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VIDEO: Larry's Birthday

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Larry's Birthday
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Length: 20:29:46
Aired: 9/1/2007

During his birthday party, Kim's cousin Larry is kidnapped by DEMENTOR, who gets more than he bargined for. Larry thinks the supervillain and his lair are all an elaborate Role Playing Game set up by Kim's family, and acts accordingly, helping Dementor to take down Kim. Will Kim and Ron be able to snap Larry out of it in time to save themselves? watch

VIDEO: Nursery Crimes / Chasing Rufus

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Nursery Crimes / Chasing Rufus
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Length: 21:22:36
Aired: 8/12/2007

Kim and Ron jet off to England to confront the villanous Nanny Maim! Driven over the edge by one too many spoiled mewling child, she and her army of robotic babies are bent on stealinga and ransoming binkies, pacifiers and blankies the world over! watch

VIDEO: Homecoming Upset

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Homecoming Upset
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Length: 20:27:41
Aired: 8/11/2007

Ron and Bonnie win Homecoming King and Queen and Kim is outraged, but not for long, as she has to help Wade track down his genius boss, who's been kidnapped by Senor Senior Jr. When Kim discovers Bonnie hitting on to Ron, she finds out Bonnie's been dumped and the search to find Bonnie her Mr.Right is on! Little do they realize Kim's mission to retrieve Wade's boss and her mission to find Bonnie a man are about to intersect! watch


Mad Dogs and Aliens - Kim Possible
Graduation (Part 2) - Kim Possible
LMNT - It's Just You - Disney Channel
Kim Possible: The Villain Files

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Year Title Description
2006 The Cutting Edge Movie, Actor - Jackie Dorsey
2005 Kim Possible Movie, Actor - Kim Possible
2002 Disney's Kim Possible TV Show Series, Voice - Kim Possible
2002 Kim Possible TV Show Series, Voice - Kim Possible
2000 Even Stevens TV Show Series, Actor - Ren Stevens

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Cutting Edge 2 Tails Doug & Kate's Kid

In 1992's The Cutting Edge, Moira Kelly's ice-cold skating queen reluctantly partnered with D. B. Sweeney's fallen hockey star to pursue Olympic gold — but also find love — as a pairs team. Fourteen years later, ABC Family's The Cutting Edge 2: Going for the Gold (premiering Sunday at 7 pm/ET, following an airing of the original) finds Kate and Doug's way-older-than-14-(but-deal-with-it) daughter, Jackie, lamenting her own shattered ice dreams, only to eventually join with Alex, an in-line skater, to seek Winter Games glory. Playing young Ms. Dorsey in this follow-up is Christy Carlson Romano, with whom traded Qs and As. So you're w read more

Disney Starlet Broadway Bound

"What's the sitch?" That's the question usually asked on Disney Channel's popular action 'toon, Kim Possible. For Christy Carlson Romano — the voice behind the cheerleader-turned-crime-fighter — here's the sitch: At 19, the Even Stevens star will be the youngest performer ever to play the role of Belle in Beauty and the Beast on Broadway. She debuts today. So we decided to call — not beep — Romano to reach her about returning to the Great White Way. If you didn't get that "beep" reference, don't feel bad — it just means you're old. "It has always been a dream of mine to be Belle," she tells TV Guide Online. "Most of the girls who are either big fans of Even Stevens or Kim Possible are about 6 to 14, so they love Belle, anyway. But they'll see me in a different light, I think." Well, not too different. Though theatergoers will get to witness her singing and dancing talents, Be read more

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