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Clay Aiken Speaks With Trump Supporters On the View: Part 2
04:57 — Clay Aiken shares with the co-hosts his experience with Trump supporters.
Clay Aiken Speaks With Trump Supporters On the View: Part 1
04:12 — Clay Aiken learns why many voters support Donald Trump.
Old Time's Sake Full Mission - Mafia III Gameplay
16:14 — Lincoln Clay seeks the Haitian boss in Mafia III's "Old Time's Sake"mission. Subscribe to GameSpot! Follow Mafia III at (more…)
The Life And Legend Of Wyatt Earp: Clay Allison Trailer
01:58 — Clay Allison is hired to kill Earp.
The World of New Bordeaux: The New Mob | Mafia III Official Gameplay Trailer
02:57 — Check out this gameplay trailer for Mafia III which explains how Lincoln Clay’s underbosses each uniquely empower his vendetta. Subscribe to GameSpot (more…)
Mafia III - The World of New Bordeaux: Combat Trailer
02:49 — Take a look at the diverse combat mechanics stemming from Lincoln Clay's military past. Follow Mafia III at! (more…)
Mafia III - Inside Look: Owning the Battlefield
01:57 — In this episode, go behind the scenes with the writers of Mafia III to learn how Lincoln Clay uses his environment to his tactical advantage. Follow (more…)
Must win hot seat: Clay Helton
01:19 — The College Football Rundown crew discuss if Clay Helton is on the hot seat and if he must win this week.
The View Special Report: Charlotte Speaks
04:42 — Sunny Hostin and Clay Aiken speak with residents in North Carolina.
Official Mafia III Extended Gameplay Demo
16:47 — In this extended Mafia III gameplay demo from Gamescom and Tokyo Game Show, Lincoln Clay takes out one of Sal Marcano’s underbosses, Tony Derazio. Fo (more…)
Grace VanderWaal: Clay
03:21 — America's Got Talent winner Grace VanderWaal performs "Clay" for the Tonight Show audience.
Mafia III - The World of New Bordeaux: Weapons Trailer
02:43 — Take a look at Lincoln Clay’s arsenal of weapons in this trailer for Mafia 3. Follow Mafia III at! Off (more…)
Clay Helton names Sam Darnold starting QB
04:21 — USC head coach Clay Helton announced Sam Darnold as the new starting QB over Max Browne
Securing the Sex Racket - Mafia III Gameplay
06:55 — Mafia III's Lincoln Clay has a score to settle "Handsome" Harry Robicheaux. Follow Mafia III at! Offic (more…)
The Glob / Chicken Feed
11:00 — The Glob: Gumby is a sculptor. His large glob of clay comes to life. It chases him and Pokey through a toyshop and into a book where Dill Pickle 'shoo (more…)
Of Clay and Critters / Tricky Ball
09:00 — Of Clay and Critters: A surrealistic film where strange things happen to Gumby and Pokey on the desert and in the forest. Tricky Ball: Gumby and Nopey (more…)
NFL finds no evidence of PED use for Matthews, Peppers, Harrison
00:47 — The league put out a statement on Wednesday clearing Green Bay Packers linebackers Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers along with Steelers linebacker Jam (more…)
NFL clears players of PEDs
01:03 — Brady Quinn breaks down the NFL clearing Julius Peppers, Clay Matthews, and James Harrison of alleged PED use.
Schein: NFL clears players involved in PED investigation
02:12 — Brandon Tierney shares his thoughts on the NFL investigation on Clay Matthews, James Harrison, and Julius peppers regarding PED allegations.
Nature Part 2
11:00 — PART 2: Orel and Clay take a father and son hunting trip.
Clay Helton grilled, cites privacy laws on Osa Masina
01:22 — Head coach Clay Helton is asked about the sexual assault allegations against sophomore linebacker Osa Masina.
01:22 — This is a video of Henry Clay hitting on the baseball field
Mitty at Pittsburg
01:22 — This is a video of Henry Clay hitting om the baseball field
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