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VIDEO: Will You Be My Surrogate?

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Will You Be My Surrogate?
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Length: 23:32:58
Aired: 9/27/2011

The road to becoming parents has been a long one for The Little Couple. Finally, they meet Cindy and James, the couple that may be their surrogate family. watch

VIDEO: See You Later, Alligator?

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See You Later, Alligator?
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Length: 22:00
Aired: 9/27/2011

Jen works with a local interior designer while Bill goes camping with his friend Dave. She warns him about the alligators that inhabit the state park where he'll be roughing it and though he laughs off her concerns, he'll soon finds out how right she is. watch

VIDEO: She Said/She Said

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She Said/She Said
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Length: 04:36:32
Aired: 11/22/2009

When Chanel is invited to play at a prestigious end-of-summer music recital at the Dallas Arboretum, Kenya invites all of the Dallas divas and daughters to attend--including Patty and Jacky. While Kenya hopes Patty and Pam can work out their differences, sparks start to fly at the tea party when Patty and Jacky confront Pam about not inviting them to their Denim and Diamonds birthday bash. Not one to take the blame, Pam puts the blame on Brenda and their daughters, forcing Brenda to look at her so-called-friend in a new light. Meanwhile, Patty prepares for an empty nest as Jacky starts packing for college, but are either one of them ready to make it on their own? watch


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Year Title Description
2011 The Little Couple: Will You Be My Surrogate?
Season 4, Episode 15
Episode, Reality Cast Member
2009 Dallas Divas & Daughters TV Show Series, Reality Cast Member
2008 She's Got The Look TV Show Series, Reality Cast Member
2006 Antonia Movie, Actor - Lena
2002 Hookers At The Point Movie, Actor

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Survivor: Guatemala — The Maya...

Survivor: Guatemala — The Maya EmpireDanni won! Yay! She made the right decision by taking Stephenie to the final two instead of Rafe. I think it would have been a much closer vote if she had chosen to go the other way. Plus, she looks amazing now that she's not all emaciated. Let's go over some stats:- 22 minutes: How late the show was in starting tonight, and how late it ran past 11 pm. - 3: The amount of times you can air one commercial during one normal-length break. Seriously — they aired the Pontiac Torrent ad so many times, I could recite it, but when they aired it back to back and then again after another commercial, it was really too much. - 1 million: the amount of money Danni will be taking home pretax because she starved herself for 39 days and t read more

Survivor: Guatemala — The Maya...

Survivor: Guatemala — The Maya Empire The car curse strikes again! Cindy didn't take Jeff's sage advice to give up the car for a better shot at a million bucks. Instead her move cost her the game as Rafe and Danni thought she was a little selfish keeping the car instead of giving the other final four their own cars. At least Steph was honest in saying that she probably would have kept the car if she had won. But when push came to shove, Steph sided with Rafe and Co. and sent the zoologist packing. Hmmm. Wonder if Cindy's regretting that at all now. Best moment of the night was when they returned from tribal council and backstabbing Judd and Rafe said, "It's the hardest read more

Buh-bye Brandon. I'll miss that...

Buh-bye Brandon. I'll miss that strong, silent farmer and his thoughtful ways. Until now I always thought that chewing on cornstalks was only something done in the movies. Guess I was wrong, but if I was that hungry, I'd probably be chomping on anything I could get my hands on. I did think it was really interesting that the people complaining most about the lack of food were not the ones who looked the most emaciated. Stephenie, Rafe, Lydia and Jamie practically dove onto that big buffet, knowing their butts were safe, but I really want to give Danni, Cindy and Gary a pizza or something. They are looking so thin, isn't it about time for one of those food-auction challenges? But it seems like this is the season of s read more


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