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'Nashville' Star Clare Bowen Chops Off Her Hair to Raise Cancer Awareness
00:54 — The actress cut off her hair to send a major message.
2015 Could Be the Hottest Year Ever
04:08 — Clare Flora from the National Journal, Tim McDonnell from Climate Desk and Katie Herzog from Grist discuss how Congress will probably fail to move fas (more…)
The Problem With Obama's Clean Power Plan
04:26 — Tim McDonnell from Climate Desk, Katie Herzog from Grist and Clare Floran from the National Journal explain why President Obama’s clean power plan is (more…)
No More Cars; Bikes Take Over Oslo
04:08 — Oslo, Norway, announced plans to eliminate cars from the city. Katie Herzog from Grist, Clare Floran from the National Journal, and Tim McDonnell from (more…)
Berlin Syndrome - Official Trailer
02:07 — While holidaying in Berlin, Australian photographer, Clare, meets Andi, a charismatic local man and there is an instant attraction between them. A nig (more…)
Wish Upon - Trailer 1
00:52 — After her father presents her with a mysterious music box, Clare Shannon is surprised to find her every wish coming true. Her joy slowly morphs into t (more…)
Wish Upon - Trailer
00:52 — Twelve years after discovering her mother's suicide, 17-year-old CLARE SHANNON (Joey King) is bullied in high school, embarrassed by her manic, hoarde (more…)
EXCLUSIVE: Clare Bowen Reacts to 'Nashville' Pregnancy Shocker
01:44 — The actress says she's confident Scarlett will be a great mother.
Season Finale: Raven & Nick Come Full Circle
01:16 — See how the romantic couple spends their final day together.
Wolf Creek - "Why Don't You Want to Catch Him?"
03:43 — Eve (Lucy Fry) discovers Officer Hill's (Dustin Clare) file on missing tourists and thinks there might be a link between them and the man who murdered (more…)
90-Year-Old Ex-Senator Will Marry Man, 40, Two Decades After Wife Died
01:17 — A former U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania has revealed to the world that, at the age of 90 and some 20 years after the death of his wife, he's planning (more…)
Wolf Creek - Reaching Out for Help
02:05 — After tracking down her family's killer and getting his license plate number, Eve (Lucy Fry) contacts Detective Hill (Dustin Clare) for assistance. Fr (more…)
When Alzheimer’s disrupts a marriage
04:13 — Allan Vann has been with his wife Clare for 48 years in what he says has been a “fairy tale marriage.â€? In 2009, Clare was diagnosed with Alzheimer (more…)
Magnus Bane Inspired Makeup
01:00 — What's better than a hi-speed makeup tutorial? A makeup tutorial inspired by the glamorous character of Magnus Bane, protagonist of THE BANE CHRONICLE (more…)
Inside Wolf Creek - The Characters
03:48 — The cast and creators of Wolf Creek discuss the origin and evolution of the series' complex characters, including Mick Taylor (played by John Jarratt) (more…)
Wolf Creek - Officer Down
01:15 — Detective Hill (Dustin Clare) finally comes face to face with serial killer Mick Taylor (John Jarratt) in a scene from Wolf Creek S1E5, "Rome." ABOUT (more…)
Shadowhunter Inspired Makeup
01:20 — Ever wanted to look like a fierce Shadowhunter? Follow the tutorial for a look inspired by Cassandra Clare's LORD OF SHADOWS.
EXCLUSIVE: Clare Bowen on Possible 'Nashville' Revival: 'It's Really Encouraging'
01:07 — The 'Nashville' star is hopeful that the show will be back.
'Nashville' Star Clare Bowen Chops Off Her Hair to Raise Cancer Awareness
00:55 — The actress cut off her hair to send a major message.
Prince Clare Senior Year Highlights WR/QB
00:10 — Missed playing time in middle of season due to foot injury
Morena Baccarin on narrating Cassandra Clare's LADY MIDNIGHT audiobook
01:57 — Actress Morena Baccarin (of Deadpool, Homeland, and Gotham) talks about reading Cassandra Clare’s LADY MIDNIGHT audiobook
Wolf Creek - Locked Up in the Outback
04:56 — American teenager Eve (Lucy Fry) lands in jail after crashing into a police car and is visited by Detective Sullivan Hill (Dustin Clare) in a scene fr (more…)
Wolf Creek - A Lead at the Roadhouse
01:55 — Detective Sullivan (Dustin Clare) manages to extract some helpful information from Madonna Roadhouse owner Bernadette (Deborah Mailman) in a scene fro (more…)
Wolf Creek - Detective in Chains
01:32 — Detective Hill (Dustin Clare) suffers at the hands of killer Mick Taylor (John Jarratt) in a scene from Wolf Creek S1E6, "Wolf Creek." ABOUT WOLF CRE (more…)
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