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Christina Applegate Speaks Out on Boyfriend's Death

Christina Applegate by Eric Charbonneau/

Christina Applegate spoke out about her boyfriend Lee Grivas' death for the first time Thursday since his unexpected passing July 1.In a statement, the Samantha Who? star told Extra, "I am profoundly saddened. Lee was an incredible human being who was an extremely important and beautiful part of my life." She continued, "He is missed beyond words. He touched so many and I feel much sadness for his mother, brother and all of his family friends."Grivas, 26, reportedly had drug abuse issues in the past and a syringe was found on the scene, but the coroner's office refuses to make any preliminary conclusions until a toxicology report is completed. — Anna Dimond read more

Guess Who? Christina Applegate and Jean Smart!

Christina Applegate and Jean Smart, Samantha Who?

Samantha Who?'s (Mondays at 9:30 pm/ET, ABC) mother/daughter duo, Christina Applegate and Jean Smart, dish on dating, fashion and what’s next for our favorite amnesiac. TV Guide: Does your on-screen mother/daughter relationship extend into your off-screen lives?Jean Smart: Yes, I feel extremely maternal toward Christina. Though it is a little weird feeling maternal about her because my husband finds her very attractive.Christina Applegate: You mother me better in real life than Regina mothers Sam [on the show]! TV Guide: Sam is getting closer and closer to her ex, nice guy Todd (Barry Watson). Jean, what kind of man would you pick for Christina?Smart: I love playing matchmaker. He’d have to be kind and very sma read more

Cheers: Who's That? Timothy Olyphant!

Timothy Olyphant in Samantha Who? by Randy Holmes/ABC

Cheers to Timothy Olyphant for proving there's life after Deadwood. The ex-sheriff brought the same intense commitment to his comic role as Christina Applegate's new love interest on Samantha Who? that he did to HBO's late, great Western. As billionaire Winston Funk, Olyphant oozed charm, despite an oddly close-cropped haircut (is he keeping it short in hopes of reprising his role as the chrome-domed assassin in a Hitman sequel?). Applegate's amnesiac may have turned down his character's marriage proposal, but Olyphant fans certainly hope she doesn't forget him all over again. read more

WATCH VIDEO: What's What with Who Star Christina Applegate?

As ABC's Samantha Who? prepares to present another fresh episode (tonight at 9:30 pm/ET), Christina Applegate previews a sticky situation between Sam and BFF Andrea, talks about (well, as much as she is allowed to) the arrival of Jerry O'Connell, and reveals who on the cast is the biggest cut-up. However, she did not disclose to me what she was wearing at the time.Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by! read more

Samantha Is a Born-Again Virgin?

Samantha Who by Karen Neal/ABC

Today’s Video Break: Samantha Who?Episode Title: “The Virgin”Season: 1Year: 2007Why we love this episode: Granted this freshman series has only aired a handful of episodes, we have to say we are big fans of this particular episode. Not only has Samantha been traumatized enough trying to live her life with zilch in her memory bank, but the poor thing can’t even remember how to kiss let alone have sex with a guy. The best part, though, has to be when she goes to Mama Newly for ‘the talk’ about the birds and the bees (or as she calls it, “the happy touch.” (3:30-5:23)Go to video close-up now!Your take: Tell us your favorite Samantha Who? moment! read more

SAG Goes Mad for Men

30 Rock's Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin by Mary Ellen Mathews/NBC Photo

I suppose I could dwell on the fact that a major Hollywood guild has once again ignored the very existence of TV's finest acting ensemble, Friday Night Lights — in favor of the mugging and posturing on Boston Legal. As they'd say on another SAG favorite, Grey's Anatomy: Seriously? Is it wrong to want to form our own picket line?Also: What's up with snubbing Pushing Daisies and its fantastical cast?And yet the Screen Actors Guild Awards nominations, announced Thursday morning, did shower love on my favorite new show of 2007, AMC's Mad Men, and its terrific star, Jon Hamm (who has just joined the cast of the remake of the sci-fi classic The Day the Earth Stood Still, with Keanu Reeves as Klaatu, which sounds appropriately robotic). So while not all may be forgiven, the wound stings a little less.My favorite part of the SAG Awards is the ensemble-cast category. Because let's face it, most great TV shows rely on cast chemistry. Even The Closer, which on face value looks like a vehi... read more

New Blood at the Globes

If the barometer of an interesting TV awards show is the number of fresh faces invited to the party, then the Golden Globe nominations (announced Thursday morning) passes the test. Not with a perfect score, mind you. Any institution that so completely ignores NBC's wonderful Friday Night Lights deserves some spirited jeering.And the Globes' addiction to sexy sizzle and hype can lead to some puzzling choices: Big Love, fun as it is, over The Sopranos' final season? Bill Paxton over James Gandolfini? (And if the Globes is going to shower love on Big Love, how could the women who play Bill's wives go unheralded, especially Ginnifer Goodwin?) Californication over Weeds?But let's look at the bright side. The Hollywood Foreign Press clearly spent some time checking out the TV landscape during last summer's remarkable season of cable breakthroughs. My own pick for No. 1 show of the year, AMC's Mad Men, is nominated for best drama, along with its dashing leading man, Jon Hamm. FX's Damages,... read more

What are your thoughts on the ...

Question: What are your thoughts on the success of Samantha Who? I know that it has followed the very popular Dancing with the Stars, but I think it is a really nice comedy in its own right. I have enjoyed Christina Applegate's performance very much. She has really great comedic timing, while still being subtle and endearing. The supporting cast is great, and I also really like that for the most part, the show doesn't rely on raunchy humor (a rarity for comedies these days). Finally, the redemptive theme the show is built around appeals to me very much. I have not missed an episode yet, and I find it to be the one show I look forward to the most. Answer: I'm glad Samantha Who? had the good fortune to be launched after Dancing with the Stars. Unlike most so-called ABC comedies, it deserved to be discovered, and I am enjoying Christina Applegate's performance quite a bit. (I'm a little behind on recent episodes, because of the Monday glut, but I hope to catch up and give the show an ... read more

Christina Applegate Gets Naked "Fur" the Holidays

Christina Applegate PETA e-card courtesy PETA

Now here's something to be particularly thankful for as (Tofu?) Turkey Day arrives. Samantha Who? star Christina Applegate is the latest celebrity of attractiveness to strip down to near-nothing — in this instance, just some festive gloves — on behalf of PETA. Applegate bared almost all for an e-card urging holiday shoppers to forgo pricey fur this season, and details her anti-fur/pro-vegetarian lifestyle in a related Q&A. Ho-ho-hooooooo, Bundy! read more

Christina Applegate, Office Pair Re-open Ex Files

Johnathon Schaech and Christina Applegate by Theo Wargo/

There must be something in the water. Not only is People reporting that former marrieds Christina Applegate (Samantha Who?) and Johnathon Schaech have been caught snogging anew, but the New York Daily News says onetime on- and off-screen Office sweethearts John Krasinski and Rashida Jones were spotted canoodling at last week's SNL after-party. — Ben Katner read more

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