles and she does. (Irreconcilable Similarities)
Melrose Place - Late Night Noise
01:48 — Kimberly's other personality almost kills Michael. (The Burning Sofa)
Melrose Place - Fired
02:54 — Amanda has it in for Alison and fires her. (A Hose By Any Other Name)
Melrose Place - The Other Woman
02:14 — Alison doesn't feel right with Keith because of her own parent's difficult marriage. (Drawing the Line)
Melrose Place - Complete Retread
02:45 — Billy sleeps with a rival account executive. (Run Billy Run)
Melrose Place - D.O.A.
01:13 — Allison has to identify Hayley's body. (Hook, Line and Hayley)
Melrose Place - Sydney vs Miranda
02:26 — Sydney takes advantage of Michael's amnesia. (Grand Delusions)
Melrose Place - Hold Me
01:42 — After Alison is accosted in the street she turns to Keith for comfort. (Bye Bye Billy)
Melrose Place - It's Over
02:20 — Jake confronts Shelly when she steals from him. (Kimberly Does L.A.)
Melrose Place - I'm A Doctor
02:11 — Peter saves a person's life using common tools. (The Accidental Doctor)
Melrose Place - Michael and Jane
01:49 — In the beginning of the series, Michael and Jane were about the most perfect couple in LA. (Pilot)
Melrose Place - Trip Down Memory Lane
01:47 — Jane invites Michael to spend the night with her. (Kimberly Does L.A.)
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  • Birth Name: Colin Joseph Egglesfield
  • Birth Place: Farmington Hills, Michigan, United States
  • Profession: Actor