Ausiello at the Emmys: Chris Gorham
01:24 — |Christopher Gorham|Michael Ausiello|Ugly Betty|59th Primetime Emmy Awards
2007 Emmy Awards: Christopher Gorham on the Red Carpet
01:23 — |Christopher Gorham|Joey Fatone|59th Primetime Emmy Awards|2007 Live at the Emmy Awards
Gorham Goes Behind the Scenes for Season 5
Actor Christopher Gorham discusses directing an episode of the USA Network spy drama 'Covert Affairs.'
'Covert Affairs' Gets Back In Action
When Covert Affairs signed off in December, fans were given hope -- at long last -- that Annie and Auggie might actually be headed towards a relations (more…)
Harper's Island Season 1
A small group of family and friends gathers on a secluded island to attend a weeklong wedding celebration...but the island's history as the location o (more…)
Out of Practice Season 1
For a family made up of physicians, the Barnes clan sure has a hard time keeping their personal lives and relationships healthy.
Covert Affairs, Season 5
Season five of the hit espionage series picks up with CIA operative Annie (Golden Globe-nominated Piper Perabo, "Looper") returning to the Agency afte (more…)
Covert Affairs Season 4
The hit international spy drama returns this summer for its highly anticipated fourth season with Golden Globe-nominee Piper Perabo as Annie Walker. T (more…)
Ugly Betty Season 3
Start spreading the news... the fashion world's beloved but fashionably-challenged Betty is back! Besides the ups and downs of her romantic life, thin (more…)
No Happy Ending for the Savior
02:51 — When Emma tries to tell her new boyfriend, Walsh, that she has to go to Storybrooke, she finds out that she wasn't as safe in her new life as she once (more…)
Regina vs. Zelena
01:57 — Zelena tries to destroy Regina by taking her heart, but Regina left it in a safe place.
I'd Rather Be Wicked
02:00 — Zelena is upset when she finds out she was abandoned in the woods as a baby, and her adoptive father believes she is wicked.
Zelena's Wicked Plan
03:01 — Zelena decides the only way to get what she wants and destroy Regina is to change the past.
Zelena Issues a Challenge
02:27 — Zelena tells Regina that they are sisters, and challenges her to a showdown in Storybrooke.
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