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Dimethylpyrimidinol Bisulfite
11:47 — Space Ghost and Zorak try to endorse ointment and potted meat to the home viewing audience. Pat Boone sings Space Ghost's praises, while rapper Chuck (more…)
Chuck D Says Elvis Meant Nothing to Him
01:07 — Public Enemy's Chuck D talks about a lyric in "Fight The Power" that calls Elvis a racist.
Travis Barker Talks Insane Collaborations at the GRAMMY Awards
00:52 — Travis Barker never would have thought he'd be collaborating with Pitbull and Robin Thicke. But leave it to the GRAMMY Awards to bring such unlikely c (more…)
Phillip Riggs Accepts 2016 GRAMMY Music Educator Award
01:24 — Phillip Riggs of North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics in Durham, N.C., has been announced as the recipient of the third annual GRAMMY Musi (more…)
'Rapper's Delight' ft. Chuck D, Luther Campbell & DJ Spinderella
04:05 — Arsenio closed out his old school hip hop show with Rapper's Delight performing a medley of "La La Song," their legendary hit "Rapper's Delight," feat (more…)
Chuck D Recalls The First Time He Met Flavor Flav
01:35 — Arsenio had to ask Chuck D about the first time he met Flavor Flav, and what he was doing.
Carrie Underwood (GRAMMY Live Fashion Cam)
01:05 — Check out Carrie Underwood on the GRAMMY Live Fashion Cam.
ASAP Rocky (GRAMMY Live Red Carpet)
02:25 — ASAP Rocky talks about his personal style.
Peter J. Moore, Jan Haust and Steve Berkowitz Give Thanks
01:26 — Peter J. Moore, Jan Haust and Steve Berkowitz say thank you to everyone that has supported them. Only CBS Check out more GRAMMY coverage at h (more…)
Sean Everett Gives Thanks
00:28 — Sean Everett is shocked and thankful for his GRAMMY award! Only CBS Check out more GRAMMY coverage at
Pitbull Teases A Few Surprises at the 58th Annual GRAMMY Awards
01:01 — Pitbull shares his excitement for his GRAMMY collaboration performance with Robin Thicke and Travis Barker. This is history in the making! Only CBS C (more…)
Morgan Heritage Gives Thanks
01:30 — Morgan Heritage thanks the fans and encourages them to check out Jamaica! Only CBS Check out more GRAMMY coverage at
Chuck D -- Don't Sweat ISIS, Nelly ... Look Out for Ferguson Cops
Public Enemy's Chuck D has some advice to Nelly about cancelling concerts for fear of terrorism, and it's ... get back on the road, it might be safer (more…)
Peter Rosenberg Apologizes to Chuck D On Air an Chuck D Responds
Chuck D has not shied away from his public criticism of Hot 97 in recent months, which all stem from his anger over the state of urban radio. Those cr (more…)
Chuck D: Killing ‘The Cosby Show’ Is Wrong!
00:57 — Chuck D told our camera guy that although Cosby is being accused of doing some horrible things we shouldn’t erase his history by not playing ‘The Cosb (more…)
De La Soul Releases "The People" Featuring Chuck D
Though De La Soul's new single, 'The People,' featuring Chuck D was originally set to be released back in June, the timing of the powerful record seem (more…)
Astronaut Leland Melvin Shares His Story Of Going From The NFL To Space
02:31 — Arsenio brought Leland Melvin on the show to share his story of perseverance and determination. After a long and distinguished career at NASA, Leland (more…)
Chuck D Answers 'Have We Lost Rap?'
05:20 — On Arsenio's original show, Chuck D said we need to be careful not to lose rap the way we lost jazz and the blues. Now, 20 years later, it's time to a (more…)
SW4 2012 Interviews: Public Enemy
03:01 — Goldierocks interviews Chuck D from legendary hip hop group Public Enemy at SW4 2012 in London
Chuck D Reflects On Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction
02:11 — Chuck D is grateful for the recognition Public Enemy has received from The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but he's also eager to shine the spotlight a cr (more…)
Chuck D Says Killing 'The Cosby Show' Is Wrong
Chuck D told a TMZ camera guy that although Cosby is being accused of doing some horrible things we shouldn € t erase his history by not playing (more…)
Public Enemy Offer 'No Sympathy' in Chaotic New Video
Chuck D walks through the halls of hell amidst a barrage of chaotic images in the entrancing, harrowing new video for Public Enemy's 'No Sympathy From (more…)
Something From Nothing: The Art Of Rap - Official Trailer
02:32 — Visually luscious and drenched with the big beats of classic cuts and freestyle rhyming by some of the masters of the music, SOMETHING FROM NOTHING: T (more…)
The Black Candle - Official Trailer
01:01 — This award-winning film is narrated by Dr. Angelou and it features NFL legend Jim Brown, Hip Hop pioneer Chuck D, and original poetry from the former (more…)
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