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Anderson Cooper, Dr. Mehmet Oz

Jeopardy! Enlists Anderson Cooper, Dr. Oz for Power Players Week

Jeopardy! has assembled Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Anderson Cooper and Dr. Oz, among others, for the game show's upcoming Power Players Week. This year's 15 contestants have collectively accumulated 21 Emmys, eight Peabodys, four Pulitzer Prizes and a Gram… Read more

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The Unaffordable Healthcare Act
12:04 — Rev. Al Sharpton discusses the new health care bill reveal this week with a panel featuring Clarence Page, Dr. Natalie Azar and Dr. Atul Gawande.
Matthews On the AHCA: the Celebration Is Premature
06:57 — Ruth Marcus, Jeremy Peters, and Clarence Page discuss the implications of Trumpcare for Americans and for the campaign trail.
Vatican Disputes Davis Account of Meeting
04:42 — The Vatican has released a statement clarifying the circumstances behind Pope Francis’s meeting with Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis. Clarence Page of (more…)
How do Hillary Clinton’s policy proposals compare to her husband’s?
06:38 — Clarence Page of the Chicago Tribune, Amy Davidson of the New Yorker, Ron Fournier of the National Journal, and USA Today’s Susan Page join John Dicke (more…)