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Sex in Aisle 4

'What Women Want'This is our fourth episode and my favorite. Without giving too much away, four of our characters get it on. It’s a make-out free for all. There’s also a fight—two characters end up with black eyes. What more could you ask for?This was my first real kissing scene as an actor and I was scared to death. Actually, I had a brief kiss in an episode of ‘Jesse’ on NBC. I played Christina Applegate’s mute brother—probably the easiest gig of my life. I had a network job sandwiched between ‘Friends’ and ‘Frazier’ (by the way, I think 30 minutes of black screen sandwiched between ‘Friends’ and ‘Frazier’ would get good numbers). I got network money and I didn’t have to learn any lines! Although I have to admit that is sort of what I’m doing now. Since the show is improvised, I don’t have any lines to learn, but somehow it doesn’t feel as easy as those salad days on ‘Jesse’.My... read more


Sweet Charity headliner Christina Applegate and her husband of four years, Johnathon Schaech, also have filed for divorce. "The decision is mutual," say the actors' reps in a joint statement, although there is talk that Johnathon simply grew tired of his wife misspelling his name on birthday cards. read more


The New York Daily News is reporting that Britney Spears threw slacker hubby Kevin Federline to the curb — and by "curb," I mean the Beverly Hills Hotel — on Wednesday night, at the culmination of a "blazing row" between the new parents. Perhaps breaking the camel's back was K-Fed's alleged nixing of his wife's plan to take over for Christina Applegate in Broadway's Sweet Charity. Spears' reps had no comment on the story. read more


Britney Spears, apparently already anxious to get away from li'l Sean Preston's wailing, is in talks to succeed Christina Applegate as the star of Broadway's Sweet Charity, the New York Post reports. The pop tart's hubby, Kevin Federline, is said to be against the idea — that is, until he sees the price for the new Xbox 360 deluxe bundle and glances at his empty nylon-and-Velcro wallet. Then he'll decide he's alllll for it. read more

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