David Spade On Christopher Walken
03:15 — David shares a great story about working with Christopher Walken.
Rumor Patrol: Is Dianna Agron Being Considered For Peter Pan Live!?
Think lovely thoughts indeed!That's what Dianna Agron fans have been doing, ever since the lovely Glee star (turned movie star) responded to a couple (more…)
A Friend Recalls Natalie Wood's Passing
One of Natalie Wood's closest friends and former assistant, playwright Mart Crowley, sat down with The Insider to recall how the actress' friends and (more…)
Domino - Trailer
In this thriller based on Domino Harveys life, a beautiful Ford model (Keira Knightley) leaves the modeling industry to become a bounty hunter.
Hairspray - Trailer No. 1
A new adaptation of John Waters cult classic and Tony award-winning Broadway show, Hairspray is the story of a teenage girl and her dream of appearing (more…)
A Late Quartet - Trailer No. 1
Members of a world-renowned string quartet struggle to stay together in the face of death, competing egos and insuppressible lust.
Christopher Walken Added to Jungle Book Voice Cast
With the live-action remake of the classic story 'Jungle Book' well underway, it seems that almost every week a huge star signs on to the clearly love (more…)
Christopher Walken, Mark McGrath Join Crackle's 'Joe Dirt' Sequel
Some familiar faces are returning for Crackle's Joe Dirt sequel. The streaming service announced Tuesday at the Television Critics Association's winte (more…)
The Rundown
Trailer for the movie The Rundown. The Rock is hired to retrieve Seann William Scott from the jungle, but the two then cross bad guy Christopher Walke (more…)
Farrell Previews 'Psychopaths' - EXCLUSIVE
The last time Colin Farrell worked with writer/director Martin McDonagh audiences were gifted with In Bruges and Farrell was rewarded with a Golden Gl (more…)
Wedding Crashers - Trailer
In this screwball comedy, Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn pick up girls at wedding receptions to which they havent, technically, been invited.
Balls of Fury - Trailer 01
A criminal mastermind (Christopher Walken) organizes the biggest ping-pong tournament the world has ever seen, but one FBI pawn is determined to bust (more…)
First Look: Envy
In this clip, Tim (Ben Stiller) tries to have a serious talk with his friend Nick (Jack Black), but Nick is obsessed with trying to stop a wildly spin (more…)
'Seven Psychopaths' and a Shih Tzu
There's something about the number seven: Snow White has her Seven Dwarves. Robin has his Seven Hoods. There's even the Magnificent Seven. Now comes S (more…)
The 'Seven Psychopaths' Happy Accident
Seven Psychopaths stars Christopher Walken, Colin Farrell and Sam Rockwell revealed that even with writer/director Martin McDonagh's brilliant vision, (more…)
Romance and Cigarettes - Trailer No. 1
Romance and Cigarettes - Trailer No. 1
Disney's The Jungle Book - Official Teaser Trailer
Check out the official trailer for Disney's The Jungle Book starring Bill Murray, Neel Sethi, Ben Kingsley, Idris Elba, Lupita Nyong'o, Scarlett Johan (more…)
A Friend on the Aftermath of Natalie Wood's Death
One of Natalie Wood's closest friends and former assistant, playwright Mart Crowley, sat down with ET to recall how the actress' friends and family re (more…)
Comet ISON's Death and More Top Trending Stories
Marc takes a look at the top trending stories on the internet, including the death of the 'comet of the century,' Christopher Walken hitches a ride wi (more…)
Envy Trailer
Tim Dingman (Ben Stiller) scoffs at his friend Nick Vandermarks (Jack Black) idea for an invention, only to later regret his decision when Nick makes (more…)
Stand Up Guys: Trailer #1
A pair of aging con men try to get the old gang back together for one last hurrah before one of the guys takes his last assignment -- to kill his comr (more…)
Around the Bend - Trailer
Michael Caine, Christopher Walken and Josh Lucas star in this drama about four generations of men reunited and the secrets they discover in their fami (more…)
Inside The DVD: Wedding Crashers
Watch Owen Wilson popping and locking to 99 Red Balloons, and witness Vince Vaughn being at one with the universe.
Sharon Stone, Christopher Walken Are "Gods Behaving Badly"
The modern-day worship of celebrities gets a satirical twist in director Marc Turtletaub's 'Gods Behaving Badly'. Gods of Greek myth find their power (more…)
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