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Exclusive: Deadwood Sheriff Books Samantha Who?

Timothy Olyphant by Stephen Lovekin/; Christina Applegate by Bob D?Amico/ABC

If you're looking for a silver lining in that whole Deadwood movie debacle, here ya go: Sources confirm to me exclusively that Timothy Olyphant (aka Deadwood lawman Seth Bullock) has landed a recurring role on ABC's irresistible Samantha Who?. He'll play the new boss and potential love interest to Christina Applegate's title character. Olyphant starts work today, which means you shouldn't expect to see him on screen until December or January.Reminder: If you missed last week's Samantha Who? premiere — and judging by the boffo premiere-week ratings, few of you did — Episode 2 airs tonight, and I hear it's just as smart and funny as the pilot. And that's no small task considering the pilot was damn near perfect! read more

Drew By Day; Comedy Tonight

Drew Carey host of The Price Is Right by Monty Brinton/CBS

Giggling at the antics of the slap-happy contestants who “come on down” at what he calls “the happiest place on Earth,” Drew Carey looks like he’s having a blast, and looks right at home, on the spiffed-up set of The Price Is Right as he takes over as host today. There’s no fuss and no ceremony, and outside of the introduction telling us we’re at the Bob Barker Studio in Television City, and that one of the games is still called “Barker’s Bargain Bar,” and that Carey chooses to sign off with the traditional plea to have your pets spayed, there’s no actual homage to the former host as the new Price era begins.And yet, probably the greatest tribute to Bob Barker is that the show goes on, and goes on effortlessly with its funny-looking new ringleader, who appears to be genuinely tickled at the breathless excitement of the frantic folks who come to play the game. When one of the contestants does a cartwheel after taking the stage, C... read more

Jill Hennessy Due with No. 2, and More Love Notes

Jill Hennessy by Mark Von Holden/

Crossing Jordan's Jill Hennessy is six months pregnant with her and husband Paolo Mastropietro's second child — another boy — she tells People. The couple have a 4-year-old named Marco.... Roseanne alum Sara Gilbert gave birth to a daughter named Sawyer on Aug. 2, Variety reports. Gilbert also has a 3-year-old son, Levi (who was carried by her partner, Allison Adler).... Emma "Baby Spice" Bunton welcomed her and beau Jade Jones' first child, a son named Beau, on Friday, reports the AP.... Christina Applegate and Johnathon Schaech's split was finalized in superior court on Friday, a year and a half after Schaech filed for divorce. The couple separated in November 2005 after four years of marriage, citing irreconcilable differences. read more

Live Press Tour Diary: ABC, Day 2

Anne Heche and James Tupper by Jeff Petry/ABC

It's the final day! I survived another press tour! Hooray for me! Here's a rundown of what's on tap today:9 am/PT: Nightline (aka time to get my bags packed)11:15 am: Greek (ABC Family)Noon: Kyle XY (ABC Family)2 pm: Samantha Who? 3 pm: Men in Trees4 pm: Private Practice5 pm: Big ShotsGREEK PANEL11:27 am: Came in a little late to this one. In my defense, I had a lot of swag to pack up and ship home. 11:35 am: Confession time: I have yet to see this show. I plan to jump on board soon, though. I'm hearing nothing but good things. 11:40 am: The cast seems really down-to-earth.KYLE XY PANEL12:04 pm: Spoiler alert! By the end of the season, Kyle will let his parents in on his secret, according to supervising producer Julie Plec.12:05 pm: On revealing so much about Kyle in the season premiere, Plec says "out of respect for the audience, [we didn't want] to tease them."12:11 pm: Spoiler alert! Jaimie Alexander hints that something happens to Jessi in an upcoming ep that leads her "to act i... read more

Christina Applegate Series Now Hears a Who?

