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Taylor Hicks Goes from Idol to Teen Angel

Taylor Hicks by Jim Spellman/

Our favorite gray-haired, funky-dancing, soulful-singing American Idol winner Taylor Hicks will join the Broadway cast of Grease on June 6, reports the AP. You'd think the former Idol, who's been missing in action since losing his deal with J Records after selling a respectable 702K albums, would go after a part like sexy Danny Zuko or troublemaker Kenickie. But, no, this Idol winner wants to be your Teen Angel, and plans to add his trademark soulful sound to his version of "Beauty School Dropout."Hicks joins a growing list of former Idols who have joined Broadway shows, including Fantasia (The Color Purple), Clay Aiken (Spamalot), Tamyra Gray (Rent) and more. Hicks considers his debut "the opportunity of a lifetime," and a great way to season his skills as a performer. And coming up this summer, Hicks will be finishing up his second album where he "had creative freedom and the time to write some of the best music that I've ever writen." And even though he's sans record deal, he add... read more

Clay Aiken Dissing American Idol?

Clay Aiken by Duffy-Marie Arnoult/

Well, not exactly. Extra has the scoop that American Idol alum Clay Aiken no longer watches American Idol. "It's just not the same thing," Aiken says. "It's like going back to your high school and none of your teachers are there. It's just completely different."Well, yeah. Time marches on, Clay. To everything, turn, turn, turn. What exactly does he think has changed? "I feel like the show was very innocent for a while when I was on it, and I absolutely thank God for it... it's just not the same show," he said. (Incidentally, I'm guessing that might be how a lot of people would describe Clay, too.) "It's not that I have an aversion to it. It's just, 'Eh, next.'"What's next, you ask? Well, it just so happens that On My Way Here, Aiken's new album, is in stores now. What a kooky coincidence. — Mickey O'Connor read more

VIDEO: Clay Aiken On Good Morning America

Millions of Claymates were beside themselves this morning when Idol's second season runner-up, Clay Aiken, debuted his new song "Coming Back for More" on GMA. It's amazing how a former Idol contestant who didn’t even win can still drum up hordes and hordes of fans after more than five years. Sure is a lot more than you can say for whats-his-face who actually won Season 2. — Gina DiNunno read more

Claymates Won't Be Achin' for New Album Much Longer

Clay Aiken by Steve Granitz/

Season 2 American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken is eyeing a May 6 release for a fourth album that should appeal to his core fans. Noting that most of the disc's tracks have been picked out already, the 29-year-old tells People, "Sonically, I don't know that we're going down any path that's crazy. I'm not trying to be cool, I'm not trying to be hip. I'm not trying to do anything other than sing stuff that I'm good at."Nor is he planning another extreme image makeover à la the "dark crazy" emo-boy haircut he shocked us with the last time around. "I'm just going to do what I do this time," he says. "But I've got the red wig [from Broadway's Spamalot, in which he's currently starring]. Maybe I'll do that!" Please. No. — Matt Mitovich read more

Atlanta Auditions

Tonights American Idol auditions were in Hotlanta Mr Seacrests hometown so I guess it shouldnt have come as a surprise that we got to meet his mom and dad Pretty cute Id say though his dad did look a little like he was running for public office then again its Super Tuesday so maybe I just have politics on the brain We also now know how they stretched out the audition portion of this season by creating montages of Paula being wishy-washy Oy Tomorrow night is the best of the rest of the auditions yawn But You know what that means dont you kids It means that next week were going to HollywoodOnly a couple of good singers really stood out for me tonight Alexandrea Lushinton whose My Funny Valentine had a haunting sound that was way beyond her 16 years and whose 93-year-old great grandmother stole my heart when she said Dont let me cry because theyre taking pictures and Amanda Overmyer the rock roll nurse who started singing Mean read more

American Idol's Best Auditions Ever

Chris Sligh courtesy Fox

This Wednesday's American Idol is a "Best of the Rest" recap of the Season 7 auditions we didn't see throughout each city. That got us thinking about some of the best auditions we've seen, regardless of whether the candidate went on to Idol greatness. Instead of a top-10 list, we thought we'd have a battle of the sexes: the best women's auditions versus the best from the men. — Erin FoxTop Five Women's Auditions5) Frenchie Davis, "And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going" | Watch on YouTubeHoly crap, we think our ear drums just burst listening to her amazing vocal power. Randy and Paula gave her a standing ovation (Simon, of course, stayed seated but clapped as enthusiastically as he could), and if she hadn't been kicked off the show for those naughty pictures, there's no telling how far Frenchie could have gone. 4) Carrie Underwood, "I Can't Make You Love Me" | Watch on YouTubeWho knew this farm girl who sported the '80s wardrobe and glamour-shots makeup at her audition would become ... read more

American Idol's Top 10 High Notes

Katharine McPhee and Chris Daughtry courtesy Fox

I have never seen any show transcend the boundaries of age, race, religion, weight and politics as beautifully as American Idol has in the past six years. I can discuss it with my husband's 70-year-old uncle (who thinks Sanjaya should be shot), my cabdriver (who cries when he hears Kat McPhee), my gynecologist (who thinks Paula's hysterical... in a bad way), and my 6- and 4-year-old cousins, who think the sun rises and sets with Simon Cowell. That's right, you heard me, they like Simon (not to mention all the cute boys on the show). So I asked some of my peeps what they thought were some of the best moments from American Idol, and this is what we came up with. — Erin FoxKelly Clarkson, "Stuff Like That There" | Watch on YouTubeThis was not only the moment I knew Kelly would win the first Idol title, it was the moment I knew she could literally sing anything.Fantasia Barrino, "Summertime" | Watch on YouTube I don't think there was a dry eye in America after this stunning, gooseb... read more

Spamalot Rolls Out the Red Carpet for Claymates

Clay Aiken by Stephen Lovekin/

Following in the footsteps of American Idol alumna Fantasia, Tamyra Gray and Diana DeGarmo, Clay Aiken is Broadway-bound. On Jan. 18, 2008, he'll appear for the first time in Monty Python's Spamalot as Sir Robin the Chicken-Hearted. For those unfamiliar with the character, lily-livered Sir Robin "nearly fought the dragon of Angnor" and "nearly stood up to the vicious chicken of Bristol," thus making him the perfect counterpart for Aiken, who "nearly beat Ruben Studdard." — Ben Katner read more

Clay Achin': Idol Musical Closes After Opening Night

Clay Aiken by Steve Granitz/

Idol: The Musical — A Musical Based on the Worship of Clay Aiken lasted about as long as Brandon Rogers. Mere hours after its Aug. 12 premiere, the off-Broadway show shut its doors "due to a lack of advance ticket sales, a lack of positive feedback from audience members and critics, and a lack of sustainable financial resources," explains a statement from producer Todd Ellis.Apparently the fans of Clay Aiken refused to come out. read more

On Stage: An Idol Musical, Sorkin's New Invention

The self-explanatory (although probably unnecessary) Idol: The Musical, a satirical comedy about a "cult-like club that meets daily in a garage that doubles as a shrine to Clay Aiken," opens off-Broadway next month. Apparently, it earned raves in Syracuse. Seriously.... Licking his wounds after the whole Studio 60 debacle, West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin trades the small screen for the stage when The Farnsworth Invention hits Broadway this fall, says Previously seen at the La Jolla Playhouse, the drama — about the (glorious) invention of the TV set — marks Sorkin's return to the Great White Way after almost two decades. — Reporting by Raven Snook read more

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