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Trump: 'Run Marco!'
06:54 — Donald Trump joins the chorus of Republicans calling for Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) to run for re-election. GOP strategist Brad Todd and Democratic st (more…)
Libertarians Meet to Pick Nominee
05:43 — In an environment ripe for a third party candidate, the Libertarian Party convention opens in Orlando, Florida, with 18 candidates vying for the presi (more…)
Protesters Descend On Trump Rally in San Diego
09:39 — Donald Trump holds a rally in San Diego, where police are bracing for the kind of unrest that has occurred at previous protests against the presumptiv (more…)
Todd On Clinton Email and Trump/Sanders Debate
03:54 — NBC News Political Director, Chuck Todd, joins NBC’s Andrea Mitchell to comment on the new developments regarding Hillary Clinton’s private email serv (more…)
Former VP Mondale On Nuclear Dangers, Decision 2016
15:04 — Former Vice President and Ambassador to Japan Walter Mondale discusses President Obama's trip to Hiroshima, Donald Trump’s “loose talk” on nuclear wea (more…)
Game On? Trump vs. Sanders
01:29 — Donald Trump says he's willing to debate Bernie Sanders if they can raise $10 million for charity. It probably won’t happen but let’s imagine what a p (more…)
Trump: 'Good Thing' if World Is Rattled
06:36 — President Obama says world leaders are "rattled" by Donald Trump. But the presumptive GOP nominee says "that’s a good thing." David Sanger of The New (more…)
Mondale On Hiroshima, 2016 Race
08:26 — Former Vice President and Ambassador to Japan Walter Mondale joins Chuck Todd to discuss the significance of President Obama's historic trip to Hirosh (more…)
Clinton On Emails: ‘I Know People Have Concerns’
06:38 — In a live telephone interview with Chuck Todd, Hillary Clinton acknowledges “people have concerns” after a State Department audit found she violated g (more…)
Texas AG Discusses Legal Challenge to Transgender Directive
06:26 — Texas and 10 other states sue the Obama administration over a new bathroom access directive for transgender students in public schools. Texas Attorney (more…)
Bill Kristol Responds to Trump’s ‘Loser’ Insult
04:53 — Weekly Standard Editor Bill Kristol says Donald Trump’s “lightweight” and “loser” attacks on him indicate the presumptive GOP nominee may be “a little (more…)
Race of the Day: Pennsylvania Senate
02:34 — MTP Daily is highlighting important races that can get overlooked with all the focus on the presidential election. Today, it’s the Pennsylvania Senate (more…)
Senator Boxer: Clinton Email Audit ‘Such a Nothingburger’
05:14 — Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) responds to a State Department audit that found Hillary Clinton and previous secretaries of state violated federal record (more…)
Donald Trump Has Contradicted Every Clinton Attack: Chuck Todd
03:21 — Donald Trump has been shown saying different things at different times about Bill and Hillary Clinton, but it doesn’t seem to be slowing down the pres (more…)
Trump Reignites Clinton Conspiracy Theories
15:44 — Donald Trump digs up the nastiest and most salacious 90's-era tabloid fodder on the Clintons. Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY), a Trump supporter, and Brian (more…)
VA Secretary: I 'Deeply Regret' Disney Comment
06:05 — A wave of outrage washes over Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald, who says he "deeply" regrets comparing long wait times at VA health care sit (more…)
Bill Bradley: My Tax Reform Act 'Almost Bankrupted' Trump
05:10 — Former Senator Bill Bradley (D-NJ), who ran for president in 2000, says Donald Trump is “a below average real developer who almost went bankrupt becau (more…)
Poll: Democratic Divide Hurting Clinton
05:47 — New evidence from our NBC/Wall Street Journal Poll shows the ongoing Democratic primary battle with Bernie Sanders is hurting Hillary Clinton chances (more…)
New Poll Numbers On Trump vs. Clinton Race
11:10 — New numbers from our new NBC News/WSJ poll reveal the strengths Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton each have with the voters at the beginning stages of (more…)
Trump Campaign 'Very Encouraged' by Poll
03:36 — Sam Clovis, national co-chair of Donald Trump's campaign, tells MTP Daily he's "very encouraged" that "we have caught up" with Hillary Clinton "as qui (more…)
Poll: Voters Have Unfavorable Views Toward Presumptive Party Nominees
01:19 — Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd explains why the 1 in 5 respondents who found both Trump and Clinton unfavorable could be the critical swing vote (more…)
Mark Cuban On Trump, Clinton, and His Own Potential Political Ambitions
13:21 — Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban joins Chuck Todd to discuss Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and his own potential political ambitions.
Would Hillary Clinton Consider Mark Cuban for VP?
01:30 — Clinton tells Chuck Todd she is going to look "far and find somebody who can really capture what's needed in the country."
Two Former GOP Governors Team up to Challenge Trump, Clinton
05:07 — Former Governor Bill Weld (R-MA), seeking to join former Governor Gary Johnson (R-NM) on the Libertarian Party ticket, says he sees a "real political (more…)
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