Sure, make me go and re-edit my new Trivial Matt'rs blog entry. An ABC spokesperson confirms for that the network's new comedy starring Christina Applegate as an amnesiac party animal is now going by the name Samantha Who?The (rather awesome) series was originally dubbed Sam I Am — until the estate of Dr. Seuss apparently had something to say (in rhyme, of course) on the matter — and then (briefly) rechristened Samantha Be Good. Perhaps Chuck Berry's peeps got miffed this time? read more

Sam I Am Wild About! Plus: Jaime Sommers and Sarah Connor

I'm working my way through the 2007-08 TV season pilot screeners, and thought it time to share my initial batch in a series of kneejerk thoughts. The theme for this one, you might say, is "Ladies first," as it covers ABC's new Christina Applegate comedy, NBC's Bionic Woman and Fox's The Sarah Connor Chronicles.Samantha Be Good (né Sam I Am, thanks to Dr. Seuss), is, I am prompted to rave, an early and huge favorite. I watched the pilot last Friday (and again with the wife on Saturday) and both times was disheartened to see it end. Applegate, you may know, stars as a young woman who awakens from an eight-day coma with no knowledge of what she soon realizes was a very bad-girl past. Pre-amnesia, Sam was a boozing floozy of a party gal who could probably drink Lindsay Lohan under the table... at rehab. Now she's an innocent desperate to come to terms with her "reputation" and prove that she need not revert to it. But oh, is it fun seeing her juggle who she was with who she believe... read more

Seuss or Consequences: Sam I Am Not, Says ABC Show

Christina Applegate by Craig Sjodin/ABC

Did Horton hear a lawsuit? ABC's new Christina Applegate-fronted comedy series has changed its name, says Variety, having either failed to get the green light from the estate of Dr. Seuss or been unwilling to pay for said thumbs-up. Ergo, Sam I Am, which evoked the popular Green Eggs & Ham children's book but also spoke to the show's concept — young woman awakens from coma with amnesia, oblivious to her bad-girl past — is now going by the name Samantha Be Good. For those keeping score at home: Mike Myers and Jim Carrey in frightfully atrocious big-screen adaptations of your work? Good. Harmless allusion to three words from one book? Bad. read more

ABC Gets Aggressive, with Familiar Faces, Campy Soaps and Cavemen?

Even with all the success ABC has had on Sunday and Thursday (thanks to the bold move of Grey's Anatomy to that night), there are plenty of other time periods throughout the week where the network simply wasn't competitive this past season. But while the struggling NBC cautiously put together a schedule that seemed designed to retain its diminished share of advertiser dollars, ABC is being much more aggressive. In the new lineup presented to advertisers Wednesday at Alice Tully Hall, entertainment president Stephen McPherson threw a lot of stuff against the scheduling board in the hope that something will stick.Determined to get back into the comedy game, ABC gave Sam I Am with Christina Applegate the benefit of a Dancing with the Stars lead-in on Monday. Not a bad bet, since ABC's appeal is strongest among women 35-plus — and Applegate is now one of them, believe it or not. Two new comedies with a male skew will lead off Tuesday, in an attempt to get some ratings traction by t... read more

Live ABC Upfront Coverage

3:54: Oooh, they're handing out free boxes of popcorn at the entrance. Thank you, ABC! Now I know I'm going to love your pilots!3:59: How excited am I about the popcorn? I'm not even bitter that they stuck me in the nosebleed section.4:01: The downside of popcorn? Popcorn breath. Everyone around me has it. Good thing I stopped for Tic Tacs.4:03: Showtime!!!4:05: Boring exec talks about cross-platforming. A dark cloud of popcorn breath is forming over the stage here at Lincoln Center. I think someone in the orchestra seats just passed out from the stench.4:16: OMG, I'm literally getting a nosebleed!!!!!! Just kidding. I'm just bored.4:20: It's obligatory clip time! All of the best moments from the past season compiled into a neat little trailer. My favorite part. Seriously.4:25: ABC president Steve McPherson (aka The Headliner) takes the stage. Last year he performed a show-stopping jig, à la Dancing with the Stars. How will he top himself?4:26: OMG! It's the cast of Ugly Betty ... read more

Pilot Buzz
A rundown of the top new contenders for the fall

Jimmy Smits

The networks are just days away from unveiling their fall lineups. Here's the early word on what new shows to expect. ABC will try hard to diversify its program lineup with a few dramas that don't fall into the soap category. That's why Marlowe, based on the famous Raymond Chandler detective character, and Pushing Daisies, a quirky supernatural drama about a man whose touch brings people back to life ("with procedural elements" as the pilot's log line says), are on the list of possible pickups. A sitcom based on the Geico cavemen and Sam I Am, starring Christina Applegate, are contenders on the comedy side. And oh, yes — the network also has a new series that will be spun out of a little show called Grey's Anatomy. read more

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