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Survivor's Cirie on J.T.'s Betrayals, the Power of Camaraderie, and Triple Threats

Cirie Fields of Survivor: Panama and Survivor: Micronesia is living proof of the importance of the social game in Survivor. Although she never stood out in physical challenges, the 39-year-old made it far on both seasons thanks to her close observations, smart alliances and manipulative skills. Unfortunately, Cirie's Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains tribe mates were on to her from the very beginning, and it only took three votes to send her home after Tom played his immunity idol and teamed with Colby and J.T. to send her home. Cirie talked with about the blind-side vote, J.T.'s flip, and her tribe's many "alpha more

TV Guide Network to Air Exclusive Survivor Season 20 Preview Special

If you can't wait until the premiere of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains on Thursday, Feb. 11 at 8/7c, TV Guide Network has an exclusive preview of Season 20.

CBS renews Survivor and Amazing Race

Hosted by Survivor: Samoa winner Natalie White, it will more

April 19, 2007: Mission Impossible

Do we even need to discuss the challenges? The strategizing between the game play was where the action was tonight. OK, a few words because I do love the What We Think of Each Other Axe Wield. Basically, Stacy should have her own CW sitcom because Everybody Hates Her if being voted the person no one wants to see again after the show is any indication. It was Cassandra, dear, "uh-huh"-ing Cassandra, who won her first challenge by answering every question correctly. Girlfriend's been taking notes and may even be making a move for the final four, but Boo and Stacy are definitely on the block.Next was the immunity challenge, which left me wondering about the minds behind this torturous device of miniscule footholds. Thankfully, Yau-Man came through to win the first individual immunity seemingly unscathed. Sadly, that sinister immunity necklace, made of what I'm going to say are wild boars' husks, was not all that flattering around his neck, though it did make for a fearsome stance at more



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2010 Survivor TV Show Series, Reality Cast Member
2010 Surviving Survivor TV Show Series, Appearing
2008 Survivor TV Show Series, Reality Cast Member
2006 Reality Chat: Episode Episode, Guest
2006 Survivor TV Show Series, Reality Cast Member

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Survivor's Finalists: The Morning After

Aras Baskauskas walked away with the million-dollar prize on CBS' Survivor: Panama — Exile Island, but he faced some fierce competition as the field narrowed to the final four. Baskauskas faced off against consummate strategist Danielle DiLorenzo, who earned her spot in the final two after competing against Cirie Fields in a tie-breaker challenge. Cirie and fellow fan favorite Terry Deitz ultimately placed fourth and third, respectively, and while they didn't take home the ultimate prize, both will now be cruising around town in a brand-new GMC Yukon. An airline pilot, Deitz provided Baskauskas with the friendly rivalry that Survivor is known for, while Fields, a registered nurse living in South read more

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