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Mom - You Didn't Know?
03:59 — Christy lets a big secret slip out at the dinner table.
Dog Hates It When Guy Puts on His Hat
Christy the West Highland Terrier loves getting love from Jac. But when Jac puts his hat on it's a completely different story. Why does the simple act (more…)
Infiltrating the Illegal Wildlife Trade: The Human Cost
11:51 — Through an undercover operation aimed at tracking the movement of illegal elephant ivory, investigative reporter Bryan Christy discovers that a terror (more…)
Infiltrating the Illegal Wildlife Trade: The Human Cost
11:51 — Through an undercover operation aimed at tracking the movement of illegal elephant ivory, investigative reporter Bryan Christy discovers that a terror (more…)
Dog Squeals in Excitement for Nighttime Swim
Christy the West Highland Terrier just can't contain her excitement any longer for a late night dip in the pool. This is what pure happiness looks lik (more…)
Christy Yun: Most Beautiful Women in Golf
Christy Yun talks about her life in the golf world in this video for's Most Beautiful Women in Golf series.
Nat Geo Host Glad To See Focus On Cecil The Lion, But There Are Many Others
Bryan Christy discusses the controversy surrounding the murder of Cecil the lion.
Lawyer Infiltrates Ivory Trade In Nat Geo's 'Explorer: Warlords Of Ivor
Bryan Christy talks about infiltrating the ivory trade.
British Columbia Election Results Stun Pollsters
It was a historic, completely unexpected comeback. After trailing in the polls for more than a year, often with a deficit of more than 15 points, the (more…)
Elections, Pipelines, and Protests - The Canada Panel
Yves Engler explains why 50,000 Quebec students voted for a one-day strike & Jenny Uechi discusses the Vancouver Observer expose on Premier Christy Cl (more…)
Chipping Practice Is Your Playground
You don't always need to use a wedge when chipping. In fact, other clubs in your bag might be better suited for your swing. Christy Yun demonstrates h (more…)
Eager Dog Desperately Wants to Jump in Pool
After being away for five whole days from the water, Christy the West Highland Terrier is finally reunited with her pool. As soon as the screen door i (more…)
'Hipster Hater' Prof Speaks Out!
If you're a hipster, Christy Wompole might have a problem with you. The Princeton University professor's controversial New York Times article about a (more…)
'80s Supermodels: What Are Cindy, Naomi and Kate Doing Now?
Long live the supers! Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington, and Naomi Campbell were a few of the original supermodels who ruled the '80s - but what are (more…)
Christy Brinkley Rushed to Hospital After Trying to Rescue a Bird
Christy shared these snaps on Instagram yesterday and the supermodel definitely looks like she's in pain suffering from a black eye and a cut on her b (more…)
Prior and Parrot Win the Slopestyle at Stoneham
Christy Prior and Maxence Parrot clinched the penultimate slopestyle competition of the 2014 FIS Snowboard Freestyle World Cup tour which took place i (more…)
George Clooney Loses Bet, Will Run London Marathon
George Clooney made a bet with fashion model Christy Turlington and since he lost, he will have to run the London Marathon next year.
Ed Burns Says Wife Christy Turlington Doesn't Remember Their First Meeting
Ed Burns reflects on first meeting his now wife, Christy Turlington.
Irish Impressionist Captures Gag
It € s not easy to mix impressions, but Clide Delaney does it with ease in this video. Irishman Delaney takes off Sylvester Stallone, Christy Bro (more…)
Data Mining Can Cure TV Fragmentation: ThinkAnalytics' Martin
SAN FRANCISCO -- Can crunching gigabytes of data help TV companies give viewers more of what they want? Christy Martin, chief technology advisor at se (more…)
Our Favorite Supermodels
Supermodels Chrissy Teigen, Elle Macpherson and Christy Turlington talked to HuffPost Live about being happy with your body, balancing life and career (more…)
How Nat Geo Helped Fight The Ivory Trade
Journalist Bryan Christy joins us to discuss Nat Geo's 'Explorer: Warlord of Ivory' where he works to expose how the ivory trade funds Africa's terror (more…)
Poaching Trade Traced to Terrorist Camps
Chief correspondent and founder of National Geographic € s Special Investigations Unit Bryan Christy joins Alex Witt to discuss his new report, w (more…)
Employer-Funded Egg Freezing: Terrific Perk Or Mixed Message?
Facebook & Apple will offer employees the medical option of freezing their eggs. Supporters say the perk will empower women in the workplace, while cr (more…)
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