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For Its Next Reboot, CBS Develops New Take on The Rifleman

Chuck Connors

Classic black-and-white western The Rifleman could be blasting its way back onto primetime, with director Chris Columbus and CSI vet Carol Mendelsohn on board.

CBS is developing a new take on the 1958 series, which famously starred Chuck Connors as 1880s-era sharpshooter Lucas McCain. The updated version will center on Civil War vet McCain as he... read more

I have a question about a ...

Question: I have a question about a movie I saw a long, long time ago. I don't know the name of it, but I do know some details. It is about two girls who, while taking a trip, are stopped by a sheriff who arrests them and sends them to prison. They don't see much of each other while in prison, but when they do, they talk about how they were framed and how they both want to escape. I must note that these girls were pretty, and I think this is why the sheriff arrested them, because in this movie the warden and staff would use the girls in the prison at their own parties, forcing them to wear evening gowns and "entertain" their guests. As the movie progresses, these two girls finally plan a way out. While picking potatoes, they both decide to make a run for the fence or bushes. One girl gets away, but the other gets shot and killed. That is all I know about this movie. I really hope that you can come up with a name for me as I have been looking for a very long time to read more

Sir, could you please tell me ...

The wheel thing: Wagon Train's Horton and Bond

Question: Sir, could you please tell me who the main stars were on Wagon Train? Thank you.

Answer: Thanks for the respect, Teri (I get so little), but as the old boot-camp admonishment goes, don't call me "sir" — I work for a living!

There are a few answers to that question, the first being the cast list (which I'll run down in a moment) and the second being a list of guest stars, since episodes revolved around one-shot characters who came and went. But any fan of the show would whittle it down to one actor: the opinionated, tough-as-leather Ward Bond.

In the series, which ran on NBC from 1957-62 before jumping to ABC and finishing out its run there in 1965, Bond played Major Seth Adams, who led the train each season from St. Louis to California with assistant wagon master Bill Hawks (Terry Wilson) and cook Charlie Wooster (Frank McGrath) by h read more

Everybody knows Chuck Connors ...

Question: Everybody knows Chuck Connors for his show The Rifleman, but he also did a show that was called Branded, and I remember the theme song was pretty good. Did Connors do any other shows?

Answer: That he did, Chris. The late actor and former baseball player also appeared in such series as Werewolf, Arrest and Trial and Cowboy in Africa. You can read more about Werewolf and Arrest and Trial since I've written about them before — you can also learn about The Rifleman, for that matter — but I haven't had the opportunity to address Cowboy, so thanks for that.

Problem is, there isn't much to say about it. Based on the feature Africa — Texas Style! read more

Could you please find out the ...

Question: Could you please find out the name of a series that aired, I believe, in the early to mid-'90s? It was about a young man who was bitten by a werewolf and it was a weekly series that involved him tracking down the original werewolf that bit him. On the nights he would become a werewolf, a pentagram would appear on the palm of his hand and turn red. We are pulling our hair out around here trying to come up with the name of that show. Thank you.

Answer: Well, as long as that hair you're pulling isn't regenerating too quickly and you don't find yourself walking in circles on the bed before you lie down in it or kicking your foot when someone rubs your belly, I'd say you're probably OK.

Be that as it may, the show you're thinking of was called — no big surprise here — Werewolf and it ran on Fox from July 1987 to August of the following year. The setup was this: Handsome grad student Eric Cord (John J. Yor read more


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