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Sanders Manager: Schultz Did the Right Thing
08:39 — Bernie Sanders Campaign Manager Jeff Weaver joins Chuck Todd to discuss the announcement by Debbie Wasserman Schultz that she will be resigning as DNC (more…)
Sanders: Kaine Does Not Share My Political Views
09:17 — In a Meet the Press interview, Chuck Todd gets Sen. Bernie Sanders' reaction to Hillary Clinton's vice-presidential pick, Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, who (more…)
Trump On Convention Speech: 'It Was Very Optimistic'
01:10 — In an interview with Chuck Todd, GOP nominee Donald Trump said he disagreed with those who thought his nomination acceptance speech was "a little dark (more…)
Sanders: I Would Have Preferred a Warren-type VP Pick
00:36 — In a Meet the Press interview, Sen. Bernie Sanders tells Chuck Todd he wished Hillary Clinton had picked"somebody like an Elizabeth Warren" for her ru (more…)
Trump: Romney Lost Because of Taxes
00:54 — In an interview with Chuck Todd, Donald Trump defends his decision to delay releasing his tax returns, citing the criticism Mitt Romney received after (more…)
Trump: We Are in Competition With Europe
01:05 — Donald Trump says in an interview with Chuck Todd that European countries created an alliance to "beat the United States" economically.
Chris Matthews: Kaine a 'True Blue Good Guy'
05:25 — Chris Matthews, Andrea Mitchell, Rachel Maddow, and Michael Steele join Chuck Todd to discuss Hillary Clinton's choice of Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) as (more…)
Andrea Mitchell: Trump Doesn't Play by the Rules
03:14 — The Meet the Press Sunday panel breaks down Trump's RNC acceptance speech and his one-on-one sit down with Chuck Todd.
Trump: Fox's Ailes a 'Very, Very Good Person'
00:39 — Donald Trump is pressed by Chuck Todd about his opinions of Roger Ailes, who recently stepped down as chairman of Fox News after multiple allegations (more…)
Trump: NATO Countries Are Taking Advantage of the U.S.
01:52 — In a Meet the Press interview, Donald Trump tells Chuck Todd that the United States is giving some NATO countries a "free ride."
Analysis: Chuck Todd On Trump’s Big Night and Clinton’s VP Pick
01:51 — NBC’s Chuck Todd says Donald Trump “got more Republicans on board” after his convention speech — and he could see a bump in the polls.
Hillary Clinton Picks Sen. Tim Kaine for VP
08:18 — NBC's Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell join Chris Hayes to discuss the news about the Democratic ticket.
Chuck Todd: I’ll Be Shocked if Tim Kaine Isn’t Hillary Clinton’s VP Pick
01:56 — Ahead of the Democratic National Convention, NBC’s political director Chuck Todd tells TODAY that many are assuming that Hillary Clinton will pick Vir (more…)
Chuck Todd: Donald Trump’s Dark Vision of America Has Risks
03:01 — Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd questions whether the dark vision of America that Donald Trump put forth on the final night of the Republican conv (more…)
Ted Cruz Non-Endorsement May Position Him for 2020 Run
01:28 — NBC’s Chuck Todd and Savannah Guthrie say Cruz’s moment last night in the spotlight was less about Trump and more about uniting the party behind a pos (more…)
Voter Diversity an Advantage for Clinton
01:08 — Chuck Todd, political director for NBC News, talks about how states with voting populations that are more diverse than average tend to favor Hillary C (more…)
Lankford Praises Trump's 'First Hire'
03:30 — Governor Mike Pence (R-IN) will take the convention stage Wednesday night to accept the vice presidential nomination and introduce himself to the coun (more…)
Word Cloud Shows 'Hillary' Most Used Word at RNC
03:24 — NBC's Chuck Todd shares a word cloud that shows the most popular words used in speeches on the second night of the RNC.
GOP Senator: 'Obviously There Was a Mistake'
05:03 — Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) says "obviously there was a mistake" following charges that Melania Trump's prime-time speech lifted passages from Michelle Oba (more…)
Lack of Preparation Shows in RNC Stumbles
03:43 — Chuck Todd talks with Rachel Maddow about how an apparently lack of preparation is causing unnecessary errors and delays in the execution of the Repub (more…)
Analysis: Trump Campaign Making Plagiarism Controversy ‘More Difficult’
01:34 — NBC’s Chuck Todd and Savannah Guthrie weigh in on the Melania Trump plagiarism charges, saying campaign staffers may have “compounded their problem.”
Chuck Todd: Donald Trump Jr's Speech Brings 'Heat'
03:09 — NBC's Chuck Todd and an NBC panel discuss reaction to Donald Trump Jr's speech.
Trump Campaign Trades Barbs With Kasich
06:38 — A war of words heats up between team Trump and Governor John Kasich (R-OH) as the Republican National Convention gets underway in Cleveland. Chuck Tod (more…)
Analysis: First Day of Convention Not Good for Party Unity
02:38 — NBC’s Chuck Todd and Savannah Guthrie said the chaotic first day at the Republican National Convention may have added “fuel to the fire” for anti-Trum (more…)
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