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VIDEO: Scrubs: My Cookie Pants

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Scrubs: My Cookie Pants
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Aired: 1/27/2009

Elliot and J.D. struggle to find the spark in their new found romance. watch

VIDEO: My Cookie Pants

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My Cookie Pants
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Length: 02:35:05
Aired: 1/27/2009

Elliot tries to quiet the neurotic, self-loathing voice in her head so that she can more intimately connect with J.D.; Dr. Cox tries to conquer his fears so that he can move his career forward; Denise takes baby steps towards empathy. watch

VIDEO: My Cookie Pants [HD]

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My Cookie Pants [HD]
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Length: 22:00
Aired: 1/27/2009

Elliot and J.D. struggle to find the spark in their newfound romance. watch


Scrubs: My Cookie Pants
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Year Title Description
2009 Scrubs: My Cookie Pants
Season 8, Episode 6
Episode, Actor
2005 Scrubs: My Big Move
Season 4, Episode 22
Episode, Actor - Jordan Sullivan
2005 Scrubs: My Life in Four Cameras
Season 4, Episode 17
Episode, Actor - Jordan Sullivan
2002 Scrubs: My Monster
Season 2, Episode 10
Episode, Actor - Jordan Sullivan
2002 Scrubs: My Lucky Day
Season 2, Episode 9
Episode, Actor - Jordan Sullivan

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"My Identity Crisis"

Well like a baseball or beisbol team sometimes a great series needs a rebuilding season My Identity Crisis still wasnt up to the heights of most previous years of Scrubs but it was the funniest episode of the season so far and it will doWe begin with a dream sequence Carla Judy Reyes is making out with her husband Turk Donald Faison in a hospital bed at Sacred Heart Turk pulls out a restraint and binds her wrist to the bedframe but the prospect of kinky fun is dampened by the sudden appearance of JD Zach Braff and then Elliot Sarah Chalke who are there to murder Carla allowing Turk and JD to pal around endlessly and Elliot to steal and raise Carlas daughter Izzi What turns out to be the most disturbing aspect of the nightmare for Carla however when she awakens is that its the first dream she remembers having in English rather than in Spanish Meanwhile Cox John C McGinley is informed by his partner Jordan Christa Miller too absent of late read more

Scrubs Not to sound unpatriotic...

ScrubsNot to sound unpatriotic or anything, but I am soooo glad the Olympics are finally over — I've been in desperate need of a little lovin' from the good docs and nurses (and janitor) of Sacred Heart. This week's double dose of new episodes had its fair share of the wacky: Elliott's rollerblade shenanigans, J.D.'s emerald stud (eww!), a clever crow named Sanchez — and yet it's the sweeter, simpler moments that earn my out-loud chortles: Turk and Carla's backhand slap, Janitor's admission that he trims a sleeping J.D.'s bangs just to mess with him and Dr. Cox's callback to last month's "Dr. Acula" bit. But perhaps my very favorite throwaway line of the night comes from the always hilarious Christa Miller Lawrence, who, in an adorable "was-that-a-bust?" giggle take, threatens to call Janitor's mom for not playing nice with Perry. "My fwiend is mean to me!" Silly, I kno read more

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