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Matt's Weekend Picks: July 16-18

Doctor Who

DOCTOR WHO (Saturday, BBC America, 9/8c)
Matt Smith's crackerjack first season as the newest Timelord nears an end with the first of a two-part finale that once again confronts the Doctor and Amy with that pesky crack in the universe. Look for the return of the enigmatic River Song and several favorite guest villains as the Doctor grapples with the mysterious Pandorica, which legend says contains the most feared being in the cosmos. Hang on... read more's In Focus: Timothy Hutton's Big Breakthroughs

Timothy Hutton, Leverage

For Oscar-winning actor Timothy Hutton, agreeing to star in TNT's Leverage wasn't a tough decision — at least not after he read the script.

"It was a real opportunity to play a person who had these awful things happen involving his son and the destruction of his marriage — someone who needed a real breakthrough in their life," Hutton says. "I wondered how this tragedy would manifest itself in him and the choices he would make."

Look back at Hutton's most memorable roles

Hutton plays Nate Ford, the leader of a crack team of cons who use their skills to take from the rich and powerful and give back to those they've wronged. But despite Nate's noble intentions, he hasn't always made the best choices. Case in point: When Season 3 begins (Sunday at 9/8c), Nate is in jail... read more

Aldis Hodge, Leverage: "Christian + Fighting + Shirtless"

First off, to the fans, thank you all so much for tuning in on premiere night. You guys came back, and you came back strong. Everyone at Leverage is so grateful for your support. We're so happy that we are still celebrating.

Now, on to the next ep. Ladies, get ready, because this one's for you. I'll just say this: "Christian + fighting + shirtless." Let your imagination take it from there. Fellas, you're not left out either — there are a lot of ... read more

Why, on Close to Home, was ...

Question: Why, on Close to Home, was Annabeth's husband killed? What is wrong with a show that has a loving couple raising a child in a stable environment? It appears that the writers think they have to kill someone on every show for their big climax. Why not kill her baby daughter in the new opening show so she can date freely? This ending of her husband dying was also my end with this show. Answer: Not having watched this particular finale (in fact, the show is pretty much off my radar), at first I thought this was a joke. But I confirmed with an editor who's plugged into the show, and, yes, they actually killed off Annabeth's husband (Angel's Christian Kane) in the finale. I've been told the show is revamping for Year 2, and that seems obvious by this extreme (to me premature in this show's life) decision. I've gone on record defending a show's right to kill major characters, but after the carnage of the May sweeps, I can't help but agree this looks like one too many. One of the fe ... read more

Close to Home was not among ...

Question: Close to Home was not among the shows that CBS recently announced it would be renewing. What do you think its chances are of coming back? And why do they waste the brilliant, extremely talented (not to mention very handsome) Christian Kane with just one or two very brief appearances? He should suit up, become Lindsey McDonald again and challenge Annabeth in court! Answer: Oh, an Angel fan, are you? Maybe they could give him a twin brother who's a litigator and your wish could come true. But I wouldn't count on it. As for Close to Home's nonrenewal: That's probably more of a case of CBS already renewing so many hours for next season that it's just leaving its options open in case any of the hours in development look especially promising. Close to Home was not a breakout when it aired on Tuesdays, and it has fared somewhat better in its hammock on Friday between Ghost Whisperer and the night's best show, Numbers. But if CBS finds a new show for next season that it considers a ... read more

Terence Knox played in a ...

Question: Terence Knox played in a series before Tour of Duty. What was that series? Its like a spy and rescue series. I think the female may been Susan St. James. The theme song was "Looking for a Hero," sung by Bonnie Tyler.Answer: I'm not able to make all the details match, Pandy (the timing, the costar, Tyler's "Holding Out for a Hero," etc.), but it sounds like you may be talking about Rescue 77. And if you aren't, my crack readership will spank me and steer me in the right direction, and I'll update you in a later column. Knox (St. Elsewhere) play Dr. Griffith in the contemporary version of the hit '70s series read more

Being a mom is hard. Being a lawyer...

Being a mom is hard. Being a lawyer is really hard. But apparently being a mom and a lawyer is like, the most monumentally difficult task ever attempted by a mere mortal. Annabeth Chase's first day back on the job after 12 weeks of maternity leave pits her against a mee-yow-worthy new boss (Diary of a Mad Black Woman's Kimberly Elise), a tabloid-making case of domestic abuse and the always-unfortunate need to pump breast milk at the office. And frankly, all three of those conundrums seemed to be tied up a little too easily by the end of the series premiere — that last one with a shiny red bow, no less. But I did find myself pleasantly surprised by Jennifer Finnigan's grit as a no-nonsense prosecutor; I didn't expect her to wield that much gravity after last season's cutesy comedy Committed, or even after living through the barrage of Close to Home promos all summer long during my thrice-weekly Big Brother fix, when I usually found i read more

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