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Meet the Voters: #WhereIsChuck
04:16 — Chuck Todd recaps his first week on the campaign trail with the voters in battleground states.
Midterm Elections Loom Large for Voters
02:46 — With only days before the elections, it’s all about the mood of voters and whether change will come again to Washington. NBC’s Chuck Todd reports from (more…)
Meet the Facebook Voters
00:41 — Chuck Todd on why more online attention could be a bad thing for candidates.
Chuck Todd On Immigration Reform: Obama ‘has to Act’
02:16 — After delaying action on immigration reform, Chuck Todd said the President “has to act” and live up to his promise for the good of his own party and t (more…)
Voter Interest Appears to Be at All-Time Low
00:22 — NBC chief political director Chuck Todd joins TODAY to talk about an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll that reveals that President Obama’s job approva (more…)
Chuck Previews His ‘Meet the Voters’ Road Trip
00:24 — Chuck Todd will head to the Midwest this week to meet politicians and voters in the run-up to the midterm elections.
Chuck Todd Meets the Voters
00:15 — NBC News' Chuck Todd takes his bus on the road to hear from voters in key states.
Dr. Anthony Fauci: New Ebola Case 'An Inadvertent Breach'
02:38 — The NIH's Dr. Anthony Fauci explains to NBC's Chuck Todd how a U.S. health worker could've gotten infected with Ebola.
Chuck Todd: Ebola Not a Top Issue for Voters in November
03:06 — With mandatory quarantines for those at a high risk of contracting Ebola introduced in New York, New Jersey and Illinois, some are wondering if politi (more…)
Chuck Todd: Obama Faces Challenges in Asia
03:04 — NBC chief political director Chuck Todd talks about his new book, “The Stranger: Barack Obama in the White House,” and analyzes the array of challenge (more…)
Fauci On MTP: U.S. Must 'Shore up' All Hospitals Amid Ebola Pandemic
02:05 — NIAID Director Anthony Fauci tells Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd there is need to expand protocols beyond four biocontainment hospitals.
Chuck in Wisconsin: Voters Are Burnt Out After Bitter Elections
02:13 — Meet The Voters: Chuck Todd heads to Wisconsin, where the third gubernatorial election in four years has voters feeling fatugied from the partisanship (more…)
Chuck Todd: Republicans Selling ‘Anti-Obama’ in Midterm Elections
02:34 — With the midterm elections quickly approaching, Chuck Todd joins NBC’s Kate Snow to discuss how Republicans are selling voters an “anti-Obama” agenda, (more…)
Chuck Todd Meets the Candidates
03:39 — Recap of the long road trip involving 43 candidates in 10 states.
Chuck Todd Tours Battleground States
01:45 — The “Meet the Press” moderator joins us from Milwaukee as he travels to talk to voters and candidates in states with the most hotly contested Senate a (more…)
Endangered Species: the Southern Democrat
02:06 — NBC News Political Director and Meet the Press Moderator Chuck Todd takes a deep dive into shift that turned the South solidly Republican.
Voter Interest Appears to Be at All-time Low
00:53 — NBC chief political director Chuck Todd joins TODAY to talk about an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll that reveals that President Obama’s job approva (more…)
Chuck Todd: Republicans Ran Against President Obama
02:12 — TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie speaks with the moderator of “Meet the Press,” who says Tuesday’s midterm election was a full-fledged repudiation by the GOP (more…)
Happy Birthday Meet the Press
00:18 — Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd wishes the show a happy 67th birthday.
Susan Rice to Chuck Todd: the World Hasn’t Done Enough to Fight Ebola
02:25 — In an exclusive interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday morning, National Security Adviser Susan Rice tells Chuck Todd that the world hasn’t done e (more…)
A Sneak Peak at Chuck Todd’s ‘Meet the Voters’ Midterm Election Bus
02:50 — NBC’s “Meet the Press” moderator is hitting the road on his “Meet the Voters” road trip throughout key states in the upcoming midterm election. Todd j (more…)
Nerd Screen: Obama Approval Rating, Partisan Gridlock Impacting Midterms
02:03 — NBC News' Chuck Todd talks about the major issues and attitudes that are having an impact on the 2014 midterms.
Meet the Pollsters: State of the 2014 Midterms
04:37 — Experts tell Chuck Todd what the latest polling means for Tuesday’s elections.
Chuck Todd: What to Watch for On Election Day
02:46 — The “Meet the Press” moderator joins TODAY to discuss Election Day and what’s at stake for Republicans and Democrats.
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