Inside The DVD: Red Eye
Horror maestro Wes Craven discusses his change of pace, while the Red Eye cast members examine the films tense storyline.
Dirty Love - Trlr # 1
After being dumped by her boyfriend, Jenny McCarthy goes on the hunt for some male companionship - with hilarious results.
Top Shot Season 1
HISTORY takes aim at legendary tales of marksmanship. From Annie Oakley to William Tell, Top Shot taps into amazing feats of sharp-shooting, where tea (more…)
Top Guns Season 1
You've seen some of the country's best marksmen compete in the hit HISTORY series Top Shot. Now, H2 brings you Top Guns, which highlights the types of (more…)
Elimination Interview: Capture the Frag
Two marksmen face the first elimination challenge where the M32 Grenade Launcher sends a player packing.
Sneak Peek
04:39 — From Annie Oakley to William Tell, HISTORY continues to tap into legendary feats of marksmanship with the competitive series Top Shot. Inspired by rea (more…)
Teaser Trailer
01:47 — Lisa takes a red-eye flight to Miami. She sparks a conversation with the man next to her and she soon discovers he plans on assassinating the Deputy (more…)
Survivor's Colby Donaldson's Brutal New Sharp-Shooting Show
01:06 — The three-time contestant introduces his new reality competition, Top Shot - and says no more Survivor
02:23 — The trailer for Red Eye. Lisa Reisert (Rachel McAdams) has a phobia about flying, but she must fly back to her hotel manager's job in Miami after goin (more…)
Featurette - Wes Craven
01:58 — Director We Craven talks about his 'psychological thriller' film Red Eye.
02:12 — Trailer for Dirty Love. A modern day Cinderella story that sees disaster prone Rebecca (McCarthy) embark on an outrageous and hilarious journey in se (more…)
Featurette - Story
02:12 — A look at the story behind the horror film Red Eye.