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Inside: No More Heartbreaks
01:50 — Davina challenges Lucien
00:59 — What does Lucien have planned for Cami?
00:57 — See how the Mikaelsons plan to defeat Lucien.
H2o: Just Add Water: Metamorphosis Trailer
01:41 — Three teenage girls come across a strange pool. When the moon strikes the water, the girls are turned into Mermaids.
01:23 — Elijah and Finn return to Mystic Falls on a new The Originals.
H2o: Just Add Water: Dangerous Waters Trailer
01:57 — Rikki tries to cheer Cleo up when her pet fish dies.
H2o: Just Add Water: Sink Or Swim Trailer
01:18 — Lewis shows much disinterest in the girls as anything other than specimens.
Season 2: H2O: Just Add Water: Season 2 Trailer
03:54 — When new girl Charlotte (Brittany Burnes), crashes the scene in THE COMPLETE SEASON TWO, everything changes -- she’s ambitious, determined, and wants (more…)
H2o: Just Add Water: In Too Deep Trailer
01:59 — Rikki spots the exact locket that Chleo has.
Blue Like Jazz
01:25 — In Blue Like Jazz, Don (Allman), a pious nineteen-year-old sophomore at a Texas junior college, impulsively decides to escape his evangelical upbringi (more…)
Lay Low
00:41 — Klaus is going to have trouble blending in
Aquarius: Your Mother Should Know Trailer
01:02 — The murder of a Black Panther is investigated by Hodiak, who needs Bunchy Carter's help to crack the case. Elsewhere, Shafe works on a heroin case whi (more…)
H2o: Just Add Water: Party Girls Trailer
01:55 — There is unexpected results at the traditional slumber party.
H2o: Just Add Water: Moon Spell Trailer
02:00 — Cleo gets a strange warning to not stare at the moon or it's reflection.
H2o: Just Add Water: Young Love Trailer
02:00 — Rikki is worried about the crush that he has developed.
H2o: Just Add Water: Hurricane Angela Trailer
01:03 — Angela comes to town for a visit, but then she disappears.
Aquarius: Old Ego Is A Too Much Thing Trailer
01:05 — Hodiak grapples with fallout from his son's rebellion. Meanwhile, Mary and her baby have complications, interrupting Emma's confrontation with Sadie a (more…)
H2o: Just Add Water: Fish Out Of Water Trailer
02:00 — Rikki and Zane secretly begin dating, but they get caught.
The Originals: Always And Forever Trailer
01:36 — A re-telling of the backdoor pilot, but this time from Elijah's point-of-view. Determined to help his brother find redemption, Elijah follows Klaus to (more…)
H2o: Just Add Water: Lovesick Trailer
01:36 — Rumors are flying that Cleo has a boyfriend, but she insists that she does not.
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