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Full Interview: Mitch Landrieu On Removing Confederate Monuments
10:56 — New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu discusses his decision to remove Confederate monuments from the city in an exclusive interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd.
'The Bloody 8th:' Patient Zero for Today's Political Discourse?
01:44 — Chuck Todd takes an archive dive to make a point about the ugly state of American politics -- and the race that started it all.
Panetta: Russians 'Very Successful' in Undermining FBI Credibility
12:22 — Former CIA Director Leon Panetta joins MTP Daily to discuss President Trump's first trip abroad as president.
Blaming the Media: Why Gianforte's Attack Is a Dangerous Moment
01:57 — Are journalists now fair game for not just verbal assaults, but physical attacks as well? Where can we draw the line?
Fmr NRCC Chair: 'Bad Behavior Gets Rewarded' in Our System
04:36 — Few Republicans were willing to criticize Gianforte after he "body slammed" a reporter.
DNC Chair: Gianforte’s Conduct Is ‘Indefensible’
01:23 — “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen,” DNC Chair Tom Perez says of GOP Montana House candidate Greg Gianforte, who attacked a reporter (more…)
Are Democrats Caught in a Lose-Lose in Montana?
06:06 — Watch Chuck Todd’s full interview with DNC Chair Tom Perez on the Montana race and the national implications.
Sanford On Health Care: 'Debate Has a Long Way to Go'
06:39 — House Budget Committee member Rep. Jerry Sanford (R-SC) weighs in on the CBO's new report on the GOP health care bill.
Pope to First Lady: 'What Do You Give [Trump] to Eat?'
01:05 — Pizza...or potica? What exactly was the Pope joking with First Lady Melania Trump about? We can always count on him to teach us something new...
CBO: By 2026, 23 Million Fewer People Will Have Insurance
04:17 — Sen. James Lankford responds to the newly released CBO report about the GOP health care bill and the upcoming Senate debate on the future of health ca (more…)
Senate Intel Cmte. Will Subpoena Two of Flynn’s Businesses
06:56 — Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) joins to discuss what the Senate Intelligence Committee plans to do about Michael Flynn pleading the Fifth for their inve (more…)
Top Spy Chiefs Face Questions on the Hill About Russia Probe
04:41 — NBC National Security Analyst, Michael Leiter, answers what it could mean if Trump tried to get involved in the Russia investigation by asking the int (more…)
Everyone Has Their Own James Bond
01:44 — Chuck Todd notes how every generation has their own 007. For him it was Sir Roger Moore, who passed away today at the age of 89.
UK Raises Terror Threat Level to Critical After Manchester Attack
04:36 — UK Ambassador to the US, Kim Darroch, joins to discuss the latest on the deadly attack in Manchester last night and what we know about the investigati (more…)
Top Dem Claims Flynn Lied in Security Clearance Interview
13:35 — Rep. Cummings, in a letter to Rep. Chaffetz, says the Oversight Cmte. has docs that appear to show Michael Flynn “lied to investigators who interviewe (more…)
Gov. Bullock: Democrats ‘Need to Talk About Shared Values’
06:47 — Gov. Steve Bullock (D-Mont.) joins MTP Daily to discuss the upcoming special election in Montana and the future of the Democratic Party.
Five Times Trump Has Bashed Pleading the Fifth
00:42 — Former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn plans to invoke the Fifth Amendment in the Russia probe and notified the Senate Intelligence Committee (more…)
GOP Rep: WH Needs to Tighten the Messaging So That We Can Move On
05:56 — Rep. Dave Brat (R-Va.) joins MTP Daily to discuss the breaking news surrounding Fmr. National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and how concerned he is a (more…)
Dem Sen: Special Counsel Probe Includes Cover-Up Allegations
06:48 — Sen. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) joins us to discuss the Deputy AG Rosenstein briefing yesterday and whether the Russia probe is a criminal investigation (more…)
GOP Rep: Some Things About Trump Admin. ‘Give Me Pause’
05:27 — Rep. Francis Rooney (R-Fla.) joins MTP Daily to discuss the NYT news that Trump told Russia that Comey was “crazy” and a “nut job” as well as Deputy A (more…)
Fmr. West Wing Staffers React to Trump’s Whirlwind Week
07:40 — Former White House staffers from 4 administrations: Andrew Card, Mack McLarty, Michael Gerson, and Anita Dunn join MTP Daily to discuss the recent bom (more…)
Murphy: 'Clear As Day' Trump Would Fire Comey Before Dep. AG Memo
06:09 — Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) joins to discuss what he learned in the Senate briefing by Rod Rosenstein and says it’s ‘clear as day’ that Trump planned (more…)
What Is the Role of a Special Counsel?
04:30 — Richard Ben-Veniste, former Watergate Counsel, joins to discuss the role of a special counsel and its limits now that Mueller has been appointed as sp (more…)
Dem Sen: Comey Memo in Neighborhood of Obstruction of Justice
05:06 — Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.) joins to discuss if President Trump will be able to escape these different controversies and advises the President to “take (more…)
